2018-03-29  Ben GamariBump haddock submodule again ghc-8.4.2-rc1
2018-03-29  Ryan ScottDon't permit data types with return kind Constraint
2018-03-29  Simon Peyton... Fix tcDataKindSig
2018-03-29  Ömer Sinan... Revert "GHCi: Don't remove shadowed bindings from typec...
2018-03-28  Frank SteffahnFix typo in user guide about ConstraintKinds
2018-03-28  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule to
2018-03-28  Ben GamariBump Haddock submodule
2018-03-28  Ben GamariBump xhtml submodule to 3000.2.2.1
2018-03-26  Simon Peyton... Fix a nasty bug in the pure unifier
2018-03-26  Ryan ScottFix two pernicious bugs in DeriveAnyClass
2018-03-26  HE, TaoUnboxedTuples can't be used as constraints
2018-03-26  Ryan ScottFix #14934 by including axSub0R in typeNatCoAxiomRules
2018-03-26  Simon Peyton... Fix seq# case of exprOkForSpeculation
2018-03-26  Simon Peyton... Fix over-eager constant folding in bitInteger
2018-03-26  Ömer Sinan... Fix a debug print in disassembler (#14905)
2018-03-26  Ömer Sinan... Slighly improve infix con app pattern errors
2018-03-26  Ben Gamaribase: Fix Unicode handling of TyCon's Show instance
2018-03-26  Ryan ScottFix #14916 with an additional validity check in deriveT...
2018-03-26  Bartosz NitkaDon't refer to blocks in debug info when -g1
2018-03-25  Ben Gamarirelnotes: Fix parsing of Version: field from Cabal...
2018-03-25  Ryan ScottSpecial-case record fields ending with hash when derivi...
2018-03-25  Ben Gamariconfigure: Accept suffix in OpenBSD triple's OS name
2018-03-25  Ben Gamariconfigure: Accept version suffix in solaris name
2018-03-08  Ben Gamariconfigure: Accept version suffix in solaris name
2018-03-08  Ben Gamariconfigure: Set RELEASE=NO
2018-03-08  Ben Gamarirel-notes: Fix typo
2018-03-06  Simon MarlowFix interpreter with profiling
2018-03-06  Ömer Sinan... forkProcess: fix task mutex release order
2018-03-06  Ben GamariSet RELEASE=YES, version 8.4.1
2018-03-06  Ben GamariBump hsc2hs submodule
2018-03-06  Moritz Angermannadd CCX=$(CXX) to integer-gmp
2018-03-06  Bartosz NitkaAllow top level ticked string literals
2018-03-06  Ben GamariAnother Cabal submodule bump
2018-03-06  Herbert Valerio... Fixup include of gmp/ to use new location
2018-03-06  Bartosz NitkaCorrect -g flag description
2018-03-04  Ben GamariOne final sweep over release notes
2018-03-04  Moritz AngermannBump Cabal submodule to 2.2
2018-03-02  Sergey VinokurovVarious documentation improvements
2018-03-02  Ben Gamariconfigure: Enable LD_NO_GOLD is set in all codepaths
2018-03-02  Moritz AngermannAdds *-cross-ncg flavour.
2018-03-02  Simon JakobiCorrect default -A value in RTS flag usage info
2018-03-02  Ben GamariUpdate haddock submodule
2018-02-25  Sergey VinokurovFix typo
2018-02-25  Sergey VinokurovList 'setEnv' as opposite of 'getEnv'
2018-02-25  Sergey VinokurovFix missing code example in changelog for 8.4.1
2018-02-24  Ben GamariBump unix submodule back to 2.7 ghc-8.4.1-rc1
2018-02-23  Simon MarlowDon't use when building libraries for GHCi
2018-02-20  David FeuerImprove unboxed sum documentation
2018-02-19  Ryan ScottBump hadrian submodule
2018-02-19  Ben GamariBump haddock submodule
2018-02-18  Michal TerepetaCBE: re-introduce bgamari's fixes
2018-02-18  Ryan ScottImplement stopgap solution for #14728
2018-02-18  Ben GamariBuild Haddocks with --quickjump
2018-02-18  Ben GamariBump text submodule to
2018-02-18  Ben GamariBump haskeline submodule to
2018-02-18  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for #14768
2018-02-18  Ömer Sinan... Collect CCs in CorePrep, including CCs in unfoldings
2018-02-18  Ömer Sinan... Remove unused extern cost centre collection
2018-02-18  Ryan ScottFix #14811 by wiring in $tcUnit#
2018-02-18  Ben Gamaribase: Fix changelog entry for openTempFile
2018-02-18  Ben GamariBump parsec submodule to
2018-02-15  Ben GamariBump primitive submodule to
2018-02-09  Simon Peyton... Fix isDroppableCt (Trac #14763)
2018-02-08  Simon Peyton... Fix utterly bogus TagToEnum rule in caseRules
2018-02-07  Herbert Valerio... Use SPDX syntax in rts/
2018-02-04  Ben GamariBump transformers submodule to ghc-8.4.1-alpha3
2018-02-04  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add testcase for #14754
2018-02-04  Ben Gamaricmm: Revert more aggressive CBE due to #14226
2018-02-03  Ben GamariBump stm submodule to
2018-02-03  Ben Gamariinteger-gmp: Simplify gmp/configure invocation
2018-02-03  Ryan ScottDon't apply dataToTag's caseRules for data families
2018-02-03  Ben Gamarighc-prim: Emulate C11 atomics when not available
2018-02-03  David FeuerUpgrade containers submodule
2018-02-03  Alec TheriaultOption for LINE pragmas to get lexed into tokens
2018-02-03  Alec TheriaultHaddock needs to pass visible modules for instance...
2018-02-01  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix test output broken by efba054640d3
2018-02-01  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix test output of T14715
2018-02-01  Julian PriestleyDon't add targets that can't be found in GHCi
2018-02-01  klebinger.andreas... Mark xmm6 as caller saved in the register allocator...
2018-02-01  Ben Gamarirts: Ensure that forkOS releases Task on termination
2018-02-01  Ben GamariSysTools: Add detection support for LLD linker
2018-02-01  Simon Peyton... Look inside implications in simplifyRule
2018-02-01  Simon Peyton... Prioritise equalities when solving, incl deriveds
2018-02-01  Simon Peyton... Move zonkWC to the right place in simplfyInfer
2018-01-29  Ben GamariBump pretty submodule
2018-01-29  Ryan ScottFix #14719 by using the setting the right SrcSpan
2018-01-29  Tamar ChristinaFix Windows stack allocations.
2018-01-29  Herbert Valerio... Add ptr-eq short-cut to `compareByteArrays#` primitive
2018-01-23  Ben GamariBump filepath submodule
2018-01-23  Ben GamariBump process submodule
2018-01-22  Ryan ScottFix #14692 by correcting an off-by-one error in TcGenDeriv
2018-01-22  John KyAdd new mbmi and mbmi2 compiler flags
2018-01-22  Alp Mestanogullaritentative improvement to callstack docs
2018-01-22  Ben GamariBump terminfo submodule
2018-01-21  Oleg GrenrusUpdate Cabal submodule
2018-01-18  Ryan ScottFix #14681 and #14682 with precision-aimed parentheses ghc-8.4.1-alpha2
2018-01-18  klebinger.andreas... Remove executable filename check on windows
2018-01-18  HE, TaoFix hash in haddock of ghc-prim.
2018-01-18  Matthías Páll... Inform hole substitutions of typeclass constraints...
2018-01-18  Ryan ScottImprove treatment of sectioned holes