2017-11-06  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule ghc-8.2.2-rc2
2017-10-30  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump metrics of T9203
2017-10-30  Simon Peyton... Fix an exponential-blowup case in SpecConstr
2017-10-30  Ben Gamaribase: Implement file locking in terms of POSIX locks
2017-10-27  Simon Peyton... Deal with JoinIds before void types
2017-10-26  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule
2017-10-24  Simon Peyton... Fix over-eager error suppression in TcErrors
2017-10-24  Ben Gamaribase: Make Foreign.Marshal.Alloc.allocBytes[Aligned...
2017-10-16  Ben Gamarirts/posix: Ensure that memory commit succeeds
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Fix panic for `ByteArray#` arguments in CApiFFI foreign...
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Enable testing 'Natural' type in TEST=arith011
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Override default `clearBit` method impl for `Natural`
2017-10-16  Simon Peyton... Do not quantify over deriving clauses
2017-10-16  Simon Peyton... Fix nasty bug in w/w for absence analysis
2017-10-11  Ben GamariPackageDb: Explicitly unlock package database before...
2017-10-11  Ben Gamarighc-pkg: Try opening lockfiles in read-write mode first
2017-10-10  Simon Peyton... Fix bug in the short-cut solver
2017-10-03  Edward Z. YangInclude libraries which fill holes as deps when linking.
2017-10-03  Takenobu Taniuser-guide: fix examples of ghci commands
2017-10-03  Takenobu Taniuser-guide: add `:type +d` and `:type +v` in release...
2017-10-03  Ben GamariModel divergence of retry# as ThrowsExn, not Diverges
2017-10-03  Bartosz Nitka[RTS] Make -po work
2017-10-02  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Fix :since: annotation of -pie and add...
2017-10-02  Ben GamariAdd support for producing position-independent executables
2017-10-02  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Mention COMPLETE pragma in release notes
2017-10-02  Ben GamariRevert "Fix #11963 by checking for more mixed type...
2017-09-30  Ben GamariUse libpthread instead of libthr on FreeBSD
2017-09-29  Ben Gamariconfigure: Make sure we try all possible linkers
2017-09-29  Ben Gamariincludes/rts: Drop trailing comma ghc-8.2.2-rc1
2017-09-28  Simon MarlowmkDataConRep: fix bug in strictness signature (#14290)
2017-09-27  Ben Gamaridesugar: Catch levity polymorphism in unboxed sum expre...
2017-09-27  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add unboxed sum to T13929
2017-09-27  Richard EisenbergFix #13929 by adding another levity polymorphism check
2017-09-27  Tamar ChristinaRelease console for ghci wrapper
2017-09-26  Bartosz NitkaFix "Glasgow Haskell Compiler <release> Users Guide"
2017-09-26  Simon Peyton... Fix unused-given-constraint bug
2017-09-26  Simon Peyton... Deal with large extra-contraints wildcards
2017-09-26  Ben GamariDocument Typeable's treatment of kind polymorphic tycons
2017-09-26  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule
2017-09-19  Ben GamariRevert "Improve error messages around kind mismatches."
2017-09-19  Alan ZimmermanOption "-ddump-rn-ast" dumps imports and exports too
2017-09-19  Ben GamariSetLevels: Substitute in ticks in lvlMFE
2017-09-19  Ben Gamarirts: Add heap breakdown type for -hT
2017-09-19  Ben Gamarieventlog: Clean up profiling heap breakdown type
2017-09-19  David FeuerDeal with unbreakable blocks in Applicative Do
2017-09-19  Ben GamariBetter document TypeRep patterns
2017-09-19  Simon Peyton... Really fix Trac #14158
2017-09-19  Simon Peyton... Fix subtle bug in TcTyClsDecls.mkGADTVars
2017-09-19  Alan ZimmermanRenamer now preserves location for IEThingWith list...
2017-09-19  Ryan ScottFix #14228 by marking SumPats as non-irrefutable
2017-09-19  Ben GamariAdd a Note describing #14128
2017-09-19  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for #14128
2017-09-19  Ben Gamaridesugar: Ensure that a module's dep_orphs doesn't conta...
2017-09-19  Richard EisenbergTest #11672 in typecheck/should_fail/T11672.
2017-09-19  Ben GamariFix tests
2017-08-31  Richard EisenbergImprove error messages around kind mismatches.
2017-08-29  Tamar ChristinaFix decomposition error on Windows
2017-08-29  Simon Peyton... Small refactor of getRuntimeRep
2017-08-29  Simon Peyton... Use a well-kinded substitution to instantiate
2017-08-25  Simon Peyton... Do not discard insolubles in implications
2017-08-25  Dmitry MalikovFix string escaping in JSON
2017-08-25  Ben GamariEnsure that we always link against libm
2017-08-25  Ryan ScottFix #13947 by checking for unbounded names more
2017-08-25  Richard EisenbergFix #11963 by checking for more mixed type/kinds
2017-08-25  Ryan ScottFix #14125 by normalizing data family instances more...
2017-08-25  Edward Z. YangFix incorrect retypecheck loop in -j (#14075)
2017-08-25  Ben GamariKnownUniques: Handle DataCon wrapper names
2017-08-25  Ben GamariCNF: Implement compaction for small pointer arrays
2017-08-22  Sergey VinokurovFix loading of dlls on 32bit windows
2017-08-21  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix test output of determ021
2017-08-21  Richard EisenbergFix #11400, #11560 by documenting an infelicity.
2017-08-03  Simon MarlowFix a bug in -foptimal-applicative-do
2017-07-31  Richard EisenbergDocument that type holes kill polymorphic recursion
2017-07-31  Sergei Trofimovichaclocal.m4: respect user's --with-ar= choice
2017-07-28  Ben Gamariconfigure: Ensure that user's LD setting is respected
2017-07-28  Ben GamariFix lld detection if both gold and lld are found
2017-07-23  Ben GamariFix errant whitespace
2017-07-23  Ben GamariFix more documentation wibbles
2017-07-23  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fix various wibbles
2017-07-23  Patrick Doughertyusers-guide: Standardize and repair all flag references
2017-07-23  Ben Gamaridistrib/configure: Carry FFI include/lib paths from...
2017-07-23  Ben GamariFix up ghci changelog
2017-07-23  Ben GamariFix compact regions notes
2017-07-23  Takenobu TaniFix links to SPJ’s papers (fixes #12578)
2017-07-23  Ben GamariAdd some missing release notes entries
2017-07-22  Ben GamariSet RELEASE=NO
2017-07-22  Sergei TrofimovichFix label type for __stginit_* labels: those are .data...
2017-07-22  Sergei Trofimovichaclocal.m4: allow arbitrary <vendor> string in toolchai...
2017-07-21  Ben GamariRelease 8.2.1 ghc-8.2.1-release
2017-07-21  Ben Gamarirelnotes: Fix wibbles
2017-07-21  Ben Gamarirelnotes: Address split sections and linker changes
2017-07-21  Ben GamariUpdate autoconf scripts
2017-07-21  Ben GamariBump integer-gmp version
2017-07-21  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule to
2017-07-21  Chris Martintypo: -XUndeci[d]ableInstances
2017-07-21  Andrew Martinbase: Improve docs to clarify when finalizers may not...
2017-07-21  Ben Gamarirelnotes: More updates
2017-07-21  Ben Gamaribuild system: Ensure there are no duplicate files in...
2017-07-20  Ben GamariHsPat: Assume that no spliced patterns are irrefutable
2017-07-20  Ben GamariBump process submodule to