2016-11-17  Edward Z. YangRemove fancy shadowing logic; always override in packag... ghc-8.0.2-rc1
2016-11-17  Facundo DomínguezHave reify work for local variables with functional...
2016-11-16  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Kill redundant test definitions
2016-11-15  Ben GamariBump base library version
2016-11-14  Ben GamariBump filepath submodule to
2016-11-14  Sylvain HENRYSkip 64-bit symbol tables
2016-11-14  Peter TrommlerStgCmmPrim: Add missing write barrier.
2016-11-14  Ben Gamariconfigure: Verify that GCC recognizes -no-pie flag
2016-11-14  Ben Gamaritemplate-haskell: Version bump and update changelog
2016-11-14  Ben Gamarirts: Fix build when linked with gold
2016-11-14  Ben GamariUpdate unix submodule to
2016-11-14  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule to
2016-11-14  Ben GamariBump hsc2hs submodule to v0.68.1
2016-11-11  Ben Gamarighc-pkg: Munge dynamic library directories
2016-11-11  David FeuerRead parentheses better
2016-11-11  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix framework failure in T12771
2016-11-11  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Accept T12227 allocations
2016-11-11  Ben GamariPass -no-pie to GCC
2016-11-11  Ben GamariRevert "Pass --no-pie to GCC"
2016-11-10  Ben GamariPass --no-pie to GCC
2016-11-07  Ryan ScottAdd test for #12788
2016-11-07  Ben Gamariconfigure: Pass HC_OPTS_STAGEx to build system
2016-11-07  Ben Gamaribuild system: Include CONF_LD_LINKER_OPTS in ALL_LD_OPTS
2016-11-07  Ben Gamarighc-cabal: Use correct name of linker flags env variable
2016-11-07  Tamar ChristinaAlign GHCi's library search order more closely with LDs
2016-11-07  Ryan ScottDescribe symptoms of (and the cure for) #12768 in 8...
2016-11-07  Simon Peyton... Fundeps work even for unary type classes
2016-11-07  Ryan ScottUpdate 8.0.2 release notes for #12784
2016-11-07  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #12797: approximateWC
2016-11-07  Ryan ScottAdd test for #12732
2016-11-07  Simon Peyton... Fix the in-scope set for extendTvSubstWithClone
2016-11-07  Matthew PickeringRefine ASSERT in buildPatSyn for the nullary case.
2016-11-07  Simon MarlowOmit unnecessary linker flags
2016-11-04  Simon MarlowFix failure in setnumcapabilities001 (#12728)
2016-11-01  Ben GamariBump filepath submodule
2016-10-22  Duncan CouttsAdd and use a new dynamic-library-dirs field in the...
2016-10-22  Simon Peyton... Test for newtype with unboxed argument
2016-10-18  Ryan ScottAdd test for #12411
2016-10-18  Ryan ScottFix Show derivation in the presence of RebindableSyntax...
2016-10-18  Simon Peyton... Fix shadowing in mkWwBodies
2016-10-18  Ryan ScottAdd test for #12589
2016-10-18  Simon Peyton... Don't omit any evidence bindings
2016-10-18  Simon Peyton... Fix wrapping order in matchExpectedConTy
2016-10-18  Simon Peyton... Correct order of existentials in pattern synonyms
2016-10-14  Sylvain HENRYCheck for empty entity string in "prim" foreign imports
2016-10-14  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add testcase for #12355
2016-10-14  Michael SnoymanDisable T-signals-child test on single-threaded runtime
2016-10-14  Simon Peyton... Further improve error handling in TcRn monad
2016-10-13  Ryan ScottAdd test for #12456
2016-10-13  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump T1969 expected bytes allocated
2016-10-13  Simon MarlowFix an assertion that could randomly fail
2016-10-13  Ben Gamarivalidate: Add --build-only
2016-10-13  Simon Peyton... Fix impredicativity (again)
2016-10-12  Simon Peyton... Some tiding up in TcGenDeriv
2016-10-12  Simon Peyton... Add derived shadows only for Wanted constraints
2016-10-12  Ben GamariRnExpr: Actually fail if patterns found in expression
2016-10-10  Ben GamariFix test output
2016-10-10  Facundo DomínguezDon't ignore addTopDecls in module finalizers.
2016-10-10  Edward Z. YangRemove reexports from ghc-boot, help bootstrap with...
2016-10-10  Moritz AngermannDo not segfault if no common root can be found
2016-10-10  Bartosz NitkaFix memory leak from #12664
2016-10-10  Matthew PickeringAdd missing test from D2545
2016-10-10  Simon Peyton... More tests for Trac #12522
2016-10-10  Simon Peyton... Orient improvement constraints better
2016-10-10  Simon Peyton... Improve error handling in TcRnMonad
2016-10-09  Vaibhav SagarEscape lambda.
2016-10-02  Ben Gamarirunghc: Fix import of System.Process on Windows
2016-10-02  Michael Snoymanrunghc: use executeFile to run ghc process on POSIX
2016-10-02  Ben GamariFix expected output for T7786
2016-10-02  Nicolas TrangezTurn `__GLASGOW_HASKELL_LLVM__` into an integer again
2016-10-02  Ben GamariFix T12593
2016-10-02  Ben GamariFix T12512
2016-10-02  Simon Peyton... Fix a bug in occurs checking
2016-10-02  Simon Peyton... Kill off redundant SigTv check in occurCheckExpand
2016-10-02  Ryan ScottDisallow standalone deriving declarations involving...
2016-10-02  Simon Peyton... Print foralls in user format
2016-10-02  Ömer Sinan... Fix layout of MultiWayIf expressions (#10807)
2016-10-02  Simon Peyton... Fix desugaring of pattern bindings (again)
2016-10-02  Matthew PickeringFix interaction of record pattern synonyms and record...
2016-10-02  Adam GundryDo not warn about unused underscore-prefixed fields...
2016-10-02  Matthew PickeringDon't warn about name shadowing when renaming the patte...
2016-10-02  Peter TrommlerPPC/CodeGen: fix lwa instruction generation
2016-10-02  Sylvain HENRYCodeGen X86: fix unsafe foreign calls wrt inlining
2016-09-27  Ben GamariBump Haddock submodule
2016-09-19  Sergei fix --host= handling
2016-09-19  Tamar ChristinaFix configure detection.
2016-09-19  Gabor GreifTrim all spaces after 'version:'
2016-09-19  Simon Peyton... Fix scoping of type variables in instances
2016-09-18  Ben Gamarirts: Fix reference to NUMA-specific field
2016-09-18  Ben GamariMore testsuite wibbles
2016-09-18  Simon Peyton... Test wibbles for commit 03541cba
2016-09-18  Simon Peyton... Be less picky about reporing inaccessible code
2016-09-18  Simon Peyton... Get in-scope set right in top_instantiate
2016-09-16  Ben GamariFix T12504
2016-09-15  Simon Peyton... Improve typechecking of instance defaults
2016-09-15  Simon MarlowFix codegen bug in PIC version of genSwitch (#12433)
2016-09-15  Ben GamariAdd failing testcase for #12433
2016-09-12  Ben Gamarirts: Disable -hb with multiple capabilities
2016-09-12  Francesco MazzoliMake start address of `osReserveHeapMemory` tunable...
2016-09-12  Ryan ScottFix TH ppr output for list comprehensions with only...