2016-02-04  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule ghc-8.0.1-rc2
2016-02-04  Ben GamariFix a few loose ends from D1795
2016-02-04  George KarachaliasOverhaul the Overhauled Pattern Match Checker
2016-02-03  Simon MarlowAllow all RTS options to iserv
2016-02-02  Bartosz NitkaUse the in_scope set in lint_app
2016-02-02  Richard EisenbergFix some substitution InScopeSets
2016-02-02  Bartosz NitkaRename "open" subst functions
2016-02-02  RyanGlScottMake TypeError a newtype, add changelog entry
2016-02-02  Herbert Valerio... Define CTYPE for more Posix types
2016-02-02  Bartosz NitkaUse a correct substitution in tcCheckPatSynDecl
2016-02-02  Geoffrey MainlandProperly track live registers when saving the CCCS.
2016-02-02  Geoffrey MainlandCode formatting cleanup.
2016-02-02  Geoffrey MainlandAdd type signatures.
2016-02-02  Herbert Valerio... Update binary submodule to release
2016-02-02  Herbert Valerio... Update cabal_macros_boot.h
2016-02-02  Simon Marlowfix validate breakage
2016-02-02  Simon MarlowRemote GHCi: parallelise BCO serialization
2016-02-02  Simon MarlowRemote GHCi: batch the creation of strings
2016-02-02  Simon MarlowRemote GHCi: Optimize the serialization/deserialization...
2016-02-02  Herbert Valerio... Update unix submodule to latest snapshot
2016-02-02  Adam GundryAvoid mangled/derived names in GHCi autocomplete (fixes...
2016-02-02  Simon MarlowRemote GHCi: create cost centre stacks in batches
2016-02-02  Richard EisenbergRefactor the typechecker to use ExpTypes.
2016-02-02  Simon Peyton... Tidy up tidySkolemInfo
2016-02-02  Thomas MiedemaPut docs in /usr/share/doc/ghc-<version>
2016-02-01  Ben GamariTypo in docs
2016-02-01  Reid BartonFix LOOKS_LIKE_PTR for 64-bit platforms
2016-02-01  Herbert Valerio... Implement basic uniform warning set tower
2016-02-01  Eric SeidelHide the CallStack implicit parameter
2016-01-27  Simon BrennerRestore original alignment for info tables
2016-01-27  Ben Gamarirts/Timer: Actually fix #9105
2016-01-27  Benjamin Bykowskighci: fix trac issue #11481
2016-01-27  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2016-01-27  Bartosz NitkaFix a typo in the note name in comments
2016-01-27  Tamar ChristinaEnable RemoteGHCi on Windows
2016-01-27  Thomas MiedemaBuild profiling libraries on `validate --slow` (#11496)
2016-01-27  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: fixup req_profiling tests (#11496)
2016-01-27  Bartosz NitkaConstruct in_scope set in mkTopTCvSubst
2016-01-27  RyanGlScottSplit off -Wunused-type-variables from -Wunused-matches
2016-01-27  Thomas MiedemaFix segmentation fault when .prof file not writeable
2016-01-27  Thomas MiedemaNicer error on +RTS -hc without -rtsopts or -prof
2016-01-27  Bartosz NitkaPass InScopeSet to substTy in lintTyApp
2016-01-27  Simon Peyton... Fix three broken tests involving exceptions
2016-01-27  Herbert Valerio... Update process submodule to release
2016-01-27  Herbert Valerio... Update transformers submodule to release
2016-01-27  Herbert Valerio... Minor users-guide markup fixup [skip ci]
2016-01-27  Herbert Valerio... Missed plural renaming in user's guide
2016-01-27  Simon Peyton... Fix two cloning-related bugs
2016-01-27  Simon Peyton... Kill off zipTopTCvSubst in favour of zipOpenTCvSubst
2016-01-27  Simon Peyton... Add "ticks-exhausted" comment
2016-01-27  Simon Peyton... White space only
2016-01-25  Ben Gamarirts: Disable tick timer unless really needed
2016-01-25  Ben GamariEnsure that we don't produce code for pre-ARMv7 without...
2016-01-25  Ben GamariImplement -Wunrecognised-warning-flag
2016-01-25  Simon Peyton... Avoid recursive use of immSuperClasses
2016-01-25  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Note order-dependence of flags
2016-01-25  Ben GamariBetter document behavior of -Wmissed-specialisations
2016-01-25  Herbert Valerio... Rename -Wmissing-monadfail-instance to plural-form
2016-01-25  Ben GamariHscTypes: Fix typo in comment
2016-01-25  Reid BartonShow error message for unknown symbol on Elf_Rel platforms
2016-01-25  Simon Peyton... Fix exprIsHNF (Trac #11248)
2016-01-25  Simon Peyton... Special-case implicit params in superclass expansion
2016-01-25  Thomas MiedemaAdd -fwarn-redundant-constrains to test for #9708
2016-01-25  Thomas MiedemaRemove `replaceDynFlags` from `ContainsDynFlags`
2016-01-25  Thomas MiedemaDocs: delete section on Hierarchical Modules
2016-01-25  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Document -L RTS flag
2016-01-25  Reid BartonDon't add ticks around type applications (#11329)
2016-01-25  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Fix typos
2016-01-25  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Reformat warning lists
2016-01-25  Ben GamarimkUserGuidePart: Better flag cross-referencing
2016-01-25  Ben GamariRemove -Wredundant-superclasses from standard warnings
2016-01-25  Reid BartonGive a more verbose error message when desugaring a...
2016-01-25  Adam Sandberg... Small doc fix
2016-01-25  RyanGlScottAdd test for Trac #11056
2016-01-25  Jonas SchollDo not count void arguments when considering a function...
2016-01-25  Eric SeidelFix a formatting error in the user's guide
2016-01-25  Reid BartonMark some ghci tests as req_interp
2016-01-25  Reid BartonDon't print "Loaded GHCi configuration" message in...
2016-01-25  Ben GamariAdd test for #11473
2016-01-25  Ben GamariTyCoRep: Restore compatibility with GHC 7.8
2016-01-24  Herbert Valerio... Implement `-Wnoncanonical-monadfail-instances` warning
2016-01-24  Herbert Valerio... User's guide: fix singular/plural typo in flagnames
2016-01-22  Eric SeidelDefault non-canonical CallStack constraints
2016-01-22  Edward Z. YangMake a constraint synonym for repeated BinaryStringRep...
2016-01-22  Joachim BreitnerImprove comments in CmmSwitch
2016-01-22  Sergei Trofimovichsphinx-build: fix python stack overflow (Trac #10950)
2016-01-22  Thomas MiedemaFix docstring GHC.IO.Handle.FD.openFileBLocking
2016-01-22  Reid BartonAdd -ignore-dot-ghci to tests that use --interactive
2016-01-22  Ben GamariUpdate and improve documentation in Data.Foldable
2016-01-22  Ben Gamarirel-notes: Note the return of -Wmonomorphism-restriction
2016-01-22  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Refer to MIN_VERSION_GLASGOW_HASKELL from...
2016-01-22  Ben Gamariuser-guide:: Improve -D description
2016-01-22  Ben GamariTyCoRep: Restore compatibility with 7.10.1
2016-01-22  Simon Peyton... Allow implicit parameters in constraint synonyms
2016-01-21  Simon Peyton... Strip casts in checkValidInstHead
2016-01-21  Simon Peyton... Improve pretty-printing of UnivCo
2016-01-21  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-01-21  Simon Peyton... Re-add missing kind generalisation
2016-01-21  Bartosz NitkasubstTy to substTyUnchecked to fix Travis build
2016-01-21  Bartosz NitkaCheck InScopeSet in substTy and provide substTyUnchecked