2015-03-25  Austin SeippSet VERSION=7.10.1, RELEASE=YES ghc-7.10.1-release
2015-03-25  Austin Seippdocs/relnotes: update version numbers
2015-03-24  Douglas BurkeRearrange order of the release note highlights
2015-03-24  Thomas MiedemaMake testsuite driver Python 2.6 compatible again
2015-03-24  Herbert Valerio... Avoid redundant-import warning (w/o CPP)
2015-03-23  Herbert Valerio... Set release date for base- in changelog
2015-03-23  Herbert Valerio... Fix integer-gmp source tarball distribution
2015-03-22  Joachim BreitnerTrim Call Arity
2015-03-22  Joachim BreitnerTest case for #10176
2015-03-22  Herbert Valerio... Update haskeline submodule to release tag
2015-03-22  Austin Seipptestsuite: add test for #10177
2015-03-19  Herbert Valerio... Update haddock submodule to 'master' tip
2015-03-21  Iavor S. DiatchkiRemove unused parameter to `EvTypeableTyCon`
2015-03-21  Iavor S. DiatchkiImprove `Typeable` solver.
2015-03-21  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to Cabal-v1.22.2.0 rls tag
2015-03-20  Herbert Valerio... Update bytestring submodule to release tag
2015-03-20  Herbert Valerio... Update integer-gmp2's changelog for release
2015-03-20  Herbert Valerio... Try to reconstruct a changelog for TH 2.10
2015-03-20  Herbert Valerio... Bump ghc-prim to
2015-03-20  Herbert Valerio... Update deepseq submodule to tag
2015-03-20  Herbert Valerio... Update haskeline submodule to tagged commit
2015-03-19  Austin Seipptestsuite: add a regression test for #10011
2015-03-19  Austin Seipplibraries: update win32 submodule
2015-03-19  Austin Seippcompiler: don't warn on -package-name for now
2015-03-19  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to 1.22 branch tip
2015-03-19  Erik de Castro... Fix build on amd64/solaris.
2015-03-19  Erik de Castro... Use the gold linker for linux/ARM and android/ARM targets.
2015-03-19  Herbert Valerio... Update filepath/hpc/process submodules
2015-03-17  Thomas MiedemaFix testsuite driver for a profiling compiler
2015-03-17  Thomas MiedemaDont call unsafeGlobalDynFlags if it is not set
2015-03-17  Thomas MiedemaFix Windows testsuite driver
2015-03-17  Richard EisenbergUpdate release notes about better solver, with known...
2015-03-16  Austin Seipplibraries/base: Remove redundant import ghc-7.10.1-rc3
2015-03-16  Austin Seipplibraries/win32: update submodule
2015-03-15  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to latest snapshot
2015-03-14  Edward Z. YangWe need to import 'cast' on Windows
2015-03-14  Peter TrommlerLink temporary shared objects with `--no-as-needed`
2015-03-14  Thomas MiedemaMove the function strip_quotes to
2015-03-13  Herbert Valerio... Rename ty{Con,peRep}Hash to ty{Con,peRep}Fingerprint
2015-03-13  Austin SeippAdd missed test (uuugh)
2015-03-13  Iavor S. DiatchkiCustom `Typeable` solver, that keeps track of kinds.
2015-03-12  Thomas MiedemaUpdate submodule hpc (includes fix for #9619)
2015-03-11  Thomas MiedemaCleanup test framework string formatting
2015-03-11  Herbert Valerio... Update filepath submodule to filepath-1.4 snapshot
2015-03-11  Edward Z. YangUpdate Cabal submodule to latest 1.22 snapshot
2015-03-11  Thomas Miedematestsuite: format commands using config dict
2015-03-11  Andreas VoellmyRTS/IOManager: fix trac issue #9722.
2015-03-11  Erik de Castro... ghc-prim : Hide 64 bit primops when the word size is...
2015-03-10  Herbert Valerio... Update directory submodule to latest 1.2.2 snapshot
2015-03-10  Thomas MiedemaRename `SysTools.readCreateProcess`.
2015-03-10  Herbert Valerio... fixup T10019 output yet again
2015-03-10  Herbert Valerio... Update array submodule (min ver bump to
2015-03-10  Herbert Valerio... Update deepseq submodule to snapshot
2015-03-10  Herbert Valerio... Update submodule to Cabal release
2015-03-09  Peter TrommlerDynamically link all loaded packages in new object
2015-03-09  Joachim BreitnerExtend the docs for Data.List.transpose
2015-03-09  Simon MarlowAllocationLimitExceeded should be a child of SomeAsyncE...
2015-03-07  Herbert Valerio... Add `GHC.OldList` legacy module
2015-03-07  Herbert Valerio... Define proper `MINIMAL` pragma for `class Ix`
2015-03-07  Herbert Valerio... Add public rnf/hash operations to TypeRep/TyCon
2015-03-07  Herbert Valerio... Re-export `<$` from Prelude (#10113)
2015-03-07  Herbert Valerio... Re-export `<$>` from Prelude (#10113)
2015-03-07  Herbert Valerio... Drop redundant LANGUAGE pragmas
2015-03-03  Herbert Valerio... Emulate GMP 5+ operations for GMP 4.x compat
2015-02-27  Herbert Valerio... Update process submodule to snapshot
2015-02-23  Marios TitasProvide a faster implementation for the Read Integer...
2015-02-23  Simon Peyton... Move comments about evaluating the message to the top...
2015-02-23  Simon Peyton... Improve documentation of 'trace'
2015-02-23  Austin SeippFix build bogons due to missing separator
2015-02-23  Austin Seippdocs: Update release notes
2015-02-23  Yuras ShumovichAdd configurable verbosity level to hpc
2015-02-23  Austin Seippbase: fix broken link (#10088)
2015-02-23  Austin Seippdocs: Flatten MAKEHELP/SUBMAKEHELP
2015-02-23  Austin Seippdocs: add to root dir (#9926)
2015-02-23  Karel Gardasfix bus errors on SPARC caused by unalignment access...
2015-02-23  Herbert Valerio... {Data,Generic(1),MonadZip} instances for Identity
2015-02-23  Simon Peyton... Improve typechecking of RULEs, to account for type...
2015-02-23  PHOMake top-level "configure" accept and propagate --with...
2015-02-23  Jan BrackerFix for ticket #10078: ensure that tcPluginStop is...
2015-02-23  Tamar Christinarts/linker: ignore unknown PE sections
2015-02-22  Herbert Valerio... Update submodule to Cabal release
2015-02-21  Austin SeippAdd missing test from previous commit (55199a97)
2015-02-12  Richard EisenbergPropagate ReturnTvs in matchExpectedFunTys
2015-02-11  Richard EisenbergFix egregious typo in checkTauTvUpdate.
2015-02-11  Richard EisenbergFix #10079 by recurring after flattening exposes a...
2015-02-11  Simon Peyton... nameIsLocalOrFrom should include interactive modules
2015-02-11  Phil RuffwindDon't overwrite input file by default
2015-02-11  Simon MarlowFix a profiling bug
2015-02-09  Austin Seippcabal: update submodule (re: #10036)
2015-02-09  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #10004: head [] exception when using recursive mdo
2015-02-09  Simon Peyton... Fix the nullary-type-class case for associated types
2015-02-09  Simon Peyton... Put parens around (ty :: kind) when pretty-printing...
2015-02-09  Herbert Valerio... Provide default implementation of `Monad(return)`
2015-02-05  Alan ZimmermanGRHS with empty wherebinds gets wrong SrcSpan
2015-02-05  Alan ZimmermanBring Match m_fun_id_infix through the renamer.
2015-02-05  Karel Gardasfix _FILE_OFFSET_BITS redefined warning on Solaris...
2015-02-02  Austin Seippdocs: Add missing libraries to release notes (#10038)
2015-02-02  Austin Seippdocs: Add mention of prefetch API changes (#9937)
2015-02-02  Andreas VoellmyFix #10017
2015-01-30  Ben GamariEvent Manager: Make one-shot a per-registration property