2015-08-08  Richard EisenbergUser manual wibbles wip/type-app
2015-08-07  Richard EisenbergVisible type application
2015-08-07  Richard EisenbergRevert "*** Use global url for .gitmodules"
2015-08-07  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-07  Richard EisenbergTidy in checkValidType.
2015-08-07  Richard EisenbergTidy classes before printing during validity checks
2015-08-07  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergFix compiler errors from merging
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wip...
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergRejigger OSMem.my_mmap to allow building on Mac
2015-08-06  Reid BartonAdd test for #10600 (exhaustiveness check with --make...
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wip...
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergUpdate user manual re @_.
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergAllow @_ to be used without fuss
2015-08-06  Ben GamarillvmGen: Rework LLVM mangler
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergUser manual
2015-08-06  fumievalbase: Add instances
2015-08-06  Ben GamariEnsure DynFlags are consistent
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergRemove spurious test
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergUse ExprSigOrigin where appropriate
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergBump submodule libraries/Cabal for new extension
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergStub for manual entry
2015-08-06  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #10742
2015-08-06  Simon Peyton... T8968-1 and -3 should pass
2015-08-06  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2015-08-06  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-06  Simon Peyton... Coments only
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergComments only
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergMove Note [Visible type application]
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTest pushing into conditionals
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergComments only
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergRefactor overloaded literals back to Inst
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergWorkin' the testsuite
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergArgument types *can* get instantiated.
2015-08-05  Simon Peyton... Fix quantification for inference with sigs
2015-08-05  Simon Peyton... Tidy up and refactor wildcard handling
2015-08-05  Simon Peyton... Minor refactor to use filterInScope
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergMore info with Shouldn'tHappenOrigin
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergRemove the abominable matchExpectedFunTys_Args
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergMove visible type app stuff from TcUnify to TcExpr
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergRemove unused def'n in hs-boot file
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergError message tweak
2015-08-05  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2015-08-05  Simon Peyton... Warn about missed specialisations for imports
2015-08-05  Simon Peyton... Do not complain about SPECIALISE for INLINE
2015-08-05  Simon Peyton... Allow proper errors/warnings in core2core passes
2015-08-05  RyanGlScottAdd Fixity info for infix types
2015-08-05  RyanGlScottAdditions to users' guide and release notes
2015-08-05  Takano AkioMake sure that `all`, `any`, `and`, and `or` fuse ...
2015-08-05  RyanGlScottMake Exception datatypes into newtypes
2015-08-05  Christiaan... Make -fcpr-off a dynamic flag
2015-08-05  Ben GamariDrop custom mapM impl for []
2015-08-05  Ben Gamariusers_guide: Add note about #367 to Bugs section
2015-08-05  Christiaan... Add framework flags when linking a dynamic library
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergWibble to TypeEqOrigin for better errors
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergPreserve yet more synonyms
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: use replicate for spaces and multi_ch (#10735)
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: mimic pretty API more closely (#10735)
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: use BangPatterns instead of manual unboxing...
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: Args of NilAbove/TextBeside/Nest/Union are...
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: kill code that has been dead since 1997 (#10735)
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: remove superfluous parenthesis (#10735)
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: improve error messages (#10735)
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: rename variables to the ones used by libraries...
2015-08-05  Thomas MiedemaPretty: reformat using style from libraries/pretty...
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergAvoid expanding synonyms in tcSubType
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibble
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTrack full type better in matchExpectedFunTys
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergMore error improving
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergTestsuite wibbles
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergCleverly use a *landmark* context when it might be...
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergImprove ddump-tc-trace in TcErrors
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergImprove error messages
2015-08-04  Richard EisenbergPropagate CtOrigins for better errors
2015-08-04  Richard EisenbergTest #9233 in perf/compiler/T9233
2015-08-04  Richard EisenbergFix #10713.
2015-08-03  Ulya TrofimovichRemoved deprecated syntax for GADT constuctors.
2015-08-03  Ben GamariCmmParse: Don't force alignment in memcpy-ish operations
2015-08-03  Gabor GreifTypos in comments [skip ci]
2015-08-03  Thomas WinantSupport wild cards in data/type family instances
2015-08-03  Ulya Trofimovich4 reduce/reduce parser conflicts resolved
2015-08-03  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #10134
2015-08-03  Simon Peyton... Minor improvement to user guide
2015-08-03  Simon Peyton... Typos in comments
2015-08-03  Ben GamariFix incorrect stack pointer usage in StgRun() on x86_64
2015-08-03  Simon MarlowUpdate parallel submodule, and re-enable warnings
2015-08-03  Michal TerepetaSupport MO_U_QuotRem2 in LLVM backend