2017-10-23  Alan ZimmermanWIP on implicit binders wip/ttg/2017-10-21
2017-10-22  Alan ZimmermanTTG for FieldOcc and AmbiguousFieldOcc
2017-10-22  Alan ZimmermanTTG For HsAppType
2017-10-22  Alan ZimmermanTTG for HsTyVarBndr
2017-10-21  Alan ZimmermanWIP on Doing a combined Step 1 and 3 for Trees That...
2017-10-20  Simon Peyton... Update record-wildcard docs
2017-10-20  Simon Peyton... Improve kick-out in the constraint solver
2017-10-20  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space
2017-10-19  Ben GamariOutputable: Add pprTraceException
2017-10-19  Ben GamariAdd Functor Bag instance
2017-10-19  James ClarkeUntag the potential AP_STACK in stg_getApStackValzh
2017-10-19  Edward Z. YangGive a reference to Foreign.Concurrent.
2017-10-19  Tom Sydney... Added a test for 'timeout' to be accurate.
2017-10-19  Tom Sydney... Expose monotonic time from GHC.Event.Clock
2017-10-19  Ben GamariBump arcanist-external-json-linter submodule
2017-10-19  Joachim BreitnerUser's guide: Fix the category of some flags
2017-10-19  Ryan ScottExport injectiveVarsOf{Binder,Type} from TyCoRep
2017-10-19  Ryan ScottFix #14369 by making injectivity warnings finer-grained
2017-10-19  Ryan ScottError when deriving instances in hs-boot files
2017-10-19  Ryan ScottDisable -XRebindableSyntax when running internal GHCi...
2017-10-19  Ryan ScottAccept test output for #14350
2017-10-18  Gabor Greifwhitespace only
2017-10-18  Gabor GreifTypofix in comment
2017-10-18  Simon Peyton... Better solving for representational equalities
2017-10-18  Simon Peyton... Don't deeply expand insolubles
2017-10-17  Joachim BreitnerImprove user’s guide around deriving
2017-10-17  Gabor GreifFix grammaros in comments
2017-10-17  Gabor GreifSimplify, no functionality change
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Bump ghc-prim to and update changelog
2017-10-16  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Clarify -ddump-asm-regalloc-stages documen...
2017-10-16  James ClarkeupdateThunk: indirectee can be tagged
2017-10-16  James ClarkeFlags.hsc: Peek a CBool (Word8), not a Bool (Int32)
2017-10-16  Ben Gamarighci: Include "Rts.h" before using TABLES_NEXT_TO_CODE
2017-10-16  James ClarkeRtClosureInspect: Fix inspecting Char# on 64-bit big...
2017-10-16  Ben Gamarirts/posix: Ensure that memory commit succeeds
2017-10-16  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fix various warnings
2017-10-16  Ben Gamariusers guide: Eliminate redundant :category: tags in...
2017-10-16  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Rework and finish debug flag documentation
2017-10-16  Ben Gamarirts: Label all threads created by the RTS
2017-10-16  Ben GamariFreeBSD dtrace probe support
2017-10-16  Edward Z. YangLevity polymorphic Backpack.
2017-10-16  Ben Gamariconfigure: Fix CC version check on Apple compilers
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Implement {set,clear,complement}BitBigNat primitives
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Enable testing 'Natural' type in TEST=arith011
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Override default `clearBit` method impl for `Natural`
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Implement new `compareByteArrays#` primop
2017-10-16  Herbert Valerio... Fix panic for `ByteArray#` arguments in CApiFFI foreign...
2017-10-16  Peter TrommlerFix typo
2017-10-16  Peter TrommlerFix typo
2017-10-16  Simon MarlowFix calculation in threadStackOverflow
2017-10-15  Simon MarlowRemove section about ApplicativeDo & existentials ...
2017-10-13  Ryan ScottDelete obsolete docs on GADT interacton with TypeApplic...
2017-10-12  Simon Peyton... Re-apply "Typeable: Allow App to match arrow types"
2017-10-12  Simon Peyton... Do not bind coercion variables in SpecConstr rules
2017-10-12  Simon Peyton... Add missing T14325.stderr
2017-10-12  Simon Peyton... Do not quantify over deriving clauses
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Add a missing zonk in TcDerivInfer.simplifyDeriv
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Avoid creating dependent types in FloatOut
2017-10-11  Alan ZimmermanPretty-printing of derived multi-parameter classes...
2017-10-11  Ryan ScottFix #10816 by renaming FixitySigs more consistently
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Remove wc_insol from WantedConstraints
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Delete two unused functions
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Change "cobox" to "co" in debug output
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Fix over-eager error suppression in TcErrors
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Minor refactoring
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Typos in comments only
2017-10-11  Simon Peyton... Tidy up some convoluted "child/parent" code
2017-10-10  Tamar ChristinaSplit SysTools up some
2017-10-07  Ryan ScottSimply Data instance context for AmbiguousFieldOcc
2017-10-07  Ryan ScottFix #14320 by looking through HsParTy in more places
2017-10-07  Ryan ScottIncorporate changes from #11721 into Template Haskell
2017-10-06  Joachim BreitnerTestsuite update following d8d87fa
2017-10-05  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #14326
2017-10-05  Joachim BreitnerRemove m_type from Match (#14313)
2017-10-04  Ben Gamariconfigure: Accept *-msys as a Windows OS in a triple
2017-10-04  Ben Gamarirts: Print newline after "Stack trace:" on barf
2017-10-03  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Mention COMPLETE pragma in release notes
2017-10-03  Ben Gamaribase: Remove deprecated Chan combinators
2017-10-03  Douglas WilsonDon't pass HscEnv to functions in the Hsc monad
2017-10-03  Edward Z. YangInclude libraries which fill holes as deps when linking.
2017-10-03  Moritz Angermanngenapply: Explicitly specify arguments
2017-10-03  Ben Gamaribase: Add missing @since annotations in GHC.TypeNats
2017-10-03  Iavor DiatchkiImplement Div, Mod, and Log for type-level nats.
2017-10-03  Ryan ScottTrack the order of user-written tyvars in DataCon
2017-10-03  Tamar ChristinaOptimize linker by minimizing calls to tryGCC to avoid...
2017-10-03  Tamar ChristinaAdd ability to produce crash dumps on Windows
2017-10-03  Herbert Valerio... Sync base/
2017-10-03  Joachim BreitnerRevert installing texinfo in CI systems
2017-10-03  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #9725
2017-10-03  Simon Peyton... Suppress error cascade in record fields
2017-10-03  Simon Peyton... Fix nasty bug in w/w for absence analysis
2017-10-03  Simon Peyton... Make GHC.IO.Buffer.summaryBuffer strict
2017-10-03  Simon Peyton... Fix bug in the short-cut solver
2017-10-03  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2017-10-03  Moritz AngermannAdds x86 NONE relocation type
2017-10-03  Moritz AngermannNo libffi docs
2017-10-02  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Fix :since: annotation of -pie and add...
2017-10-02  Ben GamariBump libffi-tarballs submodule
2017-10-02  Ben Gamarirel-notes: Mention libffi packaging change
2017-10-02  Ben GamariRewrite boot in Python