2015-08-04  Alejandro SerranoAdd instantiation in rule checking wip/impredicativity
2015-08-04  Alejandro SerranoFix bugs on implementation of \upsilon types
2015-08-03  Alejandro SerranoRevamp part of the impredicativity document
2015-08-01  Alejandro SerranoNever generate a `tyvar <~ sigma` constraint
2015-07-30  Alejandro SerranoBetter simplification of casts in simple_opt_expr
2015-07-30  Alejandro SerranoLeave RULEs checking as before impredicativity
2015-07-29  Alejandro SerranoDo not flatten type families in <~ constraints
2015-07-29  Alejandro SerranoIntroduce InstanceOfRefl evidence to match description
2015-07-29  Alejandro SerranoFix problem in RULES simplification
2015-07-29  Alejandro SerranoChange rule for canonicalization of <~
2015-07-29  Alejandro SerranoInstantiation in approximation is now deep
2015-07-29  Alejandro SerranoFix problem with double-pass simpleOpt
2015-07-27  Alejandro SerranoMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wip...
2015-07-27  Alejandro SerranoFix warning on termination check with <~ constraints
2015-07-27  Alejandro SerranoGo back to instantiation with type families
2015-07-26  Reid BartonComment tweaks only
2015-07-26  Reid BartonAdd missing parentheses in eqBigNatWord#
2015-07-26  Reid BartonUse isTrue# around primitive comparisons in integer-gmp
2015-07-25  Edward Z. Yang-include-pkg-deps takes only one hyphen.
2015-07-25  Sergei Trofimovichrenamer: fix module-level deprecation message
2015-07-24  Alejandro SerranoVarious fixes to RULES type checking
2015-07-24  Alejandro SerranoMake two passes in simpleOptExpr
2015-07-24  Ben GamariRetainerProfile: Add missing UNTAG_STATIC_LIST_PTR
2015-07-24  Simon Peyton... Improve instanceCantMatch
2015-07-24  Simon Peyton... Refactoring around FunDeps
2015-07-24  Simon Peyton... Comments about stricteness of catch#
2015-07-24  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2015-07-24  Alejandro SerranoImplement defaulting of <~ in simplifyTop
2015-07-24  Ben GamariFix line number in T10018 testcase
2015-07-23  Edward Z. YangLibrary names, with Cabal submodule update
2015-07-23  Ben GamariAdd a few comments from SPJ on fixity declarations
2015-07-23  Thomas Miedemaghci: fixity declarations for infix data constructors...
2015-07-23  Simon Peyton... Document type functions in the Paterson conditions
2015-07-23  Simon Peyton... Slight refactoring to the fix for #4012
2015-07-23  Ben Gamarirts/sm: Add missing argument names in function definitions
2015-07-23  Ben GamariDataCon: Fix redundant import
2015-07-23  Thomas WinantParenthesise TypeOperator in import hints
2015-07-23  Reid BartonUpdate encoding001 to test the full range of non-surrog...
2015-07-23  Ben GamariAccept next-docstrings on GADT constructors.
2015-07-23  Michael SmithGenerate .dyn_o files for .hsig files with -dynamic-too
2015-07-23  Thomas MiedemaLexer: support consecutive references to Haddock chunks...
2015-07-23  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2015-07-23  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #10670
2015-07-23  Alejandro SerranoCheck whether a variable is filled in defaulting of <~
2015-07-22  Edward Z. YangUse lookupIfaceTop for loading IfaceDecls.
2015-07-22  Edward Z. YangSome utility functions for testing IfaceType equality.
2015-07-22  Edward Z. YangExport alwaysQualifyPackages and neverQualifyPackages.
2015-07-22  Edward Z. YangGive more informative panic for checkFamInstConsistency.
2015-07-22  Edward Z. YangAdd ExceptionMonad instance for IOEnv.
2015-07-22  Edward Z. YangSwitch from recording IsBootInterface to recording...
2015-07-22  Thomas MiedemaTravis: do pass `--quiet` to validate
2015-07-22  Thomas MiedemaValidate: explain THREADS instead of CPUS in --help
2015-07-22  Giovanni CampagnaTwo step allocator for 64-bit systems
2015-07-22  Simon MarlowEliminate zero_static_objects_list()
2015-07-22  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: recenter haddock.base allocation numbers
2015-07-22  Thomas MiedemaRevert "Trac #4945 is working again"
2015-07-22  Alejandro SerranoFix bug on record construction typechecking
2015-07-21  Edward Z. YangAdd utility function isHoleName.
2015-07-21  Thomas MiedemaValidate: document --quiet [skip ci]
2015-07-21  Thomas MiedemaValidate: by default do show commands
2015-07-21  Thomas MiedemaTravis: use ghc-7.8.4 as stage0 to fix the build
2015-07-21  Reid BartonWhen iconv is unavailable, use an ASCII encoding to...
2015-07-21  Ben Gamariconfigure: Bump minimum bootstrap GHC version to 7.8
2015-07-21  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Show killed command line on timeout
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... T4945 is working again
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Make seq-of-cast rule generate a case
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Do occurrence analysis on result of BuiltInRule
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Fix test T2497 to avoid infinite loop in RULES
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Avoid out-of-scope top-level Ids
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space only
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Implement -dsuppress-unfoldings
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Comments and layout only
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Documents -dsuppress-unfoldings
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Add NOINLINE for hs-boot functions
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Refactor self-boot info
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space only
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Improve strictness analysis for exceptions
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Refactor newSCWorkFromFlavoured
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Comments only (superclasses and improvement)
2015-07-21  Simon Peyton... Use varToCoreExpr in mkWWcpr_help
2015-07-21  Thomas MiedemaDelete __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ ifdefs for stage0 < 7.8
2015-07-21  Ben Gamariprimops: Fix spelling mistake
2015-07-21  Alejandro SerranoAdd defaulting of <~ constraints
2015-07-21  Edward Z. YangRevert "Revert "Support for multiple signature files...
2015-07-21  Edward Z. YangRevert "Revert "Change loadSrcInterface to return a...
2015-07-20  Thomas MiedemaUpdate submodule hpc with fix for #10529
2015-07-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: simplify T8089 (#8089)
2015-07-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: mark concprog002 expect_broken_for(#10661...
2015-07-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: fix concprog002 (AMP)
2015-07-20  Ben GamariFix primops documentation syntax
2015-07-20  Luite StegemanDo not treat prim and javascript imports as C imports...
2015-07-20  Ben Gamariprimops: Add haddocks to BCO primops
2015-07-20  Thomas WinantSupport wild cards in TH splices
2015-07-20  Michal TerepetaLlvmCodeGen: add support for MO_U_Mul2 CallishMachOp
2015-07-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: add regression test for missing class constraint
2015-07-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: add -XUndecidableInstances to T3500a
2015-07-20  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: add ImpredicativeTypes to T7861 (#7861)
2015-07-20  Reid BartonAdd regression test for unused implicit parameter warni...
2015-07-18  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: mark array001 and conc034 expect_broken_for...