2018-01-03  Gabor GreifWIP: DON'T PUSH, misc local changes wip/T13861
2018-01-03  Simon Peyton... Get evaluated-ness right in the back end
2018-01-03  Gabor GreifRevert "WIP: clean up some cruft"
2018-01-03  Gabor GreifWIP: an experiment
2018-01-03  Gabor GreifWIP: add an assert
2018-01-02  Gabor GreifWIP: check isEvaldUnfolding
2018-01-02  Gabor GreifWIP: fix travis
2018-01-01  Gabor GreifWIP: cleanups
2018-01-01  Gabor GreifWIP: optimise literals
2018-01-01  Gabor GreifWIP: fix thinko
2017-12-30  Gabor GreifWIP: clean up some cruft
2017-12-30  Gabor GreifWIP: appease travis
2017-12-30  Gabor GreifWIP: another test
2017-12-30  Gabor GreifWIP: cleanups
2017-12-30  Gabor GreifWIP: implement lumping of same results for may constructors
2017-12-29  Gabor GreifWIP: add some noise
2017-12-29  Gabor GreifAnother identity test
2017-12-29  Gabor GreifWIP: less noise, and add TODO
2017-12-29  Gabor GreifWIP: lump with DEFAULT
2017-12-29  Gabor GreifWIP: implement DEFAULT lumping
2017-12-29  Gabor Greifcheck other lump identity
2017-12-29  Gabor GreifWIP: add note
2017-12-29  Gabor GreifWIP: create DEFAULT when more than two alts give binder
2017-12-29  Gabor GreifWIP: detect lumping opportunities
2017-12-29  Gabor Greiftest whether two STG equiv alts get joined
2017-12-29  Gabor Greifmake 'quux'' test 3 to 2
2017-12-29  Gabor Greifcheck that 'quux' is the identity
2017-12-27  Gabor GreifTypos in comments [ci skip]
2017-12-27  Gabor GreifWIP: add another test [ci skip]
2017-12-27  Gabor Greifthis is not needed any more
2017-12-27  Gabor GreifWIP: don't reenter WHNF thing for re-tagging
2017-12-22  Gabor Greifdon't inline 'same', this way one of the mysteries...
2017-12-22  Gabor GreifWIP: status quo
2017-12-22  Gabor Greiftrace less
2017-12-22  Gabor Greiftake out the doorstops
2017-12-22  Gabor Greiftravis compilation
2017-12-21  Gabor GreifMerge branch 'wip/cross-constr-cse' into wip/T13861
2017-12-21  Gabor GreifAdd note about mechanics of double switching wip/T14373
2017-12-20  Gabor Greiftest that no nested switches generated
2017-12-18  Gabor Greifcleanup
2017-12-18  Gabor GreifHandle the case when ptr tag is telling no story
2017-12-16  Gabor GreifExtra argument for emitting pre-join label code
2017-12-15  Gabor Greifnote tweaks
2017-12-14  Gabor Greiffirst round of review feedback
2017-12-13  Gabor Greifjoin *after* the second switch
2017-12-13  Gabor GreifImplement pointer tagging for 'big' families #14373
2017-12-13  Gabor GreifTypofix in comment
2017-12-13  Simon Peyton... Further improvements to well-kinded types
2017-12-13  Simon Peyton... Re-centre perf for T5321Fun
2017-12-13  Simon Peyton... Add missing stderr for Trac #14561
2017-12-13  Simon Peyton... Tidy up of wired-in names
2017-12-13  Simon Peyton... Detect levity-polymorphic uses of unsafeCoerce#
2017-12-13  Simon Peyton... Minor refactor of TcExpr.tcApp
2017-12-12  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #14040
2017-12-11  Niklas Hambüchenbase: fdReady(): Return only after sycall returns after...
2017-12-11  Niklas HambüchenfdReady: Use C99 bools / CBool in signature
2017-12-11  David FeuerAllow users to ignore optimization changes
2017-12-11  Simon MarlowAlways use the safe open() call
2017-12-11  Ben Gamarirts: Don't default to single capability when profiled
2017-12-11  Matthew PickeringAdd NOINLINE pragma to hPutStr'
2017-12-11  klebinger.andreas... Add information about irrefutable pattern Syntax to...
2017-12-11  Nathan CollinsImprove Control.Monad.guard and Control.Monad.MonadPlus...
2017-12-11  Kirill ZaborskyFixed misprint 'aqcuired'
2017-12-11  Gabor GreifOnly look for locales of the form LL.VV
2017-12-11  Simon Peyton... Fix SigTvs at the kind level
2017-12-11  Simon Peyton... Build only well-kinded types in type checker
2017-12-11  Simon Peyton... Improved panic message for zonkTcTyVarToTyVar
2017-12-08  Ben GamariAdd hadrian as a submodule
2017-12-08  Ben GamariRip out hadrian subtree
2017-12-08  Simon Peyton... Occurrrence analysis improvements for NOINLINE functions
2017-12-08  Simon Peyton... Improve LiberateCase
2017-12-08  Simon Peyton... Refactor kcHsTyVarBndrs
2017-12-07  Herbert Valerio... Revert accidental hsc2hs submodule downgrade
2017-12-07  Simon Peyton... Refactor ConDecl: Trac #14529
2017-12-07  Herbert Valerio... Forward-port changes from GHC 8.2 branch
2017-12-05  Sergei Trofimovichutils/hsc2hs: update submodule
2017-12-05  Sergei Trofimovichrts: fix filename case for mingw32 target
2017-12-04  Ben GamariBump version to 8.5 ghc-8.5-start
2017-12-04  Ben GamariFix ghc_packages
2017-12-04  Ben Gamaritemplate-haskell: Rip out FamFlavour
2017-12-04  David FeuerMake the Con and Con' patterns produce evidence
2017-12-01  David FeuerCache TypeRep kinds aggressively
2017-12-01  David FeuerAdd trace injection
2017-12-01  Edward Z. YangHandle CPP properly in Backpack
2017-12-01  Edward Z. YangMake use of boot TyThings during typechecking.
2017-11-29  Ben GamariDarwin: Use gmp from homebrew
2017-11-29  Ben GamariDarwin: Set deployment target
2017-11-29  Ben GamariBump unix submodule
2017-11-29  Simon Peyton... Comments only: Trac #14511
2017-11-29  Steven ShawMinor tweaks to codegens.rst
2017-11-29  Ben GamariCircleCI: Freeze all packages at fixed index state
2017-11-29  Ben GamariCircleCI: Disallow hscolour 1.24.3
2017-11-28  Ben GamariCLabel: A bit of documentation
2017-11-28  Ben GamariCmm: Add missing cases for BlockInfoTable
2017-11-28  Ben GamariCLabel: More specific debug output from CLabel
2017-11-28  Ben GamarinativeGen: Use foldl' instead of foldl
2017-11-28  Ben GamarinativeGen: Use plusUFMList instead of foldr
2017-11-28  Ben GamariCLabel: Refactor pprDynamicLinkerAsmLabel
2017-11-28  Ben Gamaricmm: Use LocalBlockLabel instead of AsmTempLabel to...
2017-11-28  Ben GamariCLabel.labelType: Make catch-all case explicit