2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandAdd support for Template Haskell state. th-new-7.6
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandAdd support for Template Haskell module finalizers.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandChange the types of typed brackets and splices.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandAllow splices to add additional top-level declarations.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandCode formatting cleanup.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandAdd full support for declaration splices.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandAdd support for pattern splices.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandClean up smart constructors for splices.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandClean up error context when checking brackets/splices.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandAdd support for typed brackets and splices.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandTrack TH stage in the renamer.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandCheck the staging restriction in the renamer.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandTrack the typed/untyped distinction in the current...
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandDifferentiate typed and untyped splices and brackets...
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandAdd names for TExp type constructor and unType.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandAdd syntactic support for typed expression brackets...
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandConsolidate TH renaming.
2013-06-27  Geoffrey MainlandMove renamer splice functionality into a separate module.
2013-06-05  Geoffrey MainlandUntabify
2013-06-05  Geoffrey MainlandUntabify
2013-06-05  Geoffrey MainlandUntabify
2013-06-05  Geoffrey MainlandUntabify
2013-06-05  Geoffrey MainlandUntabify
2013-06-05  Geoffrey MainlandUntabify
2013-04-21  Ian LynaghSet RELEASE back to NO ghc-7.6
2013-04-18  Ian LynaghSet the version number to 7.6.3, and RELEASE to YES. ghc-7.6.3-release
2013-04-18  Ian LynaghAdd release notes for 7.6.3
2013-04-18  Ian LynaghUpdate ANNOUNCE for 7.6.3
2013-04-16  Simon Peyton... Merge 1353d1 into the 7.6 branch
2013-04-16  Simon Peyton... Merge b737a4 into the 7.6 branch, curing Trac #7748
2013-01-29  Ian LynaghSet RELEASE back to NO
2013-01-29  Ian LynaghTweak the mkDocs script
2013-01-29  Ian LynaghTweak the gen_contents_index script
2013-01-29  Ian LynaghTweak ANNONCE ghc-7.6.2-release
2013-01-29  Ian LynaghUpdate ANNOUNCE
2013-01-27  Ian LynaghSet version number to 7.6.2 and set RELEASE to YES
2013-01-17  Ian LynaghExpose genericRaise; fixes signals004(dyn) no OS X 32
2013-01-17  Ian LynaghUse pthread_kill on OS X too
2013-01-17  Ian LynaghExpose the prototype for getMonotonicNSec
2013-01-12  Ian LynaghFix typo in docs; spotted by Gabor Greif
2013-01-12  Simon Marlowadd X86_64_GOTTPOFF relocation for errno
2013-01-12  Ian LynaghChange RTS hook APIs to match 7.6.1
2013-01-04  Ian LynaghFix build for 7.6 branch
2013-01-04  Simon Peyton... Fix bug in External Core pretty printer (fixes Trac...
2013-01-04  Ian LynaghSet DBLATEX_OPTS to -P '' (fixes ...
2013-01-03  Simon Peyton... Update strictness documentation (Trac #7546)
2013-01-03  Simon Peyton... Tidy the type in badInstSigErr (fixes Trac #7545)
2013-01-03  Simon Peyton... Pass the correct inst_tys argument to dataConCannotMatc...
2013-01-03  Simon Peyton... Fix TcUnify.matchExpectedTyConApp so that it returns...
2013-01-03  Simon MarlowA better fix for #7493 (see comment for details)
2013-01-03  Ian LynaghRevert "MERGED: Fix a bug in the handling of nested...
2012-12-14  Jose Pedro... Fix #7487
2012-12-14  Simon Marlowdocument special "this" syntax for PackageImports ...
2012-12-14  Ian LynaghMERGED: Fix a bug in the handling of nested orElse
2012-12-07  Simon Peyton... Stop attempting to "trim" data types in interface files
2012-12-07  Ian LynaghRelease notes update
2012-12-07  Simon MarlowInvalidate the ModSummary cache in setSessionDynFlags...
2012-12-07  Simon Marlowfix code in library initialisation example (#7471)
2012-12-07  Simon Peyton... Document promotion of existential data types
2012-12-07  Simon Peyton... Allow existential data constructors to be promoted
2012-12-07  Ian LynaghMore release notes
2012-12-07  Ian LynaghStart on release notes for 7.6.2
2012-12-03  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #7453 on the 7.6 branch
2012-12-02  Ian LynaghOn Win64, mark executables as not supporting bigaddr...
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Improve kind inference for tuple types
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Make Constraint and * look identical in Core (System FC)
2012-11-29  Jose Pedro... Reject promoted constructors when -XDataKinds is not...
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... An accidentally-omitted part of commit 8019bc2c, about...
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Only promote *non-existential* data constructors
2012-11-29  Ian LynaghMERGED: Compare the kinds of type variables when compar...
2012-11-29  Ian LynaghMERGED: Give PrimOps a NOINLINE pragma, to suppress...
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Make sure that we check for type errors strictly in...
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Use the right environment for tidying the types of...
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Fix the instantiation of data constructors in the GHCi...
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Fix bug with reporting deprecated use of flag (Trac...
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Improve reporting of duplicate signatures
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Be lazier when typechecking data type contexts (Trac...
2012-11-29  Ian LynaghFix doc typo; fixes #7318
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Ensure we produce a FunTy for functions (Trac #7312)
2012-11-29  Erik de Castro... rts: Ignore signal before deleting timer. Fixes #7303.
2012-11-29  Simon Peyton... Wrap a bracket quotation in a coercion that makes it...
2012-11-29  Simon MarlowFix #7231: don't unload stable modules when there is...
2012-11-29  Ian LynaghMERGED: Fix building on Sparc/Solaris with non-GNU...
2012-11-17  Ian LynaghOS X build fixes
2012-11-16  Ian LynaghMore OS X build fixes
2012-11-16  Ian LynaghMore OS X build fixes
2012-11-16  Ian LynaghBuild fix on OS X
2012-11-06  Paolo Capriottiwibbles to #5252.
2012-11-06  Simon MarlowFix #7087 (integer overflow in getDelayTarget())
2012-11-06  Paolo CapriottiMerge fix for #5252.
2012-11-01  Simon MarlowfprintCCS_stderr: untag the exception (#7319)
2012-11-01  Simon MarlowRevert "Disable the timer signal while blocked in selec...
2012-11-01  Simon MarlowAnother overhaul of the recent_activity / idle GC handl...
2012-11-01  Simon MarlowInclude pinned memory in the stats for allocated memory
2012-11-01  Simon MarlowAllow allocNursery() to allocate single blocks (#7257)
2012-11-01  Simon MarlowSome further tweaks to reduce fragmentation when alloca...
2012-11-01  Simon MarlowReduce fragmentation when using +RTS -H (with or withou...
2012-11-01  Simon MarlowCache the result of countOccupied(gen->large_objects...
2012-11-01  Paolo CapriottiUse perl interpreter in the PATH.
2012-10-27  Gabor Greiffix obvious typos