2017-04-20  Ben Gamariconfigure: Verify that GCC recognizes -no-pie flag ghc-7.10
2017-04-20  Ben GamariPass -no-pie to GCC
2016-10-28  Ben GamariErrUtils: Add timings to compiler phases wip/ghc-7.10-with-timings
2015-12-10  Ben Gamarirelease notes: <ulink> takes url attribute, not href
2015-12-09  Ben GamariRelease notes: Fix more incorrectness
2015-12-08  Ben GamariA few documentation fixes after 7.10.3 tag was cut ghc-7.10.3a-release
2015-11-30  Ben Set RELEASE=YES, version 7.10.3 ghc-7.10.3-release
2015-11-30  Ben Gamarirelease notes: Cabal/haddock/Windows issue is now fixed
2015-11-30  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule to
2015-11-25  Luke Ianninirts: Re-export mingw printf/scanf variants
2015-11-25  Ben Gamariusers guide: Add note about #11108 to bugs section
2015-11-18  Ben Gamarirelease notes: Note some known bugs
2015-11-14  Sergei Trofimovichx86 codegen: don't generate location comments ghc-7.10.3-rc3
2015-11-12  Luite StegemanChange demand information for foreign calls
2015-11-11  Peter TrommlerPPC nativeGen: fix shift right arithmetic > 31 bit
2015-11-08  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity: In "e x", the result of "x" is not shared
2015-11-05  Erik de Castro... aclocal.m4: Do not check for readelf on darwin ghc-7.10.3-rc2
2015-11-04  Ben GamariRemove pprTrace from Richard
2015-11-02  Ben Gamarirts/win32: Add missing definition for EH_UNWINDING
2015-10-30  Ben GamariOnly apply WERROR to Stage2HcOpts and LibHcOpts ghc-7.10.3-rc1
2015-10-27  Simon Peyton... Zonk properly when checkig pattern synonyms
2015-10-27  Ben GamariTcRnMonad: Backport pushLevelAndCaptureConstraints
2015-10-27  Ben GamariMove win32 tarball download logic to script
2015-10-26  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Update base version number in results
2015-10-26  Ben Bump back down to 7.10.2
2015-10-26  Ben Gamaribase: Add Haddocks to GHC.RTS.Flags
2015-10-26  Ben GamariFix 7.10.3 release notes
2015-10-26  Ben GamariMore release notes
2015-10-26  Ben Gamaribase: Update version number
2015-10-26  Ben Bump to 7.10.3
2015-10-26  Mykola OrliukHandle platforms with renamed "readelf"
2015-10-26  Ben Gamari7.10.3 release notes
2015-10-26  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: skip T10489 unless compiler_debugged (#10489)
2015-10-26  Ben GamariUpdate perf test results
2015-10-26  Ben GamariT10518: Ensure literal has 64-bit type
2015-10-22  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: T3333 still fails on non-linux statically...
2015-10-22  Ben GamariInteractiveUI: Fix previous commit
2015-10-22  Ben GamariSuggest chmod 755 instead of 644
2015-10-22  Simon Peyton... Regression test for Trac #10390
2015-10-22  Joachim BreitnerMake Data.List.foldr1 inline
2015-10-22  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: mark encoding005 expect_broken(#10623) on...
2015-10-22  Tamar ChristinaAdd short library names support to Windows linker
2015-10-22  Matthew PickeringAllow non-operator infix pattern synonyms
2015-10-22  Facundo Domínguezbase: Have the argument of mask restore the state.
2015-10-22  Thomas MiedemaParser: revert some error messages to what they were...
2015-10-22  Erik de Castro... PPC: Fix right shift by 32 bits #10870
2015-10-22  Erik de Castro... Fix GHCi on Arm (#10375).
2015-10-22  Simon Peyton... Fix kind-var abstraction in SimplUtils.abstractFloats
2015-10-22  Richard EisenbergSlightly better `Coercible` errors.
2015-10-22  Richard EisenbergFix #10495.
2015-10-22  Richard EisenbergMerge #10817/#10899 (e27b267f)
2015-10-22  Tamar ChristinaMake Windows linker more robust to unknown sections
2015-10-22  Andrew FarmerDon't inline/apply other rules when simplifying a rule...
2015-10-22  Ben GamariUpdate mingw tarball location
2015-10-22  Tamar ChristinaUpgrade GCC to 5.2.0 for Windows x86 and x86_64
2015-10-22  Austin Seipprts/linker: make an error msg a debug msg
2015-10-22  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: remove function keyword from configure...
2015-10-22  Tamar ChristinaMake configure error out on missing ghc-tarballs on...
2015-10-22  Ben GamariEnsure shiftL/shiftR arguments aren't negative
2015-10-22  Ben GamariAsmCodeGen: Ensure LLVM .line directives are sorted
2015-10-22  Ben GamariFix export list of PPC.Regs
2015-10-22  Erik de Castro... nativeGen PPC: fix > 16 bit offsets in stack handling
2015-10-22  Richard EisenbergSmall improvement in pretty-printing constructors.
2015-10-22  Alexey ShmalkoMake headers C++ compatible (fixes #10700)
2015-10-22  Ben GamariFix tests
2015-10-22  Ben GamariMore trivial test fixes
2015-10-22  Ben GamariFix up trivial testsuite failures
2015-10-22  Ben GamariFix treatment of -0.0
2015-10-22  Christiaan... Add framework flags when linking a dynamic library
2015-10-22  Simon MarlowFix a bug with mallocForeignPtr and finalizers (#10904)
2015-10-22  Richard EisenbergClarify parsing infelicity.
2015-10-22  Joachim BreitnerFlush stdout in test case for #10596
2015-10-22  Edward Z. YangFix #10596 by looking up 'Int' not 'Maybe Int' in the...
2015-10-22  Sergei Trofimovichfix EBADF unqueueing in select backend (Trac #10590)
2015-10-22  Michael SmithGenerate .dyn_o files for .hsig files with -dynamic-too
2015-10-22  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: remove hack for Mac OSX in configure...
2015-10-22  Ben GamariFix trac #10413
2015-10-22  Thomas MiedemaDocs: make sure all libs are included in index.html...
2015-10-22  Richard EisenbergFix #10713.
2015-10-22  Ben GamariTyCon: Backport isGenerativeTyCon
2015-10-22  Richard EisenbergUpdate user guide, fixing #10772
2015-10-22  Ben GamariUpdate T10668 output
2015-10-22  Thomas WinantParenthesise TypeOperator in import hints
2015-10-22  Ben GamariRTS.Flags: Rename Nat to RtsNat
2015-10-22  RyanGlScottExport more types from GHC.RTS.Flags (#9970)
2015-10-22  Thomas MiedemaRemove all references to sync-all
2015-10-22  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: mark T6037 expect_fail on Windows (#6037)
2015-10-22  Ben GamariMark T10689a as broken
2015-10-22  Ben GamariAdd pprRuleName
2015-10-22  Simon Peyton... Deal with phantom type variables in rules
2015-10-22  Simon Peyton... Do not inline or apply rules on LHS of rules
2015-10-22  Ben GamariMonoLocalBinds test passes
2015-10-22  Simon Peyton... Always generalise a partial type signature
2015-10-22  Ben GamariUpdate test T10826
2015-10-22  David KraeutmannForbid annotations when Safe Haskell safe mode is enabled.
2015-10-22  Michael SnoymanRespect GHC_CHARENC environment variable #10762
2015-10-22  Michael SnoymanUse a response file for linker command line arguments...
2015-10-22  Michael SnoymanTransliterate unknown characters at output
2015-10-22  Michael SnoymanDump files always use UTF8 encoding #10762
2015-10-22  Ben GamariFix tests