2016-10-02  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark test for #12355 as unbroken on Darwin.
2016-10-02  Ben GamariDynFlags: Fix absolute import path to generated header
2016-10-02  Ben GamariIgnore output from derefnull and divbyzero on Darwin
2016-10-02  Ben GamariMark #6132 as broken on OS X
2016-10-02  Michael Snoymanrunghc: use executeFile to run ghc process on POSIX
2016-10-02  Ben Gamarivalidate: Add --build-only
2016-10-02  Ryan ScottDisallow standalone deriving declarations involving...
2016-10-02  Ryan ScottEliminate some unsafeCoerce#s with deriving strategies
2016-10-02  Nicolas TrangezTurn `__GLASGOW_HASKELL_LLVM__` into an integer again
2016-10-02  Niklas Hambüchenghc-pkg: Allow unregistering multiple packages in one...
2016-10-02  Adam GundryDo not warn about unused underscore-prefixed fields...
2016-10-02  Peter TrommlerPPC/CodeGen: fix lwa instruction generation
2016-10-02  Matthew PickeringDon't warn about name shadowing when renaming the patte...
2016-10-02  Matthew PickeringFix interaction of record pattern synonyms and record...
2016-10-01  Tamar ChristinaAdd NUMA support for Windows
2016-10-01  Tamar ChristinaUse check stacking on Windows.
2016-10-01  Ben GamariMark T11978a as broken due to #12019
2016-10-01  Matthew PickeringMove -dno-debug-output to the end of the test flags
2016-10-01  Tim McGilchristRecognise US spelling for specialisation flags.
2016-10-01  Tamar ChristinaSupport more than 64 logical processors on Windows
2016-10-01  mniipGHCi: Don't remove shadowed bindings from typechecker...
2016-10-01  Sylvain HENRYCodeGen X86: fix unsafe foreign calls wrt inlining
2016-10-01  Ryan ScottImplement deriving strategies
2016-09-30  Ryan ScottDocument Safe Haskell restrictions on Generic instances
2016-09-30  Gabor GreifCorrect spelling in note references
2016-09-30  Simon Peyton... Make tcrun042 fail
2016-09-30  Simon Peyton... Add missing stderr file
2016-09-30  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-09-30  Simon Peyton... Fix impredicativity (again)
2016-09-30  Simon Peyton... Add Outputable Report in TcErrors
2016-09-30  Simon Peyton... Fix a bug in occurs checking
2016-09-30  Simon Peyton... Fix desugaring of pattern bindings (again)
2016-09-30  Simon Peyton... A bit of tracing about flattening
2016-09-29  Ömer Sinan... Check.hs: Use actual import lists instead of comments
2016-09-29  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #12634
2016-09-28  Gabor GreifComments and manual only: spelling
2016-09-27  Erik de Castro... TH: Use atomicModifyIORef' for fresh names
2016-09-26  Ömer Sinan... Fix layout of MultiWayIf expressions (#10807)
2016-09-26  Joachim BreitnerRemove #ifdef with never fulfilled condition
2016-09-26  Simon Peyton... Print foralls in user format
2016-09-24  Matthew PickeringPattern Synonyms documentation update
2016-09-24  Joachim BreitnerUpdate test output
2016-09-24  Joachim BreitnerReplace INLINEABLE by INLINABLE (#12613)
2016-09-23  Matthew PickeringMark mapUnionFV as INLINABLE rather than INLINE
2016-09-23  Richard EisenbergFix #12442.
2016-09-23  Simon MarlowImproved documentation for Foreign.Concurrent (#12547)
2016-09-23  Simon MarlowExpose hs_exit_(rtsFalse) as hs_exit_nowait()
2016-09-23  Simon MarlowshutdownHaskellAndExit: just do a normal hs_exit()...
2016-09-21  Tamar ChristinaFix failing test T12504
2016-09-20  Matthew PickeringBump Haddock submodule to fix rendering of class methods
2016-09-20  Ömer Sinan... Codegen for case: Remove redundant void id checks
2016-09-16  Ben GamariRemove directories from include paths
2016-09-15  Joachim BreitnerAdd test case for #7611
2016-09-15  Simon Peyton... Comments in TH.Syntax (Trac #12596)
2016-09-15  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-09-15  Ben GamariUnify CallStack handling in ghc
2016-09-15  Simon MarlowtryGrabCapability should be using TRY_ACQUIRE_LOCK
2016-09-15  Simon MarlowFix codegen bug in PIC version of genSwitch (#12433)
2016-09-13  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space
2016-09-13  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space only
2016-09-13  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space only
2016-09-12  Simon Peyton... Testsuite wibbles, to the same files
2016-09-12  Simon Peyton... Test wibbles for commit 03541cba
2016-09-12  Ben Gamarirts: Disable -hb with multiple capabilities
2016-09-12  Ben Gamariusers_guide: TH now partially supports typed holes
2016-09-12  Ben Gamariusers_guide: #8761 is now fixed
2016-09-12  Ben Gamariusers_guide: Fix Docbook remnant
2016-09-12  Simon Peyton... Remove unused exports
2016-09-12  Simon Peyton... Be less picky about reporing inaccessible code
2016-09-12  Simon MarlowAdd hs_try_putmvar()
2016-09-11  Ryan ScottFix TH ppr output for list comprehensions with only...
2016-09-11  Ryan ScottFix derived Ix instances for one-constructor GADTs
2016-09-11  Matthew PickeringRemove uses of mkMatchGroupName
2016-09-11  Matthew PickeringGeneralise type of mkMatchGroup to unify with mkMatchGr...
2016-09-10  Tamar ChristinaAdd platform warning to Foreign.C.Types
2016-09-10  Ryan ScottRemove -flocal-ghci-history from default flags
2016-09-09  Francesco MazzoliMake start address of `osReserveHeapMemory` tunable...
2016-09-09  Alan ZimmermanAdd hook for creating ghci external interpreter
2016-09-08  Edward Z. YangUpdate unix submodule to latest HEAD.
2016-09-08  Edward Z. YangDocument meaning of order of --package-db flags, fixes...
2016-09-08  Ben GamariRemove references to -XRelaxedPolyRec
2016-09-08  Ben GamariAdd failing testcase for #12433
2016-09-05  Takano AkioMake the test for #11108 less fragile
2016-09-05  Ben Gamaridistrib: Fix libdw bindist check
2016-09-05  Ryan ScottDerive the Generic instance in perf/compiler/T5642
2016-09-05  Petr ProkhorenkovMake generated Ord instances smaller (per #10858).
2016-09-05  mniipLess scary arity mismatch error message when deriving
2016-09-05  Takano AkioTurn divInt# and modInt# into bitwise operations when...
2016-09-05  Facundo DomínguezDon't ignore addTopDecls in module finalizers.
2016-09-04  Sergei Trofimovichcleanup: drop 11 years old performance hack
2016-09-04  Gabor Greifaccept current (problematic) output
2016-09-04  Gabor Greiftest #12567: add new testcase with expected plugin...
2016-09-03  Gabor GreifFix comment about result
2016-09-03  Gabor GreifTypo in comment
2016-09-02  Sergei Trofimovichextend '-fmax-worker-args' limit to specialiser (Trac...
2016-09-02  Sergei Trofimovichghc-cabal: accept EXTRA_HC_OPTS make variable
2016-09-02  Facundo DomínguezProtect StablPtr dereference with the StaticPtr table...
2016-09-02  ggreifTypos in notes
2016-09-02  Edward Z. YangFix #10923 by fingerprinting optimization level.
2016-09-02  Sergei fix --host= handling