2018-10-28  Ben Gamaritestsuite: EtaExpandLevPoly now passes in profiled...
2018-10-28  sheafplugins: search for .a files if necessary
2018-10-28  Ningning XieFix TcType.anyRewritableTyVar
2018-10-28  Christiaan... Comment out CONSTANT_FOLDED in GHC.Natural
2018-10-28  Fangyi ZhouFix integer overflow when encoding doubles (Trac #15271)
2018-10-28  Ningning XieFix `:k` command: add validity checking
2018-10-28  Ben Gamariincludes: Allow headers to be built with C++11 compilers
2018-10-28  Zejun WuFix rare undefined asm temp end label error in x86
2018-10-28  Kavon FarvardinFix for T14251 on ARM
2018-10-27  Matthew YacavoneMore explicit foralls (GHC Proposal 0007)
2018-10-26  Simon JakobiRemove redundant SOURCE import
2018-10-26  Simon Peyton... Fix nasty bug in the type free-var finder, at last
2018-10-26  Simon Peyton... Fix generalisation for type constructors
2018-10-26  Simon Peyton... De-monadise the 'extract' functions in RnTypes
2018-10-25  Simon Peyton... A little more wibbling to -ddump-types
2018-10-25  Ningning XieUpdate core-spec for Coercion Quantification
2018-10-25  Simon Peyton... Fix comment in TcType
2018-10-25  Simon Peyton... Improve comments, triggered by Trac #15135
2018-10-25  Simon Peyton... Improve documentation about overlapping instances
2018-10-25  Simon Peyton... Remove a zonkTcTyVarToTyVar
2018-10-25  Simon Peyton... Add comments for StgCse and Unarise
2018-10-25  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #15648
2018-10-25  Fangyi ZhouFix some broken links (#15733)
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Remove unnecessary free-var-set deletion
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Wibble report a wanted
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Add HasDebugCallStack to ctEvCoecion
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Report a Wanted error even if there are Given ones
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Don't print out undefined coercions
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Solve equalities in a pattern signature
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Refactor the treatment of predicate types
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Improve output from -ddump-types
2018-10-24  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space
2018-10-24  Ryan ScottFix #15792 by not reifying invisible arguments in AppTys
2018-10-24  Ryan ScottKeep top-level names in typed TH quotes alive
2018-10-24  Ryan ScottFix #15781 by using ktypedocs on type synonym RHSes
2018-10-24  Alec TheriaultTrigger multiline mode in GHCi on '\case' (#13087)
2018-10-23  Ben GamariBump hsc2hs submodule
2018-10-23  Ben GamariAdd 'hadrian/' from commit '45f3bff7016a2a0cd9a5455a882...
2018-10-23  Ben GamariRemove Hadrian submodule
2018-10-23  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark T15349 as broken in the ghci way
2018-10-22  Richard EisenbergClarify Note about ForAllCo coercions.
2018-10-22  klebinger.andreas... Update hsc2hs submodule to work around bug in response...
2018-10-20  Andrey MokhovFix warnings, improve documentation
2018-10-20  Andrey MokhovBump QuickCheck bound
2018-10-19  Ningning XieAdding almost devoid check for covar in ForAllCo
2018-10-17  Zejun WuFix T15729 in master
2018-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix non-canonical Monoid instance in T3001-2
2018-10-17  Richard EisenbergFix #15761 by adding parens
2018-10-15  Ben Gamaribase: Fill in TBAs in changelog
2018-10-15  Simon JakobiAdd a strict version of foldMap to Foldable
2018-10-15  David EichmannUpdate integer_gmp_gcdext documentation.
2018-10-15  Ömer Sinan... Fix BLACKHOLE inspection in RtClosureInspect
2018-10-15  Zejun WuAllocate bss section within proper range of other sections
2018-10-15  Zejun WuAdd a RTS option -xp to load PIC object anywhere in...
2018-10-15  Vladislav ZavialovEnable -Wcompat=error in the testsuite
2018-10-15  Peter Trommlerghc-heap: Fix writing closures on big endian
2018-10-15  Zejun WuGenerate correct relocation for external cost centre
2018-10-15  Ryan ScottFix #15738 by defining (and using) parenthesizeHsContext
2018-10-15  Ömer Sinan... Fix cardinality change of fields in addDataConStrictness
2018-10-15  Ryan ScottFix #12430 by expanding type synonyms in injTyVarsOfType
2018-10-15  Sasa BogicevicSurprising error message with bang pattern
2018-10-15  Ben GamariTypeable: Only render saturated tuple types with tuple...
2018-10-15  Krzysztof GogolewskiCleanup boot and validate
2018-10-15  Tamar ChristinaFix plugin tests requirements
2018-10-15  Ben GamariDeprecate -fllvm-pass-vectors-in-regs
2018-10-15  Nathan van... Correct typo "Deppendency" -> Dependency
2018-10-15  Ondra PelechFix test for GCC support for atomics in Autotools
2018-10-15  Tobias DammersUse an accumulator version of tyCoVarsOfType
2018-10-15  Ryan ScottFix #15725 with an extra Sym
2018-10-14  Jan PathFix typo in documentation
2018-10-14  Josh PriceMinor documentation markup fix in HsExpr.hs
2018-10-14  Sebastian GrafAdd RubbishLit for absent bindings of UnliftedRep
2018-10-14  Mitsutoshi Aoerts: Stop tracing environment variables (fixes #15371)
2018-10-12  Ömer Sinan... Fix dataToTag# comment syntax again (primops.txt.pp)
2018-10-12  Vladislav ZavialovInclude -fwarn-star-is-type in -Wcompat
2018-10-12  Simon Peyton... Comments about dataToTag# only
2018-10-11  Piyush P KururSupport builtin classes like KnownNat in backpack
2018-10-10  Ömer Sinan... Re-enable test T14251
2018-10-10  Ömer Sinan... Fix dataToTag# argument evaluation
2018-10-09  Ben GamariRevert "Add Int8# and Word8#"
2018-10-09  Alp MestanogullariMerge pull request #700 from snowleopard/alp/ghc-versio...
2018-10-09  Alp Mestanogullariupdate GHC versions used on travis
2018-10-09  Alp Mestanogullariupdate amd64 linux/osx stats for haddock.base perf...
2018-10-07  Michal TerepetaAdd Int8# and Word8#
2018-10-07  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: disable T11760 on non-smp targets
2018-10-07  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: disable nursery-chunks1 on non-smp targets
2018-10-07  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: disable T10017 on non-smp targets
2018-10-07  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: disable T14075 on non-smp targets
2018-10-06  Sergei TrofimovichUNREG: don't prefix asm prefixes in via-C mode
2018-10-06  Ömer Sinan... Add a missing write barrier to small array writes
2018-10-05  David FeuerStable name type role
2018-10-05  Krzysztof GogolewskiMake TcRnMonad independent of TcSplice (#14391)
2018-10-05  Tamar ChristinaFix PE linker wibbles
2018-10-05  Tamar ChristinaUpdate performance numbers on Windows
2018-10-05  Kavon FarvardinMultiple fixes / improvements for LLVM backend
2018-10-05  Vladislav ZavialovAdd -Wstar-is-type to the User's Guide
2018-10-05  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Skip T3171 for now
2018-10-05  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule
2018-10-04  Ryan ScottDon't leak internal commentary into HasField's Haddocks
2018-10-04  Alec TheriaultSet `infixr -1 ->`