2006-09-17  brianlsmithAllow testsuite to run under MSYS/MinGW using native...
2006-09-29  Simon Marlowaccept output
2006-09-28  Simon Marlowadd test for #906
2006-09-28  Simon Marlowadd test for #830
2006-09-27  Ian LynaghAdd a test for trac #867
2006-09-27  simonpjA new GADT test, which killed FC temporarily
2006-09-26  Ian LynaghTest for problem with compiling the base package with...
2006-09-24  bjornAdded drv020, a test for newtype deriving of multi...
2006-09-23  simonpjAdd another GADT test
2006-09-23  simonpjAccept typechecker output
2006-09-23  simonpjAdd new sub-directory indexed-types to the GHC testsuite
2006-09-22  simonpjAdd test for Hugs #37
2006-09-16  Simon MarlowMake it so that 'make boot' is optional in the testsuite
2006-09-16  Simon Marlowadd boot to the all target
2006-09-16  Simon Marlowadd 'make boot' to the instructions
2006-09-18  simonpjAdd a test for impredicative polymorphism
2006-09-17  simonpjAdd test for Trac #900
2006-09-17  simonpjTests for impredicative polymorphism
2006-09-17  simonpjAdd another type checker test
2006-09-17  simonpjAdd GADT test from Doaitse
2006-09-15  bjornAdded test for ticket #902, deriving for GADTs which...
2006-09-08  simonpjFix up tests for unboxed tuples
2006-09-07  Roman LeshchinskiyAccept output on sparc-sun-solaris2
2006-09-10  Ian LynaghAdd stdout for expfloat test
2006-09-10  Ian LynaghCatch exceptions while cleaning rather than checking...
2006-09-10  Ian LynaghAdd cleaning for .exe files
2006-09-10  Ian LynaghTest expFloat# linking
2006-09-08  Ian LynaghMore cleaning tidyups
2006-09-08  Ian LynaghUpdate the testsuite cleaning
2006-09-09  Don Stewartupdate bytestring tests
2006-09-08  simonpjFix another use of result type signatures (this one...
2006-09-08  simonpjAlter source code of test, now that result type signatu...
2006-09-08  simonpjImproved error locations
2006-09-07  simonpjAdd test for Trac 877
2006-09-07  simonpjAccept output
2006-09-07  Ian LynaghUse a python timeout for the testsuite when we don...
2006-09-07  simonpjUse Data.Map instead of Data.FiniteMap
2006-09-07  simonpjMore changes for scoped type variables
2006-09-07  simonpjRevise tc103, in the light of the story for result...
2006-09-07  simonpjAccept output for ! kind
2006-09-07  Simon MarlowFix this test on a fast machine
2006-09-07  simonpjTickle a bug in impredicative polymorphism
2006-09-07  simonpjUpdate output
2006-09-06  simonpjAccept output
2006-09-06  simonpjAdd renamer test (qualified name in binding position)
2006-09-05  Simon Marlowaccept output
2006-09-05  simonpjAdd test for dependency analysis in type checking
2006-09-05  Simon Marlowimprove conc039 a little bit, and omit it for threaded1
2006-09-04  Simon Marlowomit conc036(threaded2)
2006-09-01  Simon Marlowwin-specific output not needed
2006-09-01  Simon Marlowleave EXTRA_HC_OPTS for use on the command line
2006-08-31  Simon Marlowfix for Windows
2006-08-31  Simon Marlowadd conc059
2006-08-31  Simon Marlowaccept
2006-08-30  Simon Marlowfix up tests for Windows
2006-08-30  Simon Marlowadapt these to work on Windows
2006-08-30  Simon Marlowadd skip_if_platform
2006-08-30  Simon Marlowskip conc053 on Windows (registerDelay not supported)
2006-08-30  Simon MarlowUSETHREADS=0 by default unless you set THREADS explicitly
2006-08-29  Ian LynaghAdd a test for length not causing a stack overflow...
2006-08-29  Ian LynaghAdd list002 to tests - seems to have got lost during...
2006-08-29  Ian LynaghAllow threading to be completely disabled with USETHREADS=0
2006-08-29  Ian LynaghClean .hp files
2006-08-29  Ian LynaghAllow the timeout to be given as a Makefile argument
2006-08-29  Simon Marlowomit conc023 the non-threaded ways on Windows (see...
2006-08-29  Simon Marlowomit conc023 the non-threaded ways on Windows (see...
2006-08-25  Simon Marlowds052 not an expected failure any more
2006-08-25  Simon Marlowupdate FFI syntax
2006-08-25  Simon Marlowfix FFI syntax
2006-08-25  Simon Marlowfix parse error
2006-08-25  Simon Marlowcg025 needs regex-compat
2006-08-25  Ian LynaghDon't use the threaded2 way when we don't support SMP
2006-08-24  Simon Marlowfix old regex test, add two new ones
2006-08-23  Esa Ilari VuokkoFix typo
2006-08-23  Don Stewartupdate tests
2006-08-22  Esa Ilari VuokkoDriver: Add THREADS-support
2006-08-21  Esa Ilari VuokkoFix some THREADED-caused fails
2006-08-13  Esa Ilari VuokkoFix driver not to normalise output when using platform...
2006-08-23  Simon Marlowaccept output
2006-08-23  Ashley Yakeleyadd test for Data/Fixed module, in libraries folder
2006-08-22  Simon Marlowaccept output
2006-08-22  Simon Marlowaccept output (improvements)
2006-08-18  simonpjUpdate output (remove "In the call...")
2006-08-18  simonpjUpdate output
2006-08-16  simonpjAdd test for tagToEnum#
2006-08-15  simonpjTwo more tests
2006-08-14  simonpjUpdate expected output
2006-08-11  simonpjAdd flag to test
2006-08-11  simonpjMore upated output
2006-08-11  simonpjMore updated output
2006-08-11  simonpjUpdate test outpuot
2006-08-11  simonpjRemove
2006-08-11  simonpjComments in Makefile
2006-08-11  Simon MarlowThis test now compiles without errors
2006-08-11  Simon Marlowaccept output
2006-08-11  Simon Marlowbase-1.0 ==> base-2.0
2006-08-11  Simon Marlowbase-1.0 ==> base-2.0
2006-08-11  Simon Marlowaccept output
2006-08-11  Simon Marlowupdate FFI syntax
2006-08-11  Simon Marlowexpect fail for threaded2 way, fork isn't supported...