2008-07-10  Simon Marlowadd threadStatus# primop, for querying the status of...
2008-07-10  Simon Marlowoops, fix more register clobberage
2008-07-09  Simon Marlowrts_evalStableIO: start the new thread in blocked mode
2008-07-09  Simon Marlowadd new primop: asyncExceptionsBlocked# :: IO Bool
2008-07-09  Ian LynaghObjectIO is no longer an extralib
2008-07-09  Ian LynaghRemove all references to -mno-cygwin
2008-07-09  Simon Marlow#1205: ':load foo.hs' in GHCi always compiles to bytecode
2008-07-09  Simon Marlowadd -fwarn-dodgy-foreign-imports (see #1357)
2008-07-09  Simon MarlowTreat the Unicode "Letter, Other" class as lowercase...
2008-07-09  Simon MarlowFIX part of #2301, and #1619
2008-07-09  Simon MarlowFix some random register clobbering in takeMVar/putMVar
2008-07-08  Simon MarlowANSI-ise a function declaration
2008-07-08  Simon Marlowremove old #ifdef SMP bits
2008-07-08  Ian LynaghFix build; Opt_LinkHaskell98 is now Opt_AutoLinkPackages
2008-07-08  Ian LynaghExtend the flag for not automatically linking haskell98
2008-07-08  Ian LynaghRemove all .hi-boot-6 files
2008-07-08  Ian LynaghAdd some missing deps in libraries/Makefile
2008-07-08  Ian LynaghGet rid of compat/
2008-07-07  Ian LynaghAdd a comment in validate saying where the hpc HTML...
2008-07-07  Simon MarlowFIX #1736, and probably #2169, #2240
2008-07-07  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #2414: occurrs check was missed
2008-07-07  simonpj@microsoft.comWhite space only
2008-07-07  simonpj@microsoft.comWhite space only
2008-07-07  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #2386: exceesive trimming of data types with...
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghAdd hsc2hs.wrapper
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghFix hsc2hs finding its template file on Windows
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghOn cygwin, convert happy's path to a native path
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghOn cygwin, convert Haddock's path to a native path
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghOn cygwin, convert alex's path to a native path
2008-07-05  Ian Lynaghlibffi now doesn't have an artificial make boot/all...
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghNeed to make all in gmp, not boot
2008-07-05  Ian Lynaghgmp didn't really fit into the make boot/all cycle...
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghBuild hsc2hs with Cabal
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghAdd a flag to disable linking with the haskell98 package
2008-07-05  Ian LynaghUse the last compiler if more than one is specified
2008-07-04  Ian LynaghImprove error messages from pwd
2008-07-04  Ian LynaghIn utils/hsc2hs, add LICENSE and hsc2hs.cabal from...
2008-07-04  Ian LynaghRemove fgl from the libraries Makefile
2008-07-04  Ian LynaghTell the bootstrapping Cabal where ghc-pkg is
2008-07-04  Simon MarlowFIX #2398: file locking wasn't thread-safe
2008-06-20  Simon MarlowRemove out of date comments and point to the commentary
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghRemove Cabal modules from compat
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghFix trac #2307: conflicting functional dependencies
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghIf we know where alex, haddock and happy are then tell...
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghDon't clean bootstrapping bits when cleaning libraries
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghMore libraries/Makefile fixes
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghShove the GHC path through cygpath -m
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghTweak the configure script Windows-specific bits
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghUse cygpath -m, rather than fudging it ourselves with sed
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghFix build on Windows
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghInclude ghc.spec in tarballs; patch from, and fixes...
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghAdd a program for describing unexpected tests in testlog
2008-07-03  Ian LynaghTeach cabal-bin how to build Setup programs
2008-07-02  Ian LynaghWibble cabal-bin's error message
2008-07-03  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd type signatures
2008-07-02  Roman LeshchinskiyCommand-line options for selecting DPH backend
2008-07-02  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd missing dph package to Makefile
2008-07-01  Roman LeshchinskiySlight refactoring
2008-07-01  Roman LeshchinskiyRename *NDP* -> *DPH*
2008-07-01  Roman LeshchinskiyParametrise vectoriser with DPH package
2008-07-01  Roman LeshchinskiyDon't use DPH backend directly in vectoriser
2008-07-01  Roman LeshchinskiyMake dph-seq and dph-par wired-in packages
2008-05-28  Karel GardasFIX #2313 do not include BFD symbols in RTS when the...
2008-07-01  Ian LynaghAdd --slow (and --fast) options to validate
2008-07-01  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #2307: need to nub bad fundep reports
2008-07-01  simonpj@microsoft.comEasy fix for Trac #2409
2008-07-01  Ian LynaghMake a "validate --hpc"; shows how much of the compiler...
2008-07-01  Ian LynaghAllow the exact HPC tix filename to be given in the...
2008-06-30  Ian Lynagharray is now warning-free
2008-07-01  simonpj@microsoft.comSeveral fixes to 'deriving' including Trac #2378
2008-06-29  Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes
2008-06-29  Ian LynaghRename cabal to cabal-bin
2008-06-27  Ian now accepts -q, which makes it be quiet
2008-06-27  Ian LynaghUpdate .darcs-boring
2008-06-27  Ian LynaghUpdate darcs-boring
2008-06-27  Ian LynaghUpdate .darcs-boring
2008-06-26  Ian LynaghFollow Cabal changes
2008-06-26  Ian LynaghAbsolutify a path
2008-06-26  Ian LynaghRemove fgl from extralibs
2008-06-26  Ian LynaghUse a program similar to cabal-install to build the...
2008-06-25  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #2394: test for non-algebraic types in standal...
2008-06-24  Ian Lynagh() is now in ghc-prim:GHC.Unit
2008-06-24  Ian LynaghGenerate a warning-free GHC.PrimopWrappers. ghc-prim...
2008-06-23  Ian LynaghFix some inconsistencies in the code and docs of primitives
2008-06-23  Ian LynaghFix the build with GHC 6.4
2008-06-22  Ian LynaghDon't rebuild things with the stage2 compiler
2008-06-20  Ian Lynagheditline is now warning-free
2008-06-21  Ian LynaghRemove special handling for character types of characte...
2008-06-20  Ian LynaghRemove code that isn't used now that we assume that...
2008-06-20  Ian LynaghNow that we require GHC >= 6.4.2, System.IO.Error is...
2008-06-20  Ian Lynaghhpc is -Wall clean
2008-06-20  Ian Lynaghfilepath is now warning-free
2008-06-20  Ian Lynaghpretty is now -Wall clean
2008-06-20  Ian Lynaghprocess is now -Wall clean
2008-06-20  Ian Lynaghdirectory is now -Wall clean
2008-06-19  Ian Lynaghinteger-gmp is warning-free
2008-06-19  Ian Lynaghpackedstring is now -Wall clean
2008-06-19  Ian Lynaghold-time is now warning-free
2008-06-19  Ian Lynaghold-locale is now warning-free
2008-06-19  Ian Lynaghrandom is now -Wall clean