2019-08-23  Sergei fix '--disable-dwarf-debug'
2019-08-23  Andreas KlebingerUse variable length encoding for Binary instances.
2019-08-23  Ömer Sinan... Make non-streaming LLVM and C backends streaming
2019-08-23  Ömer Sinan... Remove special case in SRT generation with -split-sections
2019-08-22  TDeckibase: Reintroduce fusion for scanr
2019-08-22  James FosterAdd documentation for Hadrian expressions
2019-08-22  Sylvain HenryDoc: add Haddocks for quotRemWord2 primop
2019-08-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add Windows full build during the nightly...
2019-08-19  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Update bootstrap compiled used for Darwin...
2019-08-19  Richard LuptonRemove Bag fold specialisations (#16969)
2019-08-19  Richard LuptonUse Foldable instance of Bag for specialised Bag folds...
2019-08-19  Richard LuptonRe-export foldlM and foldrM from Data.Foldable in Monad...
2019-08-19  Richard LuptonGeneralized MonadUtils folds to Foldable (#16969)
2019-08-18  Ömer Sinan... Fix COMPACT_NFDATA closure size, more CNF sanity checking
2019-08-18  Sam Hallidayexpose ModuleInfo.minf_rdr_env for tooling authors
2019-08-18  Ryan ScottFix #17067 by making data family type constructors...
2019-08-18  Ömer Sinan... Typo fix in CoreToStg
2019-08-18  Sylvain HenryFaster exactLog2
2019-08-16  Ömer Sinan... Document types of LitNumbers, minor refactoring in...
2019-08-16  Sylvain HenryCmm: constant folding `quotRem x 2^N`
2019-08-16  Tobias DammersMake add_info attach unfoldings (#16615)
2019-08-16  Tobias DammersAdd test cases for #16615
2019-08-15  James FosterRemove unused imports of the form 'import foo ()' ...
2019-08-14  Richard EisenbergGHCi supports not-necessarily-lifted join points
2019-08-14  Andreas KlebingerUse os.devnull instead of '/dev/null' in the testsuite...
2019-08-14  Andreas KlebingerRework the Binary Integer instance.
2019-08-13  Tamar ChristinaFix binary distribution
2019-08-13  Sebastian GrafAdd Foldable, Traversable instances for Uniq(D)FM
2019-08-10  Ömer Sinan... Reformat comments in StgSyn
2019-08-10  Ömer Sinan... Add test for #16893
2019-08-10  Ben GamariAdd timing on loadInterface
2019-08-10  Joachim BreitnerConsolidate `TablesNextToCode` and `GhcUnreigsterised...
2019-08-07  Ben GamariRevert "Make scanr a good producer and consumer"
2019-08-07  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add tests for #16943
2019-08-07  Zubin DuggalFix bug preventing information about patterns from...
2019-08-07  mniipFix test
2019-08-07  mniipFix documentation
2019-08-07  mniipExplicitly number equations when printing axiom incompa...
2019-08-07  mniipFix test
2019-08-07  mniipAdd a -fprint-axiom-incomps option (#15546)
2019-08-07  Ömer Sinan... Introduce a type for "platform word size", use it inste...
2019-08-07  Matthew PickeringRemove old/broken(?) .ghci script
2019-08-07  James Fosterhadrian: Refactor file patterns for future Shake change...
2019-08-07  Simon Peyton... Remove dead parameter from coreToStgApp
2019-08-04  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Rework tracking of fragile tests
2019-08-04  Ben Gamariconfigure: Search for LLVM executables with two-number...
2019-08-04  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add testsuite for #16978
2019-08-04  Simon Peyton... Don't float unlifted join points to top level
2019-08-04  Matthew PickeringUpdate .gitignore
2019-08-04  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Manually set SPHINXBUILD on Windows
2019-08-03  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: make settings, platformConstants, etc dependen...
2019-08-03  Ben GamariPackages: Add timing for package database initialization
2019-08-03  Ben Gamarirts: Always truncate output files
2019-08-03  Alp MestanogullariAdd Note [withTiming] in compiler/main/ErrUtils.hs
2019-08-03  Alp Mestanogullaricompiler: emit finer grained codegen events to eventlog
2019-08-02  Adam Sandberg... docs: fixs -prof links in rts-flags section
2019-08-02  Krzysztof GogolewskiRemove
2019-08-02  Ryan ScottUse injectiveVarsOfType to catch dodgy type family...
2019-08-02  Ryan ScottRip out 9-year-old pattern variable hack (#17007)
2019-08-02  Andreas KlebingerAdd StandaloneDeriving example for DerivingVia.
2019-08-01  Ivan KasatenkoFix T16916 CI failures (#16966)
2019-07-31  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix it after upgrade
2019-07-31  Ben GamariWork around redundant import issue
2019-07-31  Ben GamariMove tyConAppNeedsKindSig to Type
2019-07-31  Ben Gamarigitignore: Add .mypy_cache
2019-07-31  Ben GamariBreak up TyCoRep
2019-07-30  Simon Peyton... Apply a missing substitution in mkEtaWW (#16979)
2019-07-30  Andreas KlebingerExpand the preallocated Int range to [-16,255]
2019-07-29  Dale Wijnandhadrian: Drop a stale limitation tracking issue
2019-07-29  Richard EisenbergAdd Note [RuntimeRep and PrimRep] in RepType
2019-07-28  Dale Wijnandhadrian: relink to the flavours doc in the ghc repo
2019-07-28  Fumiaki Kinoshitabase: add Functor, Applicative, Monad, Alternative...
2019-07-26  nineonineAdd regression test for #16946
2019-07-26  Adam Sandberg... ghc-heap: implement WEAK closure type #16974
2019-07-26  Vladislav ZavialovreifyTypeOfThing: panic on impossible cases
2019-07-26  Vladislav ZavialovTemplateHaskell: reifyType (#16976)
2019-07-26  nineonineChange behaviour of -ddump-cmm-verbose to dump each...
2019-07-26  Ryan ScottBanish reportFloatingViaTvs to the shadow realm (#15831...
2019-07-25  Ömer Sinan... Printer: add an empty line between bindings in Rec...
2019-07-25  Ryan ScottMake DefUses = OrdList DefUse
2019-07-25  Vladislav ZavialovDrop unused helpers 'mkTyClGroup' and 'emptyTyClGroup'
2019-07-25  Vladislav ZavialovASSERT(vis_flag==ForallInvis) in hsScopedTvs
2019-07-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix source tarball job
2019-07-24  John EricsonMake stage 1 GHC target independent
2019-07-24  Richard EisenbergSimon and I like to work in hsSyn, too.
2019-07-24  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: run the testsuite in Windows CI job
2019-07-23  Ömer Sinan... Remove
2019-07-23  Xavier DenisMake sure to load interfaces when running :instances
2019-07-21  Ben Gamarighc-cabal: Use fromFlagOrDefault instead of fromFlag
2019-07-21  Roland SennFix #8487: Debugger confuses variables
2019-07-21  Ivan KasatenkoDo not ignore events deletion when events to be added...
2019-07-21  Andreas KlebingerExpose the GhcPrelude module.
2019-07-20  Matthew Pickeringhadrian: Remove RTS -Waggregate-return warning
2019-07-20  Andreas KlebingerBump nofib submodule.
2019-07-20  Alfredo Di... Line wrap when pp long expressions (fixes #16874)
2019-07-20  Baldur BlöndalAdded do-notation examples for Functor, Applicative...
2019-07-19  Richard EisenbergAdd module doc for Plugins.
2019-07-19  Ryan ScottDon't maintainer-clean libraries/ghc-boot/ (...
2019-07-19  James Fosterusers-guide: corrected -fmax-relevant-binds reverse...
2019-07-19  Sebastian GrafMake generated ghc-stage<n> scripts executable