2009-05-19  Simon Marlowallow phases to be omitted by setting OMIT_PHASE_[123...
2009-05-19  Simon Marlowfix a dependency: Makefile -> includes/Makefile
2009-05-19  Roman LeshchinskiyMake -Odph imply -fsimplifier-phases=3
2009-05-18  Max BolingbrokeAdd missing word, spotted by Tom Lokhorst
2009-05-18  Simon Marlowfix typo: TH.ModName -> TH.PkgName
2009-05-18  Simon MarlowFix #3236: emit a helpful error message when the RTS...
2009-05-15  Simon MarlowFix #3207: add has_side_effects = True for lots of...
2009-05-17  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fixes
2009-05-17  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fixes
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fixes
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghRemove a done TODO item
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghAdd libraries/dph/LICENSE to bindists
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghTweak bindist creation
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghMove the fixed paths out of, so cleaning...
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghRemove an incorrect comment
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghHide more make rules when cleaning
2009-05-16  Ian LynaghRemove some $(TOP)s that cause problems on Windows...
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghDisable suffix rules when cleaning
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghDon't require the library files in order to...
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghAdd a maintainer-clean rule
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghMake dph required
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghRemove --extra flag from darcs-all
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghRemove nofib-analyse
2009-05-15  Ian LynaghMove hasktags out of the GHC repo
2009-05-15  Simon MarlowFurther fixes to the stage1 version hack; fix validate.
2009-05-15  Simon Marlowremove warning settings; we already have warnings turne...
2009-05-15  Simon Marlowdisable all docs in the "quick" and "devel" builds
2009-05-15  Simon Marlowremove XmlDocWays relic
2009-05-15  Simon Marlowcleanup: remove reference to $1_$2_CONFIGURE_FLAGS...
2009-05-15  Simon Marlowfix cut-and-pasto in mkWeakForeignEnv#, causing random...
2009-05-15  Manuel M T... Fix maintainer-clean for library/dph
2009-05-14  Simon Marlowuse StgWord for the lock (fixes valgrind complaint...
2009-05-14  Simon Marlowdon't rebuild the whole of stage 1 just because the...
2009-05-14  Ian LynaghRemove left-over bits of extralib support
2009-05-14  Ian LynaghClean the right directory in bindisttest
2009-05-14  Simon Marlowvalidate now uses maintainer-clean, not distclean
2009-05-14  Simon Marlowmain repeated 'make maintainer-clean' not fail
2009-05-14  Simon Marlowmake repeated 'make distclean' not fail
2009-05-13  Simon Marlowdummy-ghc should depend on, to pick up the...
2009-05-13  Simon Marlowrejig ghc version test; fail if GHC version can't be...
2009-05-14  Ian LynaghHide warnings from alex/happy sources
2009-05-13  Ian LynaghFix some warnings in Lexer
2009-05-13  Ian LynaghFix building dph in the new build system
2009-05-13  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove error reporting for kind errors (fix Trac ...
2009-05-13  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3219: type of a record update
2009-05-13  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd comments
2009-05-01  Duncan CouttsLink the rts shared libs against gmp and the other...
2009-05-01  Duncan CouttsMake ghc -dynamic imply -fPIC for C code
2009-05-13  Simon Marlowvalidate does "exit 1" if it fails
2009-05-13  Simon Marlowfix warning
2009-05-13  Simon Marlowremove old unused fop/dvips/xmltex stuff
2009-05-13  Simon Marlowbuild Haddock docs
2009-04-22  y.zhuang5@lse... enable LinkDynLib in compilier phase
2009-05-13  Simon Marlowexpand hack to include PS docs too
2009-05-11  Simon Marlowstub Makefile
2009-05-11  Simon MarlowGhcBootLibs is no more
2009-05-11  Simon Marlowupdates to the section describing the +RTS -s/-S outpu...
2009-05-08  Simon Marlowmulti-slurp protection
2009-05-12  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove error messages for type functions
2009-05-11  Simon Marlowstub makefile
2009-05-11  Simon MarlowHack to make the user's guide build in a linked build...
2009-05-11  Simon Marlowmake it so that 'make html', 'make pdf', and 'make...
2009-05-08  Simon Marlowcorrect the +RTS -? docs for -A (default is 512k not...
2009-05-08  Simon MarlowUse a more compact +RTS -s output for Tasks
2009-05-05  Simon Marlowdisable a warning
2009-05-05  Simon Marlowdocbook PDF item is done
2009-05-01  Simon Marlowadd a .c --> .s rule
2009-05-09  Ian LynaghRemove libraries/ifBuildable.hs; it's no longer used
2009-05-09  Ian LynaghFix configure
2009-05-09  Ian LynaghBuild system tweak
2009-05-08  Ian LynaghAdd a Makefile in libraries/
2009-05-08  Ian LynaghTweak ./boot
2009-05-08  Ian LynaghPartially fix "make framework-pkg"
2009-05-08  Ian LynaghHandle deciding what docs to build better
2009-05-07  Ian LynaghRemove
2009-05-07  Ian LynaghRename pwd to ghc-pwd
2009-05-07  Ian LynaghRemove pwd's Makefile from the old build system
2009-05-07  Ian LynaghClean utils/pwd
2009-05-06  Ian LynaghUse more portable shell in ./boot; fixes booting on...
2009-05-05  Ian LynaghSimplify utils/pwd
2009-05-04  Ian LynaghMore rules for bootstrapping
2009-05-04  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fix
2009-05-04  Ian LynaghBootstrapping fixes
2009-05-04  Ian LynaghTest "ghc-pkg check" passes in bindisttest
2009-05-04  Ian LynaghPut install-sh into bindists
2009-05-04  Ian LynaghTest bindists in a deeper subdirectory
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghUse "-x c" when compiling hc files
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghMakefile rules tweak for BootingFromHc
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghMore bootstrapping rules
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghAdd a .hc building rules for bootstrapping
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghTweak rts for bootstrapping
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghAdd a build system TODO
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghAdd dph to build system; patch from Roman Leshchinskiy
2009-05-03  Ian LynaghFix building without GHCi
2009-05-02  Ian LynaghMakefile tweak
2009-05-01  Simon Marlowadd publish-binary-dist; tidy up
2009-04-30  Duncan CouttsFix make for libffi again, properly this time
2009-04-30  Duncan CouttsFix parallel make for libffi.
2009-04-30  Duncan CouttsFix linking shared libs with parallel make
2009-04-30  Ian LynaghFix building Haskeline on Windows