2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovFactor out buildPackageGhciLibrary from buildPackageLib...
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovHide Shake.parallel. Again.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovAdd matchVersionedFilePath and use for matching library...
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovDrop matchBuildResult and associated functions.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovFinalise generation of build rules from contexts.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovPass way to buildPackageLibrary via Context, minor...
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovMinor revision.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovDrop workaround for GHC bug #11331.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovPass way to compilePackage via Context.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovAdd allWays.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovMove profilingDynamic to full ways.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovFix separation into full and RTS-only ways, add comments.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovDo not hide Shake.parallel (we no longer have conflicti...
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovDrop Parallel way unit.
2016-02-16  Andrey MokhovDrop GranSim way unit.
2016-02-15  Andrey MokhovDrop Rules.Resources, move packageDb resource to buildR...
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovMinor revision.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovUse do notation to combine Rules.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovDrop unused Resources parameter.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovMove Rules/Package.hs into Rules.hs.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovMove Selftest and Test rules into Rules directory.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovFactor out build rules into Rules.buildRules.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovFix incorrect context when reading BuildGhciLib flag.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovInstall mkUserGuidePart binary to inplace/bin.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovMove mkUserGuidePart to Stage2.
2016-02-14  Andrey MokhovAdd comments.
2016-02-12  Andrey MokhovFactor out Context from Target.
2016-02-11  Andrey MokhovTrack gmpBuildInfoPath explicitly.
2016-02-11  Andrey MokhovExtract gmpLibs from integer-gmp.buildinfo directly.
2016-02-11  Andrey MokhovDrop configureIntGmpArguments.
2016-02-11  Andrey MokhovDepend on integerGmp configure in gmpRules.
2016-02-11  Andrey MokhovAdd TODO.
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovGet rid of gmpLibNameCache.
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovMake fixFile more robust.
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovFix formatting, drop old comments.
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovDon't fail if configuration file is out-of-date.
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovDrop support for old
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovDrop alwaysRerun from setup rules.
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovUnify paths.
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovReport an error if an executable is not found, unify...
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovDrop top-level Oracles.hs
2016-02-10  Andrey MokhovUse qualified imports.
2016-02-09  Andrey MokhovFix executable lookup.
2016-02-09  Andrey MokhovImplement path lookup on Windows.
2016-02-09  Andrey MokhovRename --configure to --setup.
2016-02-08  Andrey MokhovRename the --configure flag to --setup.
2016-02-08  Andrey MokhovMinor revision.
2016-02-08  Andrey MokhovRun mk/ on Windows.
2016-02-08  Andrey MokhovRename Rules.Config to Rules.Setup.
2016-02-08  Andrey MokhovAdd -fno-warn-name-shadowing.
2016-02-08  Andrey MokhovMinor revision.
2016-02-07  Andrey MokhovMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-07  Andrey MokhovDrop duplication of ghc_boot_platform.h
2016-02-07  Andrey MokhovAdd --haddock flag.
2016-02-07  Andrey MokhovFix Haddock documentation.
2016-02-07  Andrey MokhovCopy haddock-prologue.txt to new build directory.
2016-02-07  Andrey MokhovCopy generated files to old build directories.
2016-02-07  Andrey MokhovAdd --haddock command line flag.
2016-02-07  Andrey MokhovAdd copyDirectory to Rules.Actions.
2016-02-06  Andrey MokhovDon't run GHC -M concurrently with ghc-pkg.
2016-02-06  Andrey MokhovDon't run GHC concurrently with ghc-pkg.
2016-02-06  Andrey MokhovDepend on package configuration when compiling package...
2016-02-05  Andrey MokhovRefer to the build script simple as 'build'.
2016-02-05  Andrey MokhovDon't use --configure by default, add --enable-tarballs...
2016-02-05  Andrey MokhovPass --enable-tarballs-autodownload to configure by...
2016-02-05  Andrey MokhovDon't print empty arguments.
2016-02-03  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #202 from joehillen/patch-1
2016-02-03  Joe HillenbrandUpdate stack.yaml to lts-5.1
2016-02-03  Andrey MokhovDrop ghc-cabal resource.
2016-02-03  Andrey MokhovDecouple buildPackageData and registerPackage rules.
2016-02-03  Andrey MokhovRefactor Settings.Paths, add pkgConfFile.
2016-02-03  Andrey MokhovDrop registerPackage predicate.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovDrop exe extension.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovBuild GhcPkg Stage1 on OS X Travis.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovNeed touchy when calling ghc-stageN, N > 0, on Windows.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovDo a full build on both Travis instances.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovTrack mk/
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovTrack mk/config.h
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovBuild top-level targets in parallel.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovSort list items.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovDon't print progress info too early.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovAdd configFile to Base, track building ./settings
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovAdd includesDependencies to primops.txt rule.
2016-02-01  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #199 from ndmitchell/master
2016-02-01  Neil Mitchell#189, clear PWD so we can be sure it has the Unix-style...
2016-01-31  Andrey MokhovAdd a note on validate target
2016-01-30  Andrey MokhovDepend on Stage2 GHC, ghc-pkg and hpc in validate target.
2016-01-29  Andrey MokhovAdd validate target.
2016-01-29  Andrey MokhovBuild hpc-bin.
2016-01-29  Andrey MokhovAdd a target for threaded rts library.
2016-01-29  Andrey MokhovAdd a rule to build gmpLibraryInTreeH.
2016-01-29  Andrey MokhovUse libHS*_thr.a instead of libHS*.thr_a naming convent...
2016-01-28  Andrey MokhovAdd testing section
2016-01-28  Andrey MokhovAdd basic validation support (GHC tests).
2016-01-27  Andrey MokhovRename Test to Selftest.
2016-01-26  Andrey MokhovAdd a note about interaction of the new and existing...
2016-01-25  Andrey MokhovImprove the clean and rebuild section.
2016-01-25  Andrey MokhovDon't change extension of files found in PATH.
2016-01-25  Andrey MokhovAdd a new command line flag: build flavour.
2016-01-24  Andrey MokhovUse quick flavour on Travis.