2011-11-06  Ian LynaghFix warnings in deSugar/DsListComp.lhs
2011-11-06  Ian LynaghWhitespace in deSugar/DsListComp.lhs
2011-11-06  Ian LynaghWarnings already seem to be fixed in coreSyn/CoreFVs.lhs
2011-11-06  Ian LynaghWhitespace in coreSyn/CoreFVs.lhs
2011-11-06  Ian LynaghAllow the use of R9 and R10 in primops; fixes trac...
2011-11-06  Ian LynaghGive a better error for uses of R11, R12, ...; trac...
2011-11-06  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'dependent7' of
2011-11-06  Ian LynaghFix warnings in StgStats
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghFix warnings in typecheck/TcSplice.lhs
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in typecheck/TcSplice.lhs
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghFix stage1 warnings
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghFix warnings in deSugar/DsExpr.lhs
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghFix warnings in deSugar/DsGRHSs.lhs
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghFix warnings in cmm/CmmOpt.hs
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghFinish de-CPPing CmmOpt.hs
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghFix bitrotted NCG_DEBUG code, and switch to using a...
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghRemove some out-of-date comments
2011-11-05  Ian LynaghClarify some comments
2011-11-05  Greg WeberaddDependentFile #4900
2011-11-05  Greg Weberremove duplicate comment
2011-11-04  David TereiCorrectly handle safe inference in Safe Haskell.
2011-11-04  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-11-04  Simon MarlowImprove optimisation for ticks
2011-11-04  Ian LynaghUse -fwarn-tabs when validating
2011-11-04  Ross PatersonMerge branch 'master' of
2011-11-04  Ross Patersonfix #5602: (<+>) example in User's Guide
2011-11-04  Duncan CouttsAdd eventlog event for thread labels
2011-11-04  Simon Marlowbe specific when importing Data.Typeable
2011-11-04  Simon Marlowdrop SCC on a variable when it has a non-function type
2011-11-04  Jose Pedro... Merge branch 'master' of /home/simonmar/ghc-mirror/ghc
2011-11-04  Simon Marlowdisable a debugging trace, and a little refactoring
2011-11-04  Simon Marlowdisable debugging trace
2011-11-04  Jose Pedro... Improve -ddump-deriv output for Generic instances
2011-11-04  Manuel M T... Make sure to look items from D.A.P.P properly up in...
2011-11-04  Manuel M T... Clean up and complete the vectorisation of type classes
2011-11-04  Ian LynaghFix build
2011-11-04  Ian LynaghAdd format-patch support to sync-all
2011-11-02  Karel Gardasfix configure's generation of settings file on ARM...
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowremove tabs again
2011-11-02  Simon MarlowFix gratuitous code duplication in the byte code generator
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowfix disassembling of large instructions
2011-11-02  Simon MarlowGet label calculations right when we have long (>16...
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowfix BCO_GET_LARGE_ARG (seems to be completely wrong)
2011-11-02  Simon MarlowunknownNameSuggestErr: don't panic if we find Ids with...
2011-11-02  Simon MarlowsimplTick: push type-applications and casts inside...
2011-11-02  Simon MarlowImprove pretty-printing of BCOs (-ddump-bcos)
2011-11-02  Simon MarlowOverhaul of infrastructure for profiling, coverage...
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowfix time calculation for retainer profiling
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowadd BangPatterns, we're starting to use them a fair bit
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowfix doc bugs
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowfix for a deadlock when using +RTS -hb with -prof ...
2011-11-02  Simon Marlowminor bugfix for 'make re2' etc.
2011-11-02  Simon MarlowDon't generate stg_ap thunks when profiling, it loses...
2011-11-02  Simon MarlowFor the location on a record selector binding, use...
2011-11-02  Simon Peyton... Add a base size when computing max-ticks,
2011-11-02  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-11-02  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #5592: unused-import warnings with dot-dot...
2011-11-01  David M PeixottoIgnore stdcall c-call in native codegen on x86_64
2011-11-01  David M PeixottoChange stack alignment to 16+8 bytes in STG code
2011-11-01  David TereiBig formatting clean of HscMain
2011-11-01  David TereiChange HscMain from lhs to hs.
2011-11-01  David TereiRemove tab
2011-11-01  David TereiFormmatting fixes to CmdLineParser
2011-11-01  David TereiSome fixes to BreakArray
2011-11-01  David TereiTweak to doc for DynFlags
2011-11-01  David Tereisafe haskell wip
2011-11-01  David TereiMore updates to Safe Haskell to implement new design...
2011-11-01  David TereiFix some validation errors
2011-11-01  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-11-01  Simon Peyton... Minor refactoring only
2011-10-31  Duncan CouttsFix unused var warning on windows
2011-10-31  Michal TerepetaFix warnings and whitespace in HsBinds.
2011-10-31  Michal TerepetaFix duplicate type signature error (ticket #5589).
2011-10-31  Duncan CouttsFix recent rts flags changes on windows
2011-10-31  Manuel M T... VECTORISE pragmas for type classes and instances
2011-10-31  Manuel M T... Tabs -> spaces
2011-10-31  Manuel M T... Tabs -> spaces
2011-10-31  Manuel M T... Tabs -> Spaces
2011-10-31  Manuel M T... Tabs -> spaces
2011-10-31  Manuel M T... Tabs -> spaces
2011-10-30  Max BolingbrokeThe Types inside an OutCoercion are *not* InTypes
2011-10-27  Duncan CouttsAllow the -t -T -s -S flags (without <file> arg!) in...
2011-10-27  Duncan CouttsChange what +RTS options are available by default
2011-10-27  Duncan CouttsUse signed comparison for +RTS -N x <= 0 test
2011-10-27  Duncan CouttsRemove +RTS --help text for -De flag which no longer...
2011-10-27  Duncan CouttsAdd an RTS eventlog tracing class for user messages
2011-10-26  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-10-26  Ross Patersonfix#5380: arrows if command given too general a type
2011-10-26  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of mac:ghc/git/val32/.
2011-10-26  Ian LynaghRevert "More updates to Safe Haskell to implement new...
2011-10-26  Ian LynaghRevert "Fix some validation errors"
2011-10-26  Ian LynaghFix typo
2011-10-26  Duncan CouttsAdd a clock domain capset and emit wall clock time...
2011-10-26  Duncan CouttsAdd new eventlog EVENT_WALL_CLOCK_TIME for time matching
2011-10-26  Duncan CouttsAdd rts time util getUnixEpochTime
2011-10-26  Duncan CouttsDelete some old Win9x C code
2011-10-26  Duncan CouttsRename traceCapsetModify for consistency and clarity
2011-10-26  Max BolingbrokeVerify that I can still add tabs to a file already...
2011-10-25  David TereiFix some validation errors
2011-10-25  David TereiAdd some documentation to IOEnv.