2013-09-11  Austin SeippFix AMP warnings.
2013-09-11  Joachim BreitnerUser guide typo: Missing ) in #language-pragma
2013-09-11  Herbert Valerio... Update submodule `random` to point to latest HEAD
2013-09-11  Jan StolarekDrop proc-points that don't exist in the graph (#8205)
2013-09-11  Herbert Valerio... GHCi: Fix multi-line input line/column-number refs
2013-09-11  Herbert Valerio... Update Git repo URL in `bin-packages-db.cabal`
2013-09-10  Nicolas Frisbyfactor 'tcRnModuleTcRnM' out of 'tcRnModule' and export it
2013-09-10  Simon Peyton... Improve error reporting for "relevant bindings" again...
2013-09-10  Simon Peyton... Improve the insolubility check when quantifying
2013-09-10  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2013-09-10  Simon Peyton... Improve -flate-dmd-anal documentation
2013-09-10  Jan StolarekRemove dead code
2013-09-10  Austin SeippMore release note fixes.
2013-09-10  Austin SeippTypo fix. Spotted by Mikhail Glushenkov.
2013-09-10  Austin SeippAdd release notes for parallel compilation driver.
2013-09-10  Austin SeippFix ./validate with GHC 7.6 as bootstrap compiler.
2013-09-09  Patrick PalkaMerge branch 'ghc-parmake-gsoc' (#910)
2013-09-09  Richard EisenbergRevision to release notes for the new Typeable.
2013-09-09  Richard EisenbergClarification in formalism concerning roles.
2013-09-09  Austin SeippFix optimization of Parser.y.pp
2013-09-09  Jose Pedro... Remove -fwarn-typeable-instances
2013-09-09  Patrick PalkaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ghc...
2013-09-08  Austin SeippRevert "Note infinite stack default in release notes."
2013-09-08  Austin SeippRevert "Default to infinite stack size (#8189)"
2013-09-08  Austin SeippNote infinite stack default in release notes.
2013-09-08  Takano AkioAvoid allocating while holding a lock (#8242)
2013-09-08  Austin SeippDefault to infinite stack size (#8189)
2013-09-08  Nicolas Frisbyresurrected -fdicts-strict, off by default
2013-09-07  Edward Z. YangRecord PAP allocation to CCCS.
2013-09-07  Niklas Hamb├╝chenFix ghc-pkg list --simple-output not being alphabetical...
2013-09-06  Austin SeippAdd basic support for GHCJS
2013-09-06  Patrick PalkaHave `ghc --info` report support for parallel --make
2013-09-06  Patrick PalkaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ghc...
2013-09-06  Joachim BreitnerFix link to launchbury93natural
2013-09-06  Edward Z. YangWindows: load eh_frame as rodata, fixes #8237
2013-09-06  Edward Z. YangTemporary Haskeline fix for Windows build.
2013-09-05  Ryan Newtondocs only: update the release notes with atomic primops
2013-09-05  Edward Z. YangIgnore drectve sections, partially fixing #7056
2013-09-04  Austin SeippFix annoying iOS linker warnings (#8208)
2013-09-04  Herbert Valerio... Update `Cabal` to 1.18.0 final
2013-09-04  Herbert Valerio... Update `containers` to release
2013-09-04  Nicolas Frisbydocumentation and comments for -ffun-to-thunk and ...
2013-09-04  Patrick PalkaFix bootstrapping of GHC with earlier versions
2013-09-04  Patrick PalkagenSym: atomic_inc() now takes two arguments
2013-09-04  Austin SeippAdd a --no-dph flag to ./validate
2013-09-04  Austin SeippMake sure -fcmm-sink is passed to Parser properly
2013-09-04  Austin SeippRemove -fglasgow-exts from --help
2013-09-04  Patrick PalkaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ghc...
2013-09-04  Austin SeippAdd --show-options to --help (#8190)
2013-09-04  Jose Pedro... Turn manual Typeable instances into errors; fixes ...
2013-09-04  Jan StolarekFix definition of DefinerOfRegs for CmmForeignCall
2013-09-04  Simon Peyton... Make role inference work on the source type of a data con
2013-09-04  Simon Peyton... Put the interface-file typechecking of IfUnpackCo insid...
2013-09-04  Simon Peyton... Improve debug tracing a bit
2013-09-04  Simon Peyton... Fix over-eager unpacking in isUnpackableType
2013-09-04  Simon MarlowDon't refer to oc->next after freeing oc.
2013-09-04  Simon MarlowFix printf formats for pathchar on Windows (where it...
2013-09-04  Simon MarlowDon't move Capabilities in setNumCapabilities (#8209)
2013-09-04  Herbert Valerio... Hack-fix build breakage on Linux/GCC from fc4856f9
2013-09-04  Manuel M T... Make validate play nice with clang (for Xcode 5 command...
2013-09-03  Richard EisenbergAllow non-Nominal covars (bugfix)
2013-09-03  Edsko de VriesFix #7918
2013-09-03  Jan StolarekComments and type synonym in CmmSink
2013-09-03  Simon Peyton... Comment only
2013-09-03  Simon Peyton... Improve Linting in GHCi (fixes Trac #8215)
2013-09-03  Gabor GreifPatch by lukexi.
2013-09-02  Herbert Valerio... Extend `packages` by 4th column for upstream repo
2013-09-02  Jan StolarekComments only
2013-09-02  Simon Peyton... Improve documentation for the 7.8 release
2013-09-02  Simon Peyton... Make Specialise close over kind variables (fixes Trac...
2013-09-02  Simon Peyton... Remove the final vestiges of InlineWrappers
2013-09-02  Edward Z. YangExplicit import lists for StgCmmProf.
2013-08-31  Gabor GreifComment fix
2013-08-31  Ryan Newtonminor: remove tabs from file
2013-08-31  Ryan NewtonMerge branch 'master' into atomics
2013-08-31  Herbert Valerio... Teach `validate` script how to `--help`
2013-08-31  Herbert Valerio... Update `haskeline` library to latest HEAD
2013-08-31  Patrick PalkaRetain boot modules in getModLoop
2013-08-30  Austin SeippNote unloadObj changes in release notes.
2013-08-30  Austin SeippTypo in release notes regarding -dynamic-too
2013-08-30  Patrick PalkaRename DynFlags.parUpsweepNum to parMakeCount
2013-08-30  Patrick PalkaMerge branch 'master' into ghc-parmake-gsoc
2013-08-30  Herbert Valerio... Update time to 1.4.1 release
2013-08-30  Patrick PalkaFix off-by-one error in FastString.getFastStringTable...
2013-08-30  Jan StolarekExport languageExtensions as part of the API.
2013-08-30  Patrick PalkaFix comment typos that interfere with syntax highlighting
2013-08-30  Dan FruminHaddockify documentation in HsBinds and HsExpr
2013-08-30  Herbert Valerio... Update binary to release
2013-08-30  Herbert Valerio... Update containers to release
2013-08-30  Austin SeippFix minor error regarding NumDecimals.
2013-08-30  Austin SeippRelease note blurb about IncoherentInstances.
2013-08-30  Joachim BreitnerImprove documentation of the new IncoherentInstances...
2013-08-30  Joachim BreitnerLiberalising IncoherentInstances
2013-08-30  Austin SeippAdd flag docs for -dynamic-too (#8181)
2013-08-29  Reid BartonTreat EPERM error from mmap as an OOM (#7500)
2013-08-29  Austin SeippAdd release notes about -dynamic-too
2013-08-29  Austin SeippAdd -fwarn-overloaded-literals to release notes.
2013-08-29  Austin SeippRemove some redundancy.
2013-08-29  Austin SeippRevert "Check for integer overflow in osGetMBlocks"
2013-08-29  Austin SeippRevert "Paranoid integer overflow check in my_mmap"