2016-08-10  Ömer Sinan... Remove StgRubbishArg and CmmArg
2016-08-09  Ömer Sinan... Fix a bug in unboxed sum layout generation
2016-08-08  Edward Z. YangActually update haddock.Cabal stats.
2016-08-08  Edward Z. YangCabal submodule update.
2016-08-08  Ryan ScottFix typo in Data.Bitraversable Haddocks
2016-08-07  Ömer Sinan... T1969: Enable it again but bump the max residency tempo...
2016-08-06  Erik de Castro... Remove checks for bug 9439
2016-08-06  Ryan ScottUse Data.Functor.Const to implement Data.Data internals
2016-08-06  Ömer Sinan... RegAlloc: Use IntSet/IntMaps instead of generic Set...
2016-08-06  Ömer Sinan... RegAlloc: Remove duplicate seqList (use seqList from...
2016-08-06  Ömer Sinan... AsmCodeGen: Give linear-scan and coloring reg. allocato...
2016-08-06  Sergei Trofimovichrts/Printer.h: fix constness of argument declaration
2016-08-06  Joachim BreitnerUtil.count: Implement as a left-fold instead of a right...
2016-08-05  Ömer Sinan... Replace some `length . filter` with `count`
2016-08-05  Ömer Sinan... StgCmm: Remove unused Bool field of Return sequel
2016-08-05  Ömer Sinan... Temporarily mark T1969 perf test as broken (#12437)
2016-08-05  Gabor GreifBump `hoopl` submodule, mostly cosmetics
2016-08-05  Simon MarlowAnother try to get thread migration right
2016-08-05  Simon MarlowFix an assertion that could randomly fail
2016-08-05  Ben GamariExpanded abbreviations in Haddock documentation
2016-08-05  Alex DzyobacodeGen: Remove binutils<2.17 hack, fixes T11758
2016-08-05  Ruey-Lin Hsucheck that the number of parallel build is greater...
2016-08-05  Gabor GreifRemove identity update of field componentsConfigs
2016-08-05  Gabor GreifTrim all spaces after 'version:'
2016-08-05  Gabor GreifFix omission in haddock instance head
2016-08-04  Ryan ScottReplace an unsafeCoerce with coerce
2016-08-04  Ömer Sinan... CmmLayoutStack: Minor simplification
2016-08-04  Ömer Sinan... CmmLive: Remove some redundant exports
2016-08-03  Matthew PickeringClarify comment on makeCorePair
2016-08-03  Matthew PickeringRemove `setUnfoldingInfoLazily`
2016-08-03  Matthew PickeringTypo in comment [skip ci]
2016-08-03  Matthew PickeringMore comments about InlinePragmas
2016-08-03  Matthew PickeringUpdate old comment InlinePragma
2016-08-03  Matthew PickeringAdd comment about lexing of INLINE and INLINABLE pragma
2016-08-03  Ömer Sinan... StgSyn: Remove unused StgLiveVars types
2016-08-03  Simon MarlowRemove the DEBUG_<blah> variables, use RtsFlags directly
2016-08-03  Simon MarlowOnly trace cap/capset events if we're tracing anything...
2016-08-03  Simon MarlowFix to thread migration
2016-08-03  Simon MarlowTrack the lengths of the thread queues
2016-08-02  Ömer Sinan... ForeignCall.hs: Remove DrIFT directives
2016-08-01  Gabor GreifTypo in comment
2016-08-01  alexbiehlUse MO_Cmpxchg in Primops.cmm instead of ccall cas(..)
2016-08-01  Annie CherkaevRelevant Bindings no longer reports shadowed bindings...
2016-07-30  alexbiehlAdd atomic operations to
2016-07-28  Ömer Sinan... Make Unique a newtype
2016-07-27  Bartosz NitkaMove stat_startGCSync
2016-07-27  Bartosz NitkaAdd mblocks_allocated to GC stats API
2016-07-26  Edward Z. YangCompute boot-defined TyCon names from ModIface.
2016-07-26  Simon MarlowAccept better stats for T9675
2016-07-26  Simon MarlowFix productivity calculation (#12424)
2016-07-26  Ömer Sinan... MonadUtils: Typos in comments
2016-07-25  Gabor GreifSome typos in comments
2016-07-24  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: fix T10482a
2016-07-22  Erik de Castro... Fix the non-Linux build
2016-07-22  Simon MarlowUNPACK the size field of SizedSeq
2016-07-22  Simon Marlow-fprof-auto-top
2016-07-22  Simon MarlowSquash space leaks in the result of byteCodeGen
2016-07-22  Simon MarlowAdd deepseq dependency and a few NFData instances
2016-07-22  Ömer Sinan... StgCmmBind: Some minor simplifications
2016-07-22  Ömer Sinan... Unboxed sums: More unit tests
2016-07-22  Ben GamariRevert "Cleanup PosixSource.h"
2016-07-21  Gabor GreifMore typos in comments
2016-07-21  Gabor GreifCorrect a few mistyped words in prose/comments
2016-07-21  Ömer Sinan... Fix and document Unique generation for sum TyCon and...
2016-07-21  Ömer Sinan... Bump Haddock submodule
2016-07-21  Simon Peyton... Comments re ApThunks + small refactor in mkRhsClosure
2016-07-21  Simon Peyton... Comments + tiny refactor of isNullarySrcDataCon
2016-07-21  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-07-21  Ömer Sinan... Implement unboxed sum primitive type
2016-07-20  Ben GamariRevert "Clean up interaction between name cache and...
2016-07-20  Giovanni CampagnaCompact Regions
2016-07-20  Ben GamariAdd another testcase for #12082
2016-07-20  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add regression test for #12381
2016-07-20  Ben GamariClean up interaction between name cache and built-in...
2016-07-20  Ben GamariInstEnv: Ensure that instance visibility check is lazy
2016-07-20  Thomas WinantUpdate docs for partial type signatures (#12365)
2016-07-20  Dylan MeysmansData.Either: Add fromLeft and fromRight (#12402)
2016-07-20  Moritz AngermannCleanup PosixSource.h
2016-07-20  Seraphime KirkovskiFix bytecode generator panic
2016-07-20  Ben GamariTcInteract: Add braces to matchClassInst trace output
2016-07-20  Ryan ScottMake Data.{Bifoldable,Bitraversable} -XSafe
2016-07-20  Ömer Sinan... Support SCC pragmas in declaration context
2016-07-19  Gabor PaliFix PDF build for the User's Guide.
2016-07-18  Ryan ScottMake okConIdOcc recognize unboxed tuples
2016-07-18  Ryan ScottFix Template Haskell reification of unboxed tuple types
2016-07-18  Ryan ScottMake DeriveFunctor work with unboxed tuples
2016-07-18  Ryan ScottFix misspellings of the word "instance" in comments
2016-07-16  Ben Gamarihp2ps: fix invalid PostScript for names with parentheses
2016-07-16  Thomas MiedemaPretty: remove a harmful $! (#12227)
2016-07-16  Vladimir TrubilovCodeGen: Way to dump cmm only once (#11717)
2016-07-16  Ben GamariBugfix for bug 11632: `readLitChar` should consume...
2016-07-16  Ben GamariBinary: Use ByteString's copy in getBS
2016-07-16  Ben GamariIfaceEnv: Only check for built-in OccNames if mod is...
2016-07-16  Ben GamariLog heap profiler samples to event log
2016-07-15  Ryan ScottBring comments in TcGenGenerics up to date
2016-07-14  Baldur BlöndalAdded type family dependency to Data.Type.Bool.Not
2016-07-14  Joachim BreitnertidyOccNames: Rename variables fairly
2016-07-13  Joachim BreitnertidyType: Rename variables of nested forall at once
2016-07-12  Joachim BreitnerDemand analyser: Implement LetUp rule (#12370)
2016-07-11  Thomas MiedemaPretty: delete really old changelog