2014-03-14  Richard EisenbergFix #8884.
2014-03-14  Richard EisenbergRecharacterize test according to discussion in #8851.
2014-03-14  Richard EisenbergRemove "Safe mode" check for Coercible instances
2014-03-13  Johan TibellcodeGen: allocate small byte arrays of statically known...
2014-03-13  Austin SeippFix T2110 now that base has map/coerce rule.
2014-03-13  Kyrill BriantsevFix incorrect maxStkSize calculation (#8858)
2014-03-13  Ben GamariDriverPipeline: Ensure -globalopt is passed to LLVM opt
2014-03-13  Ben ARM now supports dynamic linking with...
2014-03-13  Kyrill BriantsevFix incorrect blocksize calculation on Win64
2014-03-13  Karel Gardasdisable shared libs on sparc (linux/solaris) (fixes...
2014-03-13  Karel Gardasfix SHELL makefile variable to be set by the configure...
2014-03-13  Johan TibellFix two issues in stg_newArrayzh
2014-03-13  Herbert Valerio... Update to containers-
2014-03-13  Johan TibellImprove copy/clone array primop docs
2014-03-13  Dr. ERDI GergoPretty-print the following TyThings via their IfaceDecl...
2014-03-13  Dr. ERDI GergopprIfaceDecl for IfacePatSyn: use pprPatSynSig
2014-03-13  Dr. ERDI GergopprIfaceContextArr: print a context including the ...
2014-03-13  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd OutputableBndr instance for OccName
2014-03-13  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #8832
2014-03-13  Simon Peyton... Add BuiltinRules for constant-folding not# and notI...
2014-03-13  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2014-03-13  Simon Peyton... Export runTcInteractive from TcRnDriver, and from GHC...
2014-03-13  Simon Peyton... A bit more tracing to do with SPECIALISE pragmas
2014-03-13  Simon Peyton... Comments on virtHp, realHp (Trac #8864)
2014-03-12  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity: Resurrect fakeBoringCalls
2014-03-11  Johan TibellAdd perf test for inline array allocation
2014-03-11  Johan TibellValidate computed sums in inline array allocation test
2014-03-11  Johan TibellAdd test for inline array allocation
2014-03-11  Johan TibellFix incorrect loop condition in inline array allocation
2014-03-11  Simon MarlowRefactor inline array allocation
2014-03-11  Simon MarlowRepresent offsets into heap objects with byte, not...
2014-03-11  Johan TibellcodeGen: allocate small arrays of statically known...
2014-03-11  Simon Peyton... Fix last-minute typo in SetLevels commit ef44a4
2014-03-11  Simon Peyton... Make SetLevels do substitution properly (fixes Trac...
2014-03-11  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2014-03-10  Johan TibellFix copy-paste error in build system comment
2014-03-10  Johan TibellAdd "bench" build flavour to build system
2014-03-10  Simon Peyton... Unify, rather than match, in GND processing (fixes...
2014-03-10  Simon Peyton... Improve documentation of standalone deriving (c.f....
2014-03-08  Joachim BreitnerAlso allow (#8824)
2014-03-07  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #8856
2014-03-07  Simon Peyton... Fix the treatment of lexically scoped kind variables...
2014-03-07  Simon Peyton... Make -XDeriveFunctor more generous about non-last argum...
2014-03-07  Joachim BreitnerMake sync-all handle all github protocols correctly
2014-03-07  Joachim BreitnerRun testcase for 8124 only with threaded ways
2014-03-07  Richard EisenbergTest #8851.
2014-03-06  Simon Peyton... Trac #8569 fixed
2014-03-06  Simon Peyton... Test for Trac #8841 now works
2014-03-06  Simon Peyton... Attach the right location to pattern synonym error...
2014-03-06  Simon Peyton... Make the demand on a binder compatible with type (fixes...
2014-03-06  Simon Peyton... Add some debug tracing
2014-03-05  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2014-03-05  Joachim BreitnerMajor Call Arity rework
2014-03-04  Herbert Valerio... Update `Cabal` to release
2014-03-03  Herbert Valerio... Update time to 1.4.2 release
2014-03-01  Simon Marlowfix copy/pasto
2014-03-01  Simon Marlowadd missing files (#8124)
2014-02-28  Austin Seippbinary-dist: when using xz, use extreme compression.
2014-02-28  Austin SeippNote that we need Cabal-1.18 in the release notes
2014-02-28  Austin SeippFix binary-dist target with xz/gzip
2014-02-28  Austin SeippDocumentation updates for 7.8.1 release
2014-02-28  Austin SeippBump T6048 tests.
2014-02-28  Erik de Castro... PPC: Fix loads of PIC data with > 16 bit offsets (...
2014-02-27  Simon MarlowAdd hs_thread_done() (#8124)
2014-02-27  Simon Marlowfix comment on allocate() (#8254)
2014-02-27  Simon MarlowFix a bug in codegen for non-updatable selector thunks...
2014-02-26  Herbert Valerio... Follow-up to 32f41c79
2014-02-26  Herbert Valerio... Make distribution tarball compression format configurable
2014-02-26  Richard EisenbergFix #8807.
2014-02-25  Herbert Valerio... Use U+2018 instead of U+201B quote mark in compiler...
2014-02-25  Mateusz KowalczykMake Outputable instance for HsDocString useful
2014-02-24  Mateusz KowalczykFix Haddock formatting
2014-02-24  Austin SeippFix #8696 - don't generate static intra-package references.
2014-02-20  Austin SeippFix installation of ghc-split (#8760)
2014-02-20  Austin SeippAdd VERSION file to gitignore.
2014-02-20  Austin SeippFix #8754 again.
2014-02-20  Austin SeippAdd a test for d3af980 (#5682)
2014-02-20  Erik de Castro... Add test case for #8806.
2014-02-20  Herbert Valerio... Update to primitive- (again)
2014-02-20  Sergei TrofimovichRetainerProfile.c: include missing header (#8810)
2014-02-20  Austin SeippReally fix #5682 (parsing of promoted datacons)
2014-02-20  Austin SeippFix #8801: exclude extra packages from the sdist.
2014-02-19  Austin SeippClear up docs regarding LLVM backend (#8792)
2014-02-19  Austin SeippSwitch on -dynamic-too with QuasiQuotes as well.
2014-02-19  Karel Gardasfix sed expression in build dependencies rules to work...
2014-02-19  Carter Tazio... add more information about the nature of support of...
2014-02-19  Karel Gardasfix build failure on Solaris 10 due to RANLIB being...
2014-02-19  Karel Gardasadd omitted FP_PROG_AR_SUPPORTS_ATFILE into the distrib...
2014-02-19  Herbert Valerio... Update to primitive-
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity refactoring: fakeBoringCalls
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity: Update compiler perf number changes
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerCall arity testcase for #3924
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerSupport mutual recursion
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerCall arity: Handle type application correctly
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerMove unit call arity unittests into subdirectory
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity: Now also done on Top-Level binds
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity refactoring: instance Outputable Count
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity refactoring: Factor out callArityBound
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity refactoring: Use a product domain
2014-02-18  Joachim BreitnerMake CallArity make more use of many-calls