2019-06-04  Zubin DuggalFix and enforce validation of header for .hie files
2019-06-03  Vladislav ZavialovFix optSemi type in Parser.y
2019-05-08  Ryan ScottFix #16603 by documenting some important changes in...
2019-04-26  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Reintroduce DWARF-enabled bindists
2019-04-25  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Mention profiling break on 32-bit Windows
2019-04-25  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Drop old release notes
2019-04-24  Ben GamariUpdate autoconf scripts ghc-8.8.1-alpha1
2019-04-24  Ben GamariGive it a three-component version number
2019-04-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix CI image names
2019-04-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Disable PDF building on Debian 8
2019-04-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Set LANG in centos7 build
2019-04-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow centos7 job to fail
2019-04-23  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Further tighten linter release tag condition
2019-04-22  Ben Gamaritemplate-haskell: Fix TBAs in changelog
2019-04-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Only run release notes lint on release tags
2019-04-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add centos7 release job
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Do not build profiled libraries on 32-bit...
2019-04-19  Alexandre BaldéFix error message for './configure' regarding '--with...
2019-04-19  Ömer Sinan... Fix two bugs in stg_ap_0_fast in profiling runtime
2019-04-19  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Document how to disable package environments
2019-04-19  Fraser TweedaleosReserveHeapMemory: handle signed rlim_t
2019-04-17  Ben Gamarigitlab: Remove doc-tarball job
2019-04-17  Ben GamariAllow unregisterised build to fail
2019-04-17  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow failing build jobs to fail
2019-04-17  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Add pretty to package list
2019-04-17  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Backport from master
2019-04-17  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: introduce ways to skip some documentation...
2019-04-17  Matthew PickeringAdd werror function to Flavour.hs
2019-04-17  Ben Gamariconfigure: Always use AC_LINK_ELSEIF when testing again...
2019-04-17  klebinger.andreas... Restore Xmm registers properly in StgCRun.c
2019-04-12  Ryan ScottBump hpc submodule
2019-04-09  Ryan ScottUse funPrec, not topPrec, to parenthesize GADT argument...
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... base: Remove `Monad(fail)` method and reexport `MonadFa...
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update parallel submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update directory submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update filepath submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update hpc submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update terminfo submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update stm submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update process submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update parsec submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update haskeline submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update deepseq submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update unix submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update text submodule
2019-04-05  Herbert Valerio... Update binary submodule to latest master branch tip
2019-04-02  Ryan ScottBump array submodule
2019-04-02  Ben GamariBump transformers to
2019-04-02  Ryan ScottCorrect duplicate entry in base's changelog
2019-04-01  Edward Z. YangFix #16219: TemplateHaskell causes indefinite package... cherry-pick-d6d735c1
2019-04-01  Matthew PickeringOnly build vanilla way in devel2 flavour cherry-pick-e7e5f4ae
2019-04-01  Matthew PickeringDon't overwrite the set log_action when using --interactive cherry-pick-10faf44d
2019-03-29  Alec TheriaultBump Haddock submodule
2019-03-21  Vladislav ZavialovUser's Guide: forall is a keyword nowadays
2019-03-21  Vladislav ZavialovDot/bang operators in export lists (Trac #16339)
2019-03-21  Vladislav Zavialov'forall' always a keyword, plus the dot type operator
2019-03-13  Ben GamariBump version to 8.8
2019-03-13  Edward Z. YangMake bkpcabal01 test compatible with new ordering requi...
2019-03-13  Peter TrommlerCmm: Promote stack arguments to word size
2019-03-13  Ömer Sinan... Fix checkStackChunk() call in Interepter.c, enable...
2019-02-27  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations: parens anns discarded for `(*)` operator wip/ghc-8.8-az
2019-02-27  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations: AnnAt disconnected for TYPEAPP
2019-02-27  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations: more explicit foralls fixup
2019-02-27  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations: Parens not attached correctly for...
2019-02-26  Alan Zimmermancheck-api-annotations checks for annotation preceding...
2019-02-26  Sebastian GrafBump hsc2hs for removed unused match
2019-02-26  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule wip/hie-8.8
2019-02-26  Alan ZimmermanLexer: Alternate Layout Rule injects actual not virtual...
2019-02-26  Ben GamariRevert "Lexer: Alternate Layout Rule injects actual...
2019-02-25  Alec TheriaultProperly escape character literals in Haddocks
2019-02-20  Ben Gamaritemplate-haskell: Document assembler foreign file support
2019-02-20  Richard EisenbergFix #16188
2019-02-20  klebinger.andreas... Allow resizing the stack for the graph allocator.
2019-02-20  Matthew PickeringCapture and simplify constraints arising from running...
2019-02-20  Richard EisenbergFix #14729 by making the normaliser homogeneous
2019-02-20  nineonineFix #15849 by checking whether there's a do block
2019-02-20  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Always skip T15897
2019-02-20  Ryan ScottUse sigPrec in more places in Convert and HsUtils
2019-02-20  Ryan ScottReject oversaturated VKAs in type family equations
2019-02-20  Alan ZimmermanLexer: Alternate Layout Rule injects actual not virtual...
2019-02-20  Ryan ScottFix #16287 by checking for more unsaturated synonym...
2019-02-20  Niklas Hambüchenbase: Document errno behaviour in haddocks.
2019-02-20  Matthew PickeringHIE: Save module name and module exports
2019-02-20  Ben Gamarirts/ProfilerReportJson: Fix format string
2019-02-20  Alec TheriaultInclude type info for only some exprs in HIE files
2019-02-20  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Promote integers to word size in C calls
2019-02-20  Moritz Angermannmake ghc-pkg shut up
2019-02-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Use build cleanup logic on Darwin as well
2019-02-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix Windows cleanup command line
2019-02-20  Andrew MartinTest that hsc2hs works with promoted data constructors
2019-02-20  Alec TheriaultFix incorrectly named configure options
2019-02-20  Adam Sandberg... hadrian: use new-exec to make sure alex & happy are...
2019-02-20  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark hWaitForInput-accurate-socket as requir...
2019-02-20  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Remove directories that already exist when...
2019-02-20  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Normalise style
2019-02-20  Ben GamariGhcPlugins: Fix lookup of TH names
2019-02-20  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for #16104
2019-02-20  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add predicate for CPU feature availability
2019-02-20  Sebastian GrafAdd @sgraf to CODEOWNERS
2019-02-20  Richard EisenbergAdd Simon and Richard as more CODEOWNERS