2019-05-21  Ben GamariAdd some lock contention checking
2019-05-21  Ömer Sinan... Implement -xns for -xn with selector opt
2019-05-21  Ben GamariMerge branches 'wip/gc/segment-header-to-bdescr' and...
2019-05-21  Ömer Sinan... NonMoving: Implement selector optimisation
2019-05-21  Ömer Sinan... NonMoving: Implement indirection shortcutting
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Move next_free_snap to block descriptor
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Move block size to block descriptor
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Introduce nonmovingSegmentLogBlockSize acccessor
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: More comments
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Add summarizing Note
2019-05-19  Ben GamariMerge branches 'wip/gc/optimize' and 'wip/gc/test'...
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonmoving: Ensure write barrier vanishes in non-threade...
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Don't do major GC if one is already running
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMovingMark: Eliminate redundant check_in_nonmoving_heaps
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Optimise allocator cache behavior
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Prefetch segment header
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Pre-fetch during mark
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Fuse sweep preparation into mark prep
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Inline nonmovingClearAllBitmaps
2019-05-19  Ben GamariNonMoving: Prefetch when clearing bitmaps
2019-05-19  Ben Gamarirts: Add prefetch macros
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarirts/Stats: Track time usage of nonmoving collector
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarirts: Add GetMyThreadCPUTime helper
2019-05-17  Ben GamariNonMoving: Optimize bitmap search during allocation
2019-05-17  Ben GamariNonMovingMark: Optimize representation of mark queue
2019-05-17  Ben GamariAllocate mark queues in larger block groups
2019-05-17  Ben GamariNonMoving: Eliminate integer division in nonmovingBlock...
2019-05-17  Ben GamariNonmoving: Allow aging and refactor static objects...
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritests
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add nonmoving_thr_ghc way
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite fixes
2019-05-17  Ben GamariSkip ghc_heap_all test in nonmoving ways
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarighc-heap: Skip heap_all test with debugged RTS
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Don't run conc071 in nonmoving_thr_ghc
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Disable conc016 and conc068 in nonmoving...
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Skip T15892 in nonmoving_thr_ghc
2019-05-17  Ben GamariOmit broken tests
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: bug1010 requires -c, which isn't supported...
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Ensure that threaded tests are run in nonmov...
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add nonmoving_thr_ghc way
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Nonmoving collector doesn't support -G1
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Don't run T15892 in nonmoving ways
2019-05-17  Ben GamariNonmovingCensus: Emit samples to eventlog
2019-05-17  Ben GamariAllow census without live word count
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarirts/Eventlog: More descriptive error message
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarirts: Introduce non-moving heap census
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarirts: Tracing support for nonmoving collection events
2019-05-17  Ben GamariNonmoving: Disable memory inventory with concurrent...
2019-05-17  Ben GamariDrop redundant write barrier
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarirts: Implement concurrent collection in the nonmoving...
2019-05-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add nonmoving WAY
2019-05-17  Ömer Sinan... rts: Non-concurrent mark and sweep
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarirts: Introduce debug flag for non-moving GC
2019-05-17  Ben Gamarirts: Introduce flag to enable the nonmoving old generation
2019-05-16  Ömer Sinan... rts/Scav: Expose scavenging functions
2019-05-16  Ben Gamarirts: Disable aggregate-return warnings from gcc
2019-05-16  Ömer Sinan... rts/StableName: Expose FOR_EACH_STABLE_NAME, freeSnEntr...
2019-05-16  Ben GamariMerge branch 'wip/gc/misc-rts' into wip/gc/preparation
2019-05-16  Ben Gamarirts: Fix macro parenthesisation
2019-02-22  Ben GamariMerge branches 'wip/gc/sync-without-capability', 'wip...
2019-02-22  Ben Gamarirts/GC: Refactor gcCAFs
2019-02-22  Ömer Sinan... rts/Printer: Print forwarding pointers
2019-02-22  Ömer Sinan... rts: Unglobalize dead_weak_ptr_list and resurrected_threads
2019-02-22  Ben Gamarirts: Give stack flags proper macros
2019-02-22  Ömer Sinan... rts/Printer: Introduce a few more printing utilities
2019-02-22  Ben Gamarirts/Capability: A few documentation comments
2019-02-22  Ben Gamarirts: Add Note explaining applicability of selector...
2019-02-22  Ömer Sinan... rts/GC: Add an obvious assertion during block initializ...
2019-02-22  Ömer Sinan... rts/BlockAlloc: Allow aligned allocation requests
2019-02-22  Ben Gamarirts: Factor out large bitmap walking
2019-02-22  Ben Gamarirts/Schedule: Allow synchronization without holding...
2019-01-22  Simon Peyton... Fix bogus worker for newtypes
2019-01-21  Samuel HollandExtend linker-script workaround to work with musl libc
2019-01-21  Ben GamariAdd CODEOWNERS
2019-01-21  Ben Gamarigitlab: Add merge request template
2019-01-21  Matthew PickeringFix typo in TcRnTypes.hs [skip ci]
2019-01-21  Sylvain HenryAdd support for ASM foreign files (.s) in TH (#16180)
2019-01-20  Matthew PickeringRemove TODO in HsExpr
2019-01-20  Chaitanya KoparkarMention DerivingStrategies in the warning when DAC...
2019-01-20  Moritz Angermann[T16199] Adds a verify-packages script
2019-01-18  Herbert Valerio... Prepare source-tree for base-4.13 MFP bump
2019-01-18  Matthew PickeringFix typo in DsExpr
2019-01-18  Ömer Sinan... Comments in stranal test declarations
2019-01-17  Simon Peyton... Small refactor
2019-01-17  Simon Peyton... Remove export of checkValidFamPats, never used
2019-01-17  Simon Peyton... Comments about data constructor wrappers
2019-01-17  Alec Theriault'DynFlag'-free version of 'mkParserFlags'
2019-01-17  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Rename constructors
2019-01-17  Peter TrommlerFix tab and improve whitespace
2019-01-17  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Register definitions for all 64-bit systems
2019-01-17  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: GOT declaration for all 64-bit ELF systems
2019-01-17  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Make `stackHeaderSize` more general
2019-01-17  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Make calling convention more general
2019-01-17  Peter TrommlerRTS: Use ELF v1 convention on all powerpc64 systems
2019-01-17  Ömer Sinan... Add test for #16197
2019-01-16  Ömer Sinan... Documentation for StgRetFun
2019-01-16  Alec TheriaultMake sure 'haddock' package also copies resources
2019-01-16  Alec TheriaultHadrian: handle Haddock's resource directory
2019-01-16  Steve HartImprove clarity of documentation for maybeToList
2019-01-16  Steve HartRevert "Fix typo in maybeToList documentation"