2009-01-16  Ian LynaghHack to find gcc for an in-place ghc
2009-01-16  Ian LynaghAlso canonicalise the install prefix for the timeout...
2009-01-16  Ian LynaghCanonicalise paths in the testsuite
2009-01-15  Simon Marlowupdate output after changes to ghc-pkg
2009-01-14  Ian LynaghMove the Makefile changes around so they don't cause...
2009-01-14  Ian LynaghDon't fail "make clean" becaues GHC etc can't be found
2009-01-13  simonpjTest Trac #2944
2009-01-13  simonpjFollow error message change
2009-01-13  simonpjTest Trac #2931
2009-01-13  Ian LynaghTweak top-level Makefile
2009-01-13  Ian Lynaghmk/ wibble
2009-01-13  Simon Marlowadd boot target to the top-level Makefile; fix boot...
2009-01-10  Ian LynaghAdd a boot target, and tidy up the Makefile a bit
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix test 2566 in the new build system
2009-01-10  David WaernUpdate tests following change to pretty printing Haddoc...
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix rn.prog006 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghMake ghciprog004 not rely on $(CC) being correctly...
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix readwrite00[12] on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix ioeGetHandle001 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix ioeGetFileName001 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix ioeGetErrorString001 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix hSeek003 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix hSeek002 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix hReady001 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix hIsEOF002 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix hGetPosn001 on Windows
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix hGetLine001
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghTidy up the Makefile
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghRemove
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghRemove redundant CLEAN_FILES
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghAdd clean and distclean targets
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghRemove otu-of-date comments
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghFix timeout's clean target
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghLook for .exe when looking for the compiler, too
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghAdd a "show" target
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghWibble error message to not confused vim's syntax highl...
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghWhen checking programs exists, check prog.exe too
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghCheck that make supports eval
2009-01-09  Ian LynaghDon't insist on python being in /usr/bin
2009-01-08  Ian LynaghPut the endif's in the right places
2009-01-08  Ian LynaghActually define TEST_HC for the new build system
2009-01-08  Ian LynaghBetter error messages
2009-01-08  Ian LynaghDisentangle the testsuite from the compiler's build...
2009-01-08  Ian LynaghRemove uses of MKDIRHIER in favour of mkdir
2009-01-08  Ian LynaghRemove uses of pwd in favour of abspath
2009-01-08  Ian LynaghConsistently use GHC_PKG instead of GHC_PKG_INPLACE
2009-01-08  simonpjTest Trac #2914
2009-01-06  Simon Marlowadd test for #2910; move #1980 into validate
2009-01-02  simonpjTest Trac #2756
2009-01-02  simonpjAdd comments to a very tricky test
2009-01-02  simonpjChange in error messages
2008-12-31  simonpjTest Trac #2721
2008-12-31  simonpjTrack error message changes
2008-12-31  simonpjUse -XImpredicativeTypes instead of -fglasgow-exts
2008-12-31  simonpjTest Trac #2856
2008-12-30  simonpjTest for empty type indices (Trac #2888)
2008-12-30  simonpjTest Trac #2851, and update error message for other...
2008-12-30  simonpjTrack new quotes in error message
2008-12-30  simonpjTest Trac #2901
2008-11-27  Thomas SchillingAdd first test for GHC API features.
2008-12-18  Simon Marlowfix typo
2008-12-17  Simon Marlowbreak018 is expected to pass again after the INLINE...
2008-12-17  Simon MarlowMake the testsuite work with the new build system
2008-12-16  Simon MarlowFix this test: it was using a C finalizer that called...
2008-12-15  Simon Marlowtest for #2592
2008-12-15  Simon Marlowcheck for valid .prof files when profiling
2008-12-10  Ivan TomacFIX #1364: added tests for C finalizers.
2008-12-09  Simon Marlowadd test for #2838
2008-12-09  Ian LynaghAdd a test that we ignore OPTIONS_HUGS pragmas
2008-12-09  Ian LynaghAdd a test for trac #2847: Parsing OPTIONS_NO_SUCH_PRAG...
2008-12-06  Ian LynaghMark break018 broken (#2845)
2008-12-05  simonpjRemove INLINE for recursive function
2008-12-03  Ian LynaghClean .exe.manifest files
2008-12-01  simonpjFollow improved error message
2008-12-01  simonpjSimple17 passes
2008-11-26  simonpjTest Trac #2817
2008-11-26  simonpjTest Trac #2756
2008-11-26  simonpjUpdate output to follow :t output formatting change
2008-11-26  simonpjTest Trac #2766
2008-11-25  Simon Marlowadd test for #2740
2008-11-25  simonpjTest Trac #2799
2008-11-25  Simon Marlowsmall fix to the space-leak testing framework
2008-11-23  Ian LynaghAdd some 6.10-specific output
2008-11-23  Ian LynaghDon't show whitespace differences when diffing test...
2008-11-23  Ian LynaghAdd a space leak test, and some infrastructure for...
2008-11-21  Thomas SchillingFollow changes in pragma error reporting.
2008-11-17  Simon Marlowadd test for #2783
2008-11-14  Simon Marlowmake this test a bit more robust
2008-11-14  Simon Marlow-package syb is required when linking now that array...
2008-11-12  Simon Marlowmake it so that WAY=profthreaded works
2008-11-12  Ian LynaghAdd a test that $( (\b -> [| b |]) True ) works
2008-11-10  Simon Marlowadd a DLL building test (#2745)
2008-11-09  Ian LynaghAdd some 6.10-specific test outputs
2008-11-09  Ian LynaghIncrease the requirements for the annotations tests...
2008-11-03  Simon Marlowextra_clean for rename.prog005
2008-11-03  Simon Marlowextra_clean for T2685
2008-11-03  simonpjTest Trac #2735
2008-10-31  simonpjFollow improvements in type signatures
2008-10-30  simonpjMake ann01 not depend on linking order
2008-10-16  Max BolingbrokeTest annotations