2013-02-19  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-18  Manuel M T... DPH: free top-level variables don't prevent encapsulation
2013-02-18  Simon Marlowdeclare stable_ptr_table (should fix via-C compilation)
2013-02-18  Simon Marlowfix PrimOp dependencies
2013-02-18  Jan StolarekPrimitive bitwise operations on Int# (Fixes #7689)
2013-02-18  Simon MarlowUse $(TargetPlatformFull) instead of $(GlobalCrossCompi...
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghUpdate submodules
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghPut the main ghc tree last in packages
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghUpdate submodules
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove utils/lndir/Makefile (part of the old build...
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT stuff; fixes #7559
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghFix the autocrlf test in sync-all
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghSet repositories to have core.autocrlf == false; fixes...
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghSimplify some code; patch from Bill Tutt
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghFix line endings in rts/win32/ThrIOManager.c
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove utils/Makefile
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghFinish removing BootingFromHc
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghHardcode "BootingFromHc = NO" for now
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghLayout only
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove support for the --enable-hc-boot flag in configure
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghWhitespace only
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghAdd missing ;; in aclocal.m4
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghiOS patch no 2: remove obsolete CROSS_COMPILE variable...
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghiOS patch no 1: Select operating system; from StephenBl...
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghUpdate submodules
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghSmall refactoring; patch from nus
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghBuild fix for dyn way on Windows; patch from nus
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghDefine utils/ghc-pkg_dist_PROG correctly for Windows
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghAdd a missing $ to a dependency
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghFix build on Windows: We don't build terminfo on Windows
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghBuild the stage0 ghc-pkg with Cabal
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghWhitespace tweak
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghUpdate submodule versions
2013-02-15  Ian LynaghBuild system tweak: Do the package checks at configure...
2013-02-15  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-15  Ian LynaghStop using the deprecated System.Cmd
2013-02-15  Gabor GreifSquash some typos
2013-02-15  Iavor S. DiatchkiLook through type synonyms when deciding if something...
2013-02-15  Simon Peyton... Make :kind in GHCi do kind generalisation, always ...
2013-02-15  Ian LynaghCheck sub-modules are OK before pushing
2013-02-15  Ian LynaghDon't push to submodules on "./sync-all push"
2013-02-15  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-15  Gabor GreifAllow different customizations per cross target
2013-02-15  Simon Peyton... Improve documentation of overloaded lists
2013-02-15  Manuel M T... Another go at tidying VectInfo
2013-02-14  David TereiFix issues with finding llvm tools again (#7661).
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Better pretty-printing for Type
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Better pretty-printing for HsType, fixes Trac #7645
2013-02-14  Simon MarlowremoveIndirections: look through BLACKHOLE indirections
2013-02-14  Simon MarlowisAlive needs to look through BLACKHOLE indirections
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Follow changes to HsPat
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Add OverloadedLists, allowing list syntax to be overloaded
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2013-02-14  Simon Marlowsmall tidyups and refactorings
2013-02-14  Simon MarlowSeparate StablePtr and StableName tables (#7674)
2013-02-14  Simon MarlowSimplify the allocation stats accounting
2013-02-14  Simon MarlowFixes to the rts C flags for the debug way
2013-02-14  shelarcyFix comment to use correct option name
2013-02-14  David TereiDifferent layout for configure output and llvm tools.
2013-02-14  David TereiRemove dead darcs handling from configure.
2013-02-14  David TereiFind LLVM tools when version number at end (e.g., llc...
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Desugar bang patterns correctly (fixes Trac #7649)
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Simplify the base case for 'check', and thereby fix...
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Export tcIfaceExpr as requested by Trac #7683
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Improve pretty-printing of strict lets with -dppr-case...
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-13  Jose Pedro... Add isNewtype to GHC.Generics (FIX #7631)
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Generate better derived code for Eq
2013-02-13  Simon Peyton... Charge 1 for each case alternative in exprStats
2013-02-13  David TereiConvert README to markdown.
2013-02-12  Sergei TrofimovichGentoo calls 'w64' a mingw flavour with mingw-w64 runtime.
2013-02-12  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-12  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-12  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Typeable changes to containers while waiting for the...
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Typeable changes to vector while waiting for the upstre...
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Typeable changes to time while waiting for the upstream...
2013-02-12  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-12  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Use a separate user's guide section for -XAutoDeriveTyp...
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Implement poly-kinded Typeable
2013-02-12  Johan TibellMerge the new parallel I/O manager
2013-02-12  Kazu YamamotoAdding missing symbol in rts/
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyChanged ioManagerCapabilitiesChanged to take no arguments.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmysetNumCapabilities calls GHC.Conc.IO.ioManagerCapabilit...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyAdded RTS hooks for the timer manager.
2013-02-12  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #7681.
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2013-02-11  Ian LynaghUpdate random submodule
2013-02-11  Simon MarlowallocMoreStack: we should be retargetting table jumps...
2013-02-11  Simon MarlowMerge remote-tracking branch 'phonohawk/ticket-7498'
2013-02-11  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-11  Simon Peyton... Extra comment about the fix to Trac #5113
2013-02-11  PHOFix bugs in PPC.Instr.allocMoreStack (#7498)