2015-01-21  Herbert Valerio... Restore invariant in `Data (Ratio a)` instance
2015-01-21  Edward Z. YangUpdate Backpack document with examples [skip ci]
2015-01-20  Sergei Trofimovichcompiler/parser/cutils: drop unused 'ghc_memcmp_off...
2015-01-20  Sergei Trofimovichcmm lex: drop unused 'align' token
2015-01-20  Dr. ERDI GergoCosmetic: Fix all uses of the word 'worker' when referr...
2015-01-20  Simon MarlowMake the linker_unload test less fragile
2015-01-20  Simon Marlowcomments only
2015-01-19  Sergei TrofimovichCMM: add a mechanism to import C .data labels
2015-01-19  Eric SeidelExpose source locations via Implicit Parameters of...
2015-01-19  Edward Z. YangUpgrade Cabal submodule to latest HEAD, change to packa...
2015-01-19  Edward Z. YangRespect package visibility when deciding wired in packages.
2015-01-19  Simon Peyton... Tidy up fix to Trac #9999
2015-01-19  Austin SeippDoc fix (follow up to #9957)
2015-01-19  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations documentation update, parsing issue...
2015-01-19  Austin SeippAdd missing test from previous commit (55199a97)
2015-01-19  Herbert Valerio... Update directory submodule to latest 1.2.2 snapshot
2015-01-19  Peter WortmannSplit stripTicks into expression editing and tick colle...
2015-01-19  Jose Pedro... Make AutoDeriveTypeable work for associated datatypes...
2015-01-19  Austin SeippRevert "Add export lists to some modules."
2015-01-19  Austin SeippRevert "Fix undefined GHC.Real export with integer...
2015-01-19  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9867
2015-01-19  Simon Peyton... Improve documentation of pattern synonyms, to reflect...
2015-01-19  Herbert Valerio... Fix bad '... \\' escape in ghcversion.h generation
2015-01-19  Herbert Valerio... Update bytestring submodule
2015-01-19  Simon Peyton... Add missing argument in Match, a merge bug (apologies)
2015-01-19  Simon Peyton... Fix the 'builder' code for pattern synonyms with type...
2015-01-18  Alexander VershilovTrac #9384: fix increasing capabilites number for eventlog.
2015-01-16  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations tweaks.
2015-01-16  Alexander VershilovTrac #9878: Make the static form illegal in interpreted...
2015-01-16  Edsko de VriesDon't hardcode the name "ghc" in versionedAppDir
2015-01-16  Simon Peyton... Fix a terrible bug in the canonicaliser which led to...
2015-01-16  Simon Peyton... Repsect the package name when checking for self-import
2015-01-14  Fumiaki KinoshitaAdd Eq, Ord, Show, and Read instances for Const
2015-01-14  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #5821
2015-01-14  Simon Peyton... Refactor handling of SPECIALISE pragmas (Trac #5821)
2015-01-14  Simon Peyton... Tiny refactoring (shorter, simpler code)
2015-01-14  Simon Peyton... Tighten up constraint solve order for RULES
2015-01-14  Simon Peyton... Correct typos in comments to mkDataCon
2015-01-13  Simon MarlowOptimise scavenge_large_srt_bitmap
2015-01-13  Simon MarlowCompile the RTS with -g by default
2015-01-13  Simon MarlowAllow the linker to run concurrently with the GC
2015-01-13  Simon MarlowImprove documentation for -N and -qa (#9890)
2015-01-13  Peter WortmannDwarf generation fixed pt 2
2015-01-13  Thomas WinantFix panics of PartialTypeSignatures combined with exten...
2015-01-13  Alexander VershilovTrac #9878: Have StaticPointers support dynamic loading.
2015-01-13  Edsko de VriesPackage environments
2015-01-13  Greg Weberadd -th-file which generates a th.hs file
2015-01-13  Tuncer Ayazaclocal.m4: fix == bashism in FIND_LLVM_PROG
2015-01-12  Ben GamariEvent Manager: Make one-shot a per-registration property
2015-01-12  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to latest snapshot
2015-01-12  Reid BartonMove libffi configuration after basic toolchain setup
2015-01-12  Reid Bartoninplace: Don't add empty component to LD_LIBRARY_PATH...
2015-01-11  Simon Peyton... More comments on HsBang
2015-01-09  Herbert Valerio... Update pretty submodule to release
2015-01-09  Edward Z. YangNewtype CoreMap and TypeMap so their keys are user...
2015-01-09  Edward Z. YangInline all of the .*[TCE] methods, and then rename...
2015-01-09  Edward Z. YangMiscellaneous improvements to TrieMap, from D608 code...
2015-01-09  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #9973 (buglet in -fwarn-redundant-constraints)
2015-01-09  Dr. ERDI GergoPattern synonym names need to be in scope before renami...
2015-01-09  Simon Peyton... Fix up test for T7861
2015-01-09  Simon Peyton... A little tidying up in the flattener
2015-01-09  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2015-01-09  Dr. ERDI GergoPattern synonyms do work in GHCi now (see #9900)
2015-01-09  Dr. ERDI GergoUpdate syntax of pattern synonym type signature in...
2015-01-09  Simon Peyton... A little tidying up in ErrUtils
2015-01-09  Simon Peyton... Make TcRnMonad.reportWarning call makeIntoWarning
2015-01-09  Simon Peyton... Return a [HsImplBang] from dataConImplBangs even with...
2015-01-08  Edward Z. YangApply GenMap to CoreMap and CoercionMap.
2015-01-08  Edward Z. YangAdd 'DeBruijn' constructor, which generalizes "key...
2015-01-08  Joachim BreitnerRecenter T6048 performance numbers
2015-01-08  Joachim BreitnerBump haddock.base according to whats observed on ghcspeed
2015-01-08  Simon Peyton... Improve HsBang
2015-01-08  Simon Peyton... Spelling error in comment
2015-01-08  Simon Peyton... Improve documentation of -fwarn-redundant-constraints
2015-01-08  Edward Z. YangFix out of date comment.
2015-01-07  Edward Z. YangGeneralize TrieMap compression to GenMap.
2015-01-07  Edward Z. YangCompress TypeMap TrieMap leaves with singleton constructor.
2015-01-07  Simon Peyton... Mark T9938 as expect_broken again
2015-01-07  Simon Peyton... Fix stderr for T9939
2015-01-07  Erik de Castro... Fix undefined GHC.Real export with integer-simple
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Make comments less beautiful in order to pacify Haddock
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Another fix to genprimopcode, when generating Prim.hs
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Update haddock submodule, and fix haddock input file...
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9939
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Remove redundant constraints from libraries, discovered...
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Remove redundant constraints in the compiler itself...
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Major patch to add -fwarn-redundant-constraints
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Print singleton consraints without parens
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Use a less fragile method for defaulting
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Always generalise a partial type signature
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Replace fixVarSet with transCloVarSet
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Modify a couple of error messages slightly
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Updaete perf numbers for 32-bit machines
2015-01-06  Simon Peyton... Make the location in TcLclEnv and CtLoc into a RealSrcSpan
2015-01-05  Edward Z. Yangsubmodule update: remove html dependency from nofib.
2015-01-03  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to latest 1.22 snapshot
2015-01-03  Edward Z. YangFix #9243 so recompilation avoidance works with -fno...
2015-01-03  Edward Z. YangDon't do a half-hearted recompilation check in compileOne
2015-01-03  Joachim BreitnerMark T9938 as not broken
2014-12-31  Simon Peyton... When solving one Given from another, use the depth...