2010-09-21  Simon Marlowadd a simple trace facility to the build system
2010-09-21  Simon Marlowfix building with extra packages (packages were added...
2010-09-20  Simon Marlowadd extra packages to $(EXTRA_PACKAGES), so we avoid...
2010-09-21  Ian LynaghFix indexing error in archive loader
2010-09-21  Ian LynaghAdd some -Dl belches
2010-09-21  Ian LynaghAdd casts to fix warnings
2010-09-21  Ian LynaghAdd support for BSD-variant large filenames in .a archives
2010-09-20  Ian LynaghTell Cabal that we're not building GHCi libs if UseArch...
2010-09-20  Ian Lynagh"UseArchivesForGhci = YES" on darwin
2010-09-20  Ian LynaghAdd a dependency that my OS X build has recently starte...
2010-09-20  Ian LynaghAdd "Use archives for ghci" to --info output
2010-09-20  Ian LynaghImplement archive loading for ghci
2010-09-20  Ian LynaghTweak gen_contents_index now dph may not be there
2010-09-20  Ian LynaghFilter out the FFI library when loading package in...
2010-09-19  simonpj@microsoft.comLoosen the conditions for -XUndecidableInstances; fixes...
2010-09-19  simonpj@microsoft.comFurther improvements in error messages
2010-09-19  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a flag -fwarn-missing-local-sigs, and improve ...
2010-09-19  simonpj@microsoft.comInclude the "stupid theta" in the type of $con2tag
2010-09-19  Ian LynaghAdd a release note about the typechecker
2010-09-18  Matthias KilianEnable shared libs on OpenBSD
2010-09-18  Ian LynaghAdd separate functions for querying DynFlag and Extensi...
2010-09-18  Ian LynaghFix mkUserGuidePart deps
2010-09-18  Ian LynaghFix build on cygwin: Normalise slashes in .depend files...
2010-09-17  Ian Lynaghextra packages info is now read from packages file
2010-09-17  Ian LynaghTweak darcs-all
2010-09-17  Ian LynaghBump dependencies
2010-09-17  Ian LynaghLibrary release notes for 7.0.1
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comFix overriding of implicit parameters in the solver
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comMinor type printing amomaly
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comSpaces only
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comMinor refactoring
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd types of implicit parameters as untouchable
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comBetter pretty printing of implicit parameters
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comYet more error message improvement
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comMore error message wibbles
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comMore error refactoring
2010-09-17  simonpj@microsoft.comRefactor type errors a bit
2010-09-16  simonpj@microsoft.comFix a very subtle shadowing bug in optCoercion
2010-09-16  simonpj@microsoft.comFix bad error in tyVarsOfType
2010-09-16  simonpj@microsoft.comMore assertions
2010-09-16  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd more location info in CoreLint
2010-09-16  simonpj@microsoft.comPrint coercion variables as such (debugging change...
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove pprTrace
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove dead code dealing with type refinement
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comUse mkAppTy
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comExtend eta reduction to work with casted arguments
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comAllow "INLINEABLE" as a synonym
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comDocumentation for INLINABLE
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comImplement TH reification of instances (Trac #1835)
2010-09-15  Simon Marlowerrno corresponding to ERROR_NO_DATA should be EPIPE...
2010-09-15  Simon MarlowWindows: use a thread-local variable for myTask()
2010-09-15  Ian LynaghFix typo
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd quotes in error message
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comFix isDefaultInlinePragma
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comImplement INLINABLE pragma
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comLess voluminous error when derived code doesn't typecheck
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove pretty-printing of family instances
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #4240: -ddump-minimal-imports
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-09-14  Simon Marlowimplement setThreadAffinity on Windows (#1741)
2010-09-14  Simon MarlowCOFF: cope with new debug sections in gcc 4.x (fixes...
2010-09-15  Simon Marloweliminate clutter from make output
2010-09-15  Simon Marlowrts_isProfiled should be a visible API (fixes T2615...
2010-09-14  Simon MarlowFix the "lost due to fragmentation" calculation
2010-09-14  Simon Marlowfix +RTS -S output: use peak_mblocks_allocated, now...
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comFix egregious bug in deeplyInstantiate
2010-09-15  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove HsSyn pretty printing
2010-09-14  Ian LynaghRemove (most of) the FiniteMap wrapper
2010-09-14  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove ASSERT
2010-09-14  simonpj@microsoft.comComment on what an "enumeration" type is
2010-09-14  simonpj@microsoft.comMake absent-arg wrappers work for unlifted types (fix...
2010-09-14  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-09-14  simonpj@microsoft.comMove error-ids to MkCore (from PrelRules)
2010-09-14  simonpj@microsoft.comMore wibbles to deriving error messages
2010-09-13  Simon MarlowFix getThreadCPUTime()
2010-09-13  Simon Marlowfilter out the gcc-lib directory from the rts package...
2010-09-13  Simon MarlowDon't include GC time in heap profiles (#4225)
2010-09-13  Simon MarlowUse clock_gettime (if available) to measure the process...
2010-09-13  Simon Marlowmake stg_arg_bitmaps public, and available via the...
2010-09-13  Simon Marlowfix typo
2010-09-14  David TereiUpdate release notes and docs with LLVM info.
2010-09-13  Ian LynaghRemove defaultExtensionFlags
2010-09-13  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove crash message
2010-09-13  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #4302, plus a little refactoring
2010-09-13  Ian LynaghFix build with 6.10
2010-09-13  simonpj@microsoft.comHaddock fixes
2010-09-13  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove two old junk files
2010-09-13  simonpj@microsoft.comSuper-monster patch implementing the new typechecker...
2010-09-09  simonpj@microsoft.comFix simplifier statistics
2010-09-08  simonpj@microsoft.comTrace output
2010-09-08  simonpj@microsoft.comBetter debug output
2010-09-08  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd Outputable instance for OccEncl
2010-09-07  simonpj@microsoft.comBetter simplifier counting
2010-09-06  simonpj@microsoft.comPut liftStringName into the known-key names
2010-09-03  simonpj@microsoft.comDeprecate NoRelaxedPolyRec
2010-09-03  simonpj@microsoft.comBuglet in Core Lint
2010-09-03  simonpj@microsoft.comGive seqId the right type
2010-09-03  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove dead code
2010-09-03  simonpj@microsoft.comComments and layout