2014-08-05  Edward Z. YangPackage keys (for linking/type equality) separated...
2014-08-04  Edward Z. YangDisable package auto-hiding if -hide-all-packages is...
2014-08-04  Karel Gardasfix topHandler03 execution on Solaris where shell signa...
2014-08-04  Karel Gardasfix openFile003 test on Solaris/i386 (platform output...
2014-08-04  Sergei Trofimovichghc --make: add nicer names to RTS threads (threaded...
2014-08-04  Karel Gardasfix linker_unload test on Solaris/i386 platform
2014-08-04  Sergei TrofimovichUse 'install' command for 'inplace/' install as we...
2014-08-04  Sergei Trofimovichdocs: fix typo: 'OVERLAPPINGP' -> 'OVERLAPPING'
2014-08-04  Edsko de VriesTerminate in forkProcess like in real_main
2014-08-02  Joachim BreitnerAdd missing *.stderr files
2014-08-02  David TereiAdd in (disabled for now) test of a Safe Haskell bug.
2014-08-02  David TereiInfer safety of modules correctly with new overlapping...
2014-08-02  David TereiUpdate Safe Haskell typeable test outputs.
2014-08-02  David TereiAllow warning if could have been infered safe instead...
2014-08-02  David TereiDont allow hand-written Generic instances in Safe Haskell.
2014-08-01  Simon Peyton... Fix-up to d4d4bef2 'Improve the desugaring of RULES'
2014-08-01  Edward Z. YangTwo new executables to ignore.
2014-08-01  Edward Z. Yang[backpack] More revisions to various pieces.
2014-08-01  Joachim BreitnerBump haddock.base max_bytes_used
2014-08-01  Simon Peyton... Improve the desugaring of RULES, esp those from SPECIAL...
2014-08-01  Simon MarlowA panic in CmmBuildInfoTables.bundle shouldn't be a...
2014-08-01  Simon Marlowadd a comment
2014-08-01  Simon Marlowupdate comment
2014-08-01  Simon MarlowFix reference to note
2014-08-01  Simon Marlowinterruptible() was not returning true for BlockedOnSTM...
2014-08-01  Simon Marlowpanic message fix
2014-08-01  Simon Marlowrefactor to fix 80column overflow
2014-08-01  Gabor PaliUnbreak build.
2014-08-01  Gabor GreifTypo fixes
2014-08-01  Gabor GreifSmall tweaks to comment
2014-07-31  Gabor GreifMinor wordsmithing of comments
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Fix up ghci044
2014-07-31  Gabor GreifTypo in comment
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Complete work on new OVERLAPPABLE/OVERLAPPING pragmas...
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Add comments about the {-# INCOHERENT #-} for Typeable...
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Add a fast-path in TcInteract.kickOutRewritable
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9380
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space
2014-07-31  Edward Z. Yang[backpack] Package selection
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Compiler perf has improved a bit
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Comments and minor refactoring
2014-07-31  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space
2014-07-31  Simon MarlowAllow multiple entry points when allocating recursive...
2014-07-31  Simon Marlowcomment update
2014-07-31  Reid BartonAdd .gitignore line for stage=1 testsuite generated...
2014-07-31  Reid BartonMake mod73 test insensitive to minor variations (#9325)
2014-07-30  Niklas LarssonFix variable name typo from commit 3021fb
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd user documentation for explicitly-bidirectional...
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd note about renaming of pattern synonym wrappers
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoRefactor PatSynBind so that we can pass around PSBs...
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd test cases for explicitly-bidirectional pattern...
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoWhen computing minimal recursive sets of bindings,...
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoTypecheck the wrapper definition of a pattern synonym,
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergotcLookupPatSyn: look up the PatSyn record for a given Id
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd renamer support for explicitly-bidirectional patter...
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoTypechecker support for explicitly-bidirectional patter...
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd parser support for explicitly bidirectional pattern...
2014-07-29  Dr. ERDI GergoNew parser for pattern synonym declarations:
2014-07-29  Joachim BreitnergetCoerbileInsts: Move the two NT-unwrapping instances...
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: Detab OSThreads.c
2014-07-28  Austin SeippFix validate fallout
2014-07-28  Sergei Trofimovichbase: make System.IO.openTempFile generate less predict...
2014-07-28  niklasDon't clean away inplace/mingw and inplace/perl.
2014-07-28  Austin Seippdriver: Fix usage of '$0' in (#8873)
2014-07-28  niklasDo not check permissions when running find on Windows.
2014-07-28  Ben GamariAdd Functor, Applicative, Monad instances for First...
2014-07-28  Jost Bertholduse GHC-7.8.3's values for thread block reason (fixes...
2014-07-28  Isamu MogiAvoid to pass a socket to setmode/isatty in Windows
2014-07-28  Karel Gardasadd Solaris' linker warning messages filtering into...
2014-07-28  Karel Gardasdo not link with -lrt on Solaris for threaded way
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: add Emacs 'Local Variables' to every .c file
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: detab/dewhitespace WSDeque.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: detab/dewhitespace WSDeque.h
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: detab/dewhitespace ThreadPaused.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace ThreadLabels.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace StgRun.h
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace RtsDllMain.h
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace RtsDllMain.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace RetainerSet.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace RetainerSet.h
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace PosixSource.h
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace Papi.h
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint Papi.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace Papi.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace OldARMAtomic.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint Messages.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: detab/dewhitespace Messages.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace Hash.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace Globals.h
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint FileLock.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: detab/dewhitespace FileLock.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace Arena.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace win32/WorkQueue.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace win32/WorkQueue.h
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace win32/ThrIOManager.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace win32/OSThreads.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace win32/OSMem.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace win32/IOManager.c
2014-07-28  Austin Seipprts: delint/detab/dewhitespace win32/IOManager.h