2018-05-09  Simon MarlowAdd -fghci-leak-check to check for space leaks
2018-05-08  HE, TaoNormalize the element type of ListPat, fix #14547
2018-05-08  Ben GamariRevert "Normalize the element type of ListPat, fix...
2018-05-08  Ben GamariNormalize the element type of ListPat, fix #14547
2018-05-08  Ben GamariRevert "Normalize the element type of ListPat, fix...
2018-05-08  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Move discussion MAX_PATH out of release...
2018-05-08  Simon Peyton... Simplify the kind checking for type/class decls
2018-05-08  Simon Peyton... Used named fields for DataDeclRn
2018-05-08  Simon Peyton... Small refactoring in Exitify
2018-05-06  Ömer Sinan... printStackChunk: recognise a few more ret frames
2018-05-06  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump T5631 expected allocations
2018-05-06  Ben Gamaribase/changelog: Note stabilization of asinh (#14927)
2018-05-06  Justus SagemüllerStable area hyperbolic sine for `Double` and `Float`.
2018-05-06  Justus SagemüllerAdd hyperbolic functions to test of Float-inverses
2018-05-06  Justus SagemüllerAdd test for invertability of `Floating` methods.
2018-05-05  Sebastian GrafAdd 'addWordC#' PrimOp
2018-05-05  Mitchell RosenUse unsafeInsertNew to create timers in TimerManager
2018-05-05  Moritz AngermannDo not supply `-mcpu` if `-optlc` provides `-mcpu`...
2018-05-05  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for #15067
2018-05-05  HE, TaoNormalize the element type of ListPat, fix #14547
2018-05-05  klebinger.andreas... Split TrieMap into a general (TrieMap) and core specifi...
2018-05-05  Ben Gamarirel-notes: Note that -hT is now allowed
2018-05-05  Masahiro SakaiFix typo in user guide about promoted list
2018-05-05  mrkkrpUpdate docker images to use GHC 8.4.2 and cabal-install-2.2
2018-05-05  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump T9630 allocations as a result of 33de71...
2018-05-04  Simon Peyton... Simplify callSiteInline a little
2018-05-04  Bartosz NitkaNormalize T14999 test output some more
2018-05-03  Herbert Valerio... Enable warning flags to safe-guard against regressions...
2018-05-03  Ben Gamarirts: Throw better error if --numa is used without libnu...
2018-05-03  Chaitanya KoparkarGHCi: Improve the error message for hidden packages
2018-05-03  Chaitanya KoparkarMove the ResponseFile module from haddock into base
2018-05-03  Bartosz NitkaCorrectly add unwinding info in manifestSp and makeFixu...
2018-05-03  David KraeutmannFix NUMA support on Windows (#15049)
2018-05-03  Matthew PickeringCircleCI: Save test results as JUnit XML
2018-05-03  Matthew PickeringDon't shadow "result" in JUnit driver
2018-05-03  Andrew Martinminor improvement to wording of warning against First...
2018-05-03  Andrew Martindocument the plan for removing Data.Semigroup.Option
2018-05-03  Andrew MartinWarn against using Data.Monoid.First
2018-05-03  Bertram FelgenhauerCompute DW_FORM_block length correctly; also fixes...
2018-05-03  Ryan ScottAdd regression tests for #14904
2018-05-03  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #15114
2018-05-03  David FeuerSet arity for absentError
2018-05-02  Simon MarlowstorageAddCapabilities: fix bug in updating nursery...
2018-05-02  Simon MarlowerrorWithoutStackTrace: omit profiling stack trace...
2018-05-02  Joachim BreitnerExitify: Do not trip over shadowing (fixes #15110)
2018-05-01  Ben Gamarirts: Allow profiling by closure type in prof way
2018-05-01  Ben Gamarirts: Add -hT to the rts usage message
2018-05-01  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump performance meterics due to 3d38e8284b73
2018-05-01  Ben Gamarirts: Don't disable formatting warning in RetainerSet.c
2018-05-01  Simon Peyton... Preserve join-point arity in CoreOpt
2018-05-01  Simon Peyton... Don't crash when pretty-printing bad joins
2018-05-01  Joachim BreitnerAdd test case for #15108
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Better linting for types
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Make out-of-scope errors more prominent
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Refactor tcExtendLocalFamInst a bit
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Comments only: the FVAnn invariant
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Minor refactoring in Exitify
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Add missing stdout file for T14955
2018-04-27  Alan ZimmermanTTG : complete for balance of hsSyn AST
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Rename a local variable
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Refactor in OccurAnal
2018-04-27  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2018-04-26  Simon Peyton... Do not unpack class dictionaries with INLINABLE
2018-04-25  Andrey MokhovUpdate Hadrian submodule
2018-04-25  Ömer Sinan... Stable.c: minor refactoring, add/update some comments
2018-04-24  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix T4442 on 32-bit architectures
2018-04-24  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix overflow in T13623 on 32-bit machines
2018-04-24  Ben Gamarighc-prim: Refactor and document __sync_fetch_and_nand...
2018-04-23  Joachim BreitnerAdd testcase for #15050
2018-04-23  Simon Peyton... coercion: Improve debugging output
2018-04-23  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fix up formatting in 8.6 release notes
2018-04-22  Ömer Sinan... Typo fix in scavenge_one comment [skip ci]
2018-04-21  Ömer Sinan... Remove a outdated comment [skip ci]
2018-04-21  Ömer Sinan... rts: Use g0 for &generations[0]
2018-04-21  Ömer Sinan... s/traverse_weak_ptr_list/traverseWeakPtrList in comment...
2018-04-20  Tobias DammersRemove unnecessary check in simplCast
2018-04-20  Ben Gamaribase: Add a test for T10412
2018-04-20  Matthew PickeringFix implementation of rnIfaceBndr
2018-04-20  Matthew PickeringRemove broken top-level shell.nix
2018-04-20  Simon Peyton... comments only
2018-04-20  Simon Peyton... Inline wrappers earlier
2018-04-20  Tobias DammersCaching coercion roles in NthCo and coercionKindsRole...
2018-04-20  Ryan ScottBump transformers submodule
2018-04-20  ARJANEN Loïc... Fixes isAlphaNum re. isAlpha/isNumber and doc fix ...
2018-04-20  Ryan ScottLint types in newFamInst
2018-04-19  Ben Gamariboot: Fix computation of TOP
2018-04-19  Ben Gamariconfigure: Use -Werror to check for existence of -no-pie
2018-04-19  Ben Gamariparsec: Make version hack compatible with Windows
2018-04-19  Alp Mestanogullaritestsuite: Fix `./validate --slow`
2018-04-19  Ryan ScottBump base to version
2018-04-19  Ryan ScottFix #15012 with a well-placed use of Any
2018-04-19  HE, TaoBetter error message for empty character literal, for...
2018-04-19  Ömer Sinan... Add a test for #14815:
2018-04-19  Sergei Trofimovichrts: fix format arguments for debugBelch calls on 32...
2018-04-19  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Override mathjax_path
2018-04-19  Ben GamariAdd a test case from the nested CPR work
2018-04-19  Ryan ScottBump unix submodule to version
2018-04-19  Ryan ScottFix #14710 with more validity checks during renaming
2018-04-17  Alp MestanogullariIntroduce a $tooldir variable for nicer toolchain detec...
2018-04-17  Kirill ZaborskyProper safe coercions paper link