2007-04-06  Ian LynaghFixes for building the libraries with cabal on Windows
2006-11-13  Aaron TombFix external core syntax (though not full compilation)
2007-04-06  Ian LynaghRemove code that is dead, as we require __GLASGOW_HASKE...
2007-03-16  Ian LynaghDon't break when asked to install-docs
2007-03-16  Ian LynaghAdd a comment
2007-03-10  Ian LynaghMake building binary dists work with cabalised libraries
2007-03-08  Ian LynaghBuild the libraries with cabal
2007-04-01  red5_2@hotmail.comfix adjustor generation on ia64 (test case ffi009)
2007-03-27  red5_2@hotmail.comsave two more FP registers on ia64
2007-04-04  Simon Marlowadd a safety net to avoid generating bogus code
2007-04-04  Simon Marlowadd comments about ticky RTS ways
2007-04-04  Simon Marlowslight doc wibble for the -r flag
2007-04-04  Simon MarlowMERGE: Fix bug exposed by conc052.
2007-04-04  Simon MarlowHANDLE --> (void *), we can't rely on having included...
2007-04-04  Ian LynaghFix C/Haskell type mismatches
2007-04-04  Ian LynaghFix typo
2007-04-03  Ian LynaghFix C/Haskell type mismatches
2007-04-02  simonpj@microsoft.comMake type-tidying work for coercion variables
2007-04-01  Ian LynaghMake error message output order consistent
2007-03-06  Alec BerrymanFix darcs-all to be usable with shells other than bash
2007-04-02  Manuel M T... Fixed desugaring of parallel array comprehensions
2007-03-30  simonpj@microsoft.comThe ru_local field of a CoreRule is False for implicit Ids
2007-03-30  simonpj@microsoft.comMatch the type of an Id during rule matching
2007-03-28  Ian LynaghAdd filepath library
2007-03-29  Ian LynaghFix the type of wgencat
2007-03-29  Ian LynaghDocument that ghci now adds () to the start of the...
2007-03-28  LemmihRefactoring in HscMain.lhs
2007-03-28  LemmihTypo in comment.
2007-03-28  Simon Marlowremove old library doc link (#1098), and point to HackageDB
2007-03-27  wolfgang.thaller... Make GHC main program depend on the libHSghc_dyn when...
2007-03-27  wolfgang.thaller... Use a sensible set of compiler options for building...
2007-03-27  Simon Marlowmake GHCi use base:Prelude, not just Prelude
2007-03-27  Simon Marlowmore improvements for #1119
2007-03-27  Simon Marlowpartial fix for #1119
2007-03-26  Simon Marlowremove docs for unimplemented options
2007-03-27  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd comments about the -include-prelude flag for ghc -M
2007-03-23  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove dead code from rnExpr (Var v); seems to be a...
2007-03-26  Simon Marlowmove "boot :: all" after the include of to...
2007-03-26  Simon Marlowadd missing progress message
2007-03-23  simonpj@microsoft.comEmit a decent error message when there is a decl-splice...
2007-03-23  simonpj@microsoft.comWibble fixing overlapped pattern
2007-03-23  simonpj@microsoft.comTidy up refactoring only
2007-03-22  Ian LynaghDocumentation for --install-signal-handlers=<yes|no>
2007-03-22  Ian LynaghAdd an --install-signal-handlers=<yes|no> RTS flag...
2007-03-22  Ian LynaghMake a Functor (IOEnv m) instance so it satisfies the...
2007-03-22  sven.panne... Warning police: Removed catch-all case which was overlapped
2007-03-22  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd -ddump-mod-cycles to -M behaviour
2007-03-22  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove documentation of instances
2007-03-21  simonpj@microsoft.comFix checkHiBootIface for instances declared in hs-boot...
2007-03-18  red5_2@hotmail.commangler and runtime updates for gcc 4 on ia64
2007-03-17  red5_2@hotmail.comia64 tailcall fix
2007-03-21  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove bogus export from TcSplice.lhs-boot
2007-03-21  simonpj@microsoft.comWibble to GHCi part of TcRnDriver
2007-03-21  simonpj@microsoft.comYet another wibble to checkHiBootIface; it's trickier...
2007-03-21  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove pretty-printing for IfaceConDecl
2007-03-21  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove redundant exports from a hs-boot file
2007-03-20  simonpj@microsoft.comFurther wibbles to checkBootIface (fixed HEAD build)
2007-03-19  simonpj@microsoft.comUse explict layout (fixes breakage when compiling TcSim...
2007-03-17  Ian LynaghFix typo "lazy y x" -> "lazy y"
2007-03-16  simonpj@microsoft.comDesugar applications of 'seq' specially; fix Trac ...
2007-03-16  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove error messages for 'deriving' clauses
2007-03-16  simonpj@microsoft.comRefactor TcRnDriver, and check exports on hi-boot files
2007-03-16  simonpj@microsoft.comComment out debug traces
2007-03-15  sven.panne... Use update-alternatives for handling generic tool names
2007-03-15  simonpj@microsoft.comMake the type-defaulting in GHCi use () as the first...
2007-03-15  sven.panne... Added support for parallel builds
2007-03-14  simonpj@microsoft.comWibble to type-error-message improvement
2007-03-14  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove error messages slightly, saying "" inste...
2007-03-14  Ian LynaghTweak hasktags to cope with abc::def correctly
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Unbreak Haddock markup
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Warning police: Avoid name shadowing
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Handle primitive types and pseudo ops when generating...
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Warning police: Replace patter matching failures by...
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Added LaTeX commands for primitive types and pseudo ops
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Fixed LaTeX markup
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Warning police: Don't rely on defaulting
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Warning police: Removed "Defined but not used" warnings
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Warning police: Added type signatures
2007-03-14  sven.panne... Use -Wall for compilation of genprimopcode
2007-03-14  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove typechecker error messages; see Trac #1221
2007-03-13  Ian LynaghFix the way configure sets the ghc_ge_* variables
2007-03-13  Simon Marlowcache the values of ghc_ge_XXX at configure-time
2007-03-14  Brian AllietUpdate the wired-in name for Data.String.IsString
2007-03-13  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd helpful cross-references
2007-03-13  Simon Marlowfix #1200: don't evaluate the result of main
2007-01-23  Simon MarlowFix a bug in the liveness analysis
2007-03-12  Ian LynaghBe a bit more verbose about what's happening when recur...
2007-03-11  Ian LynaghHave configure take arguments telling it where gmp...
2007-03-09  Ian LynaghAvoid duplication in the binary-dist rules for docs
2007-03-09  Ian LynaghRemove duplication in binary dist rules
2007-03-08  wolfgang.thaller... Make constructor names in info tables position independent
2007-03-08  Simon Marlowwhen invoking gcc, instead of the -B<dir> flag, use...
2007-03-08  Simon Marlowsmall cleanups
2007-03-08  Simon Marlowrefactor: use do-notation rather than `thenBc`-style
2007-03-08  Simon Marlowadd missing %ENTRY_CODE()
2007-03-08  Simon Marlowadd noDuplicatezh_fast to symbol table
2007-03-07  Simon Marlowadd declaration for noDuplicatezh_fast
2007-03-06  Ian LynaghRemove outdated libraries/doc/libraries.xml and librari...
2007-03-06  Simon Marlowadd noDuplicate#
2007-03-06  Simon MarlowTHREADED_RTS: use cas() when claiming thunks