2007-08-31  Ian LynaghMake the doc index page obey DESTDIR
2007-08-31  Ian LynaghMake rts docs obey DESTDIR
2007-08-31  Ian LynaghMake the manpage obey DESTDIR
2007-08-31  Ian LynaghObey DESTDIR when installing library docs
2007-08-30  Simon Marlowtypo in DLL code
2007-08-30  Simon MarlowWindows: give a better error message when running out...
2007-08-31  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove NDP-related stuff from PrelNames
2007-08-31  Roman LeshchinskiyVectorisation of enumeration types
2007-08-31  Roman LeshchinskiyNumber data constructors from 0 when vectorising
2007-08-31  Roman LeshchinskiyRename functions
2007-08-31  Roman LeshchinskiyRefactoring
2007-08-31  Roman LeshchinskiyRefactoring
2007-08-31  Roman LeshchinskiyFix vectorisation of nullary data constructors
2007-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyDo not unnecessarily wrap array components
2007-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove dead code
2007-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyFix vectorisation of unary data constructors
2007-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyFix vectorisation of sum type constructors
2007-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyTrack changes to package ndp (use PArray_Int# instead...
2007-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyFind the correct array type for primitive tycons
2007-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd code for looking up PA methods of primitive TyCons
2007-08-29  Roman LeshchinskiyDelete dead code
2007-08-29  Roman LeshchinskiyRewrite vectorisation of product DataCon workers
2007-08-29  Roman LeshchinskiyRewrite generation of PA dictionaries
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyComplete PA dictionary generation for product types
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiySimplify generation of PR dictionaries for products
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove unused vectorisation built-in
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyAdapt PArray instance generation to new scheme
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd UArr built-in
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyModify generation of PR dictionaries for new scheme
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyRefactoring
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove dead code
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyFix buildFromPRepr
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyMove code
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyMove code
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyDelete dead code
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyChange buildToPRepr to work with the new representation...
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove Embed and related stuff from vectorisation
2007-08-24  Roman LeshchinskiyEncode generic representation of vectorised TyCons...
2007-08-23  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove dead code
2007-08-23  Roman LeshchinskiyConversions to/from generic array representation (not...
2007-08-23  Roman LeshchinskiyUse n-ary sums and products for NDP's generic represent...
2007-08-30  Ian LynaghFix where all the documentation gets installed
2007-08-30  Manuel M T... Added decidability check for type instances
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraWarning police
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraUse a Data.Sequence instead of a list in cvReconstructType
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraFix a bug in RtClosureInspect.cvReconstructType.
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraWarning police
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraUNDO: Extend ModBreaks with the srcspan's of the enclos...
2007-08-30  Simon Marlowremove "special Ids" section, replace with a link to...
2007-08-30  Simon Marlowexpand docs for unsafeCoerce#, as a result of investiga...
2007-08-29  Simon MarlowRemove text about ghcprof. It almost certainly doesn...
2007-08-29  Simon Marlowfix compiling GHC 6.7+ with itself - compat needs ...
2007-08-24  Simon Marlowfix typo
2007-08-29  Simon Marlowno -auto-all for CorePrep
2007-08-29  Simon Marlowimprovements to findPtr(), a useful hack for space...
2007-08-28  Simon Marlowfix up some old text, remove things that aren't true...
2007-08-29  Simon MarlowWindows: remove the {Enter,Leave}CricialSection wrappers
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraWibble
2007-08-29  Manuel M T... FIX: Remove accidential change to darcs-all in type...
2007-08-28  Ian LynaghRemove INSTALL_INCLUDES; no longer used
2007-08-28  Ian LynaghUse DESTDIR when installing
2007-08-28  Ian LynaghCopy LICENSE files into the bindist, as Cabal now insta...
2007-08-28  Ben.Lippmeier... Better handling of join points in spill cleaner 2007-08-28
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier... comment wibble
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier... Add count of reg-reg moves remaining for linear allocat...
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier... Add a count of how many spill/reloads/reg-reg-moves...
2007-08-28  Ian LynaghUse INSTALL_HEADERS in includes/ rather than abusing...
2007-08-28  Ian LynaghMake some header-installing machinery, and use it to...
2007-08-28  Ian LynaghTidy up the gmp/ Makefile a bit
2007-08-27  Pepe Iborra:stepover ---> :steplocal, :stepmodule
2007-08-27  Pepe IborraUse a version of obtainTerm that takes a max depth...
2007-08-27  Pepe IborraBe more careful when calculating the enclosing top...
2007-08-26  Pepe IborraStyle: remove trailing spaces
2007-08-26  Pepe IborraPrint contents of bindings when stopping at a breakpoint
2007-08-24  Pepe IborraA partial attempt to improve :stepover
2007-08-22  Pepe IborraBetter document :stepover and its limitations
2007-08-28  Simon MarlowFIX #1533: foreign exporing the same identifier multipl...
2007-08-26  Simon Marlowconvert to use System.FilePath
2007-08-26  Simon MarlowRefactoring only: remove [Id] field from ForeignStubs
2007-08-28  Manuel M T... Type checking for type synonym families
2007-08-26  Ian LynaghFix retainer profiling Before_type_family_merge
2007-08-26  Ian LynaghOn Windows, stage1 also deps on stamp.inplace-gcc-lib
2007-08-26  sven.panne... Synched GHC's .spec file with recent changes
2007-08-26  Ian LynaghCheck that exported modules were actually imported...
2007-08-25  sven.panne... Be more flexible when trying to make scripts executable
2007-08-25  Ian LynaghDon't put push-all and darcs-all in source dists
2007-08-25  Ian LynaghAdd a missing "entryCode"
2007-08-25  Ian LynaghFix the IF_DEBUG(interpreter in StgCRun.c
2007-08-25  Ian LynaghAdd "Support SMP" and "RTS ways" to the compiler -...
2007-08-25  sven.panne... Overhaul boot script
2007-08-25  sven.panne... Added a few missing files to a source distribution
2007-08-25  sven.panne... Fixed test for pwd executable
2007-08-24  Ian LynaghJump through some hoops to make the Windows SEH excepti...
2007-08-24  Ian LynaghCheck haddocking works when validating
2007-08-24  Ian LynaghAdd "have interpreter" to the compiler --info output
2007-08-24  Ian LynaghIn ghc-inplace, flush stdout after giving debugging...
2007-08-10  Ian LynaghFollow Array changes (adding numElements field)
2007-08-24  Clemens FruhwirthCabal upstream API change -- installPackage to use...
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier... Erase unneeded spill/reloads after register allocation
2007-08-24  Ben.Lippmeier... Be more paranoid about not creating space leaks in...