2012-01-25  Simon MarlowUse an ordered list for the work list, which is a bit...
2012-01-25  Simon MarlowDifferent implementation of MkGraph
2012-01-25  Simon MarlowFurther optimisations to the fixpoint algorithm
2012-01-25  Simon Marlowoptimise OrdList
2012-01-25  Simon MarlowUse Set instead of Map for CAFSet
2012-01-25  Simon Marlowoptimise foldExpDeep
2012-01-23  Simon Marlowmake it compile with earlier GHCs
2012-01-23  Simon Marlowsnapshot of latest improvements
2012-01-23  Simon Marlowstrictness annotations
2012-01-23  Simon MarlowdeepBwdRw3 -> mkBRewrite3
2012-01-23  Simon Marlowstrictness annotations
2012-01-20  Simon Marlowsnapshot: fastest version so far
2012-01-20  Simon Marlowimplement RegSet by Set, not UniqSet
2012-01-19  Simon Marlowadd an SCC
2012-01-19  Simon Marlowtiny refactoring
2012-01-19  Simon MarlowA little unpacking and strictness
2012-01-18  Simon Marlowunpack the Label in CmmEntry
2012-01-17  Simon Marlowremove unused code
2012-01-17  Simon Marlowadd missing files
2012-01-17  Simon MarlowSnapshot
2012-01-13  Simon MarlowOptimise FuelUniqSM
2012-01-13  Simon MarlowOptimise UniqSM
2011-12-19  Simon MarlowMore codegen refactoring with simonpj
2011-12-19  Simon MarlowFix alignment in the CostCentre struct (#5710)
2011-12-18  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-18  Manuel M T... Fix scalar vectorisation of superclasses and recursive...
2011-12-16  Jose Pedro... Fix a bug in TcCanonical (Dimitrios spotted)
2011-12-16  Jose Pedro... Better failure with promoted kinds in TH
2011-12-15  Ian LynaghRemove some dead code
2011-12-15  Dimitrios VytiniotisMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-15  Simon MarlowFix a path, and strip out C++ comments too
2011-12-15  Simon MarlowSupport for reducing the number of Capabilities with...
2011-12-15  Dimitrios VytiniotisExposing a useful assertion which was hidden inside...
2011-12-14  Simon MarlowFix a memory allocation bug (rts_argv wasn't big enough)
2011-12-14  Simon MarlowExport CoreModule(..) (#5698)
2011-12-14  Manuel M T... Be more careful when deciding which functions are scalar
2011-12-14  Manuel M T... Fix -ddump-tc-trace for recursively defined type constr...
2011-12-14  Manuel M T... Revert "vectoriser: workaround bug in classiftTyCons"
2011-12-13  Ian LynaghFix users_guide markup
2011-12-13  Ian LynaghHEAD now requires GHC >= 7.0 to bootstrap
2011-12-13  Simon Marlow$(rts_H_FILES) should contain .h files in subdirectorie...
2011-12-13  Simon MarlowFix for a bug in setNumCapabilities
2011-12-13  Simon MarlowFix for a bug in +RTS -qi (crash in zero_static_object_...
2011-12-13  Simon Marlowadd a missing error check
2011-12-13  Simon MarlowAdd a comment about oddity with yieldThread() and timin...
2011-12-13  Simon Peyton... Towards fixing Trac #5664
2011-12-13  Simon Peyton... Spelling correction in comment
2011-12-13  Simon Peyton... Document typechecking of pattern bindings
2011-12-13  Simon Peyton... Document the "kind invariant", and check it
2011-12-13  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-13  Simon MarlowAvoid integer overflow when calling allocGroup() (...
2011-12-13  Simon MarlowNew flag +RTS -qi<n>, avoid waking up idle Capabilities...
2011-12-13  Simon MarlowwaitForGcThreads: should be calling interruptCapability...
2011-12-13  Simon Marlowsome small optimisations
2011-12-13  Simon Marlowadd some SCCs
2011-12-13  Simon MarlowDo not emit the THREAD_RUNNABLE event; it has no useful...
2011-12-13  Manuel M T... Correct tidying of VectInfo; fixes #5613
2011-12-13  Ian LynaghBump version number to 7.5
2011-12-12  Ian LynaghAdd diff command to sync-all
2011-12-12  Simon Peyton... Add comments about the meaning of can_fail and has_side...
2011-12-12  Simon MarlowAdd a mutex around stg_sig_install
2011-12-12  Simon Marlowremove duplicate getStablePtr (already done in hs_init())
2011-12-12  Simon Marlowchange a contextSwitchCapability() to interruptCapability()
2011-12-12  Simon Peyton... Make derived functor stuff watch out for type functions...
2011-12-12  Simon Peyton... Comments about orphans
2011-12-12  Ben Lippmeiervectoriser: workaround bug in classiftTyCons
2011-12-12  Simon Peyton... Allow type signatures in instance decls (Trac #5676)
2011-12-11  David TereiFix comment in CgMonad
2011-12-11  David TereiRemove unused Interval module.
2011-12-11  David TereiMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-09  Simon MarlowFix a real bug, exposed by my recent change to the...
2011-12-09  Simon MarlowFix Windows build
2011-12-09  Simon MarlowMerge remote branch 'phonohawk/patch-5408'
2011-12-09  Simon MarlowFix silly bug in casMutVar#: I forgot the GC write...
2011-12-09  David TereiMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-08  PHOResurrect UseLibFFIForAdjustors from bitrot.
2011-12-08  PHODetect cases where as(1) doesn't recognise .ident direc...
2011-12-07  Simon MarlowDefine getNumberOfProcessors() even when !THREADED_RTS
2011-12-07  Simon MarlowImprove optimisation in the presence of SCCs (fixes...
2011-12-07  Simon MarlowTake into account -fprof-auto-*
2011-12-07  Manuel M T... Add new primtypes 'ArrayArray#' and 'MutableArrayArray#'
2011-12-07  Ian LynaghImprove the space usage of checkremove
2011-12-06  David TereiTabs -> Spaces + Formatting
2011-12-06  Simon MarlowAllow the number of capabilities to be increased at...
2011-12-06  Simon MarlowMake forkProcess work with +RTS -N
2011-12-06  Ben LippmeierFix #5658: mark all array indexing primops as can_fail
2011-12-06  Peter WortmannCode generation: Always ask for result of newSpark
2011-12-06  David TereiFix trac # 5486
2011-12-05  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2011-12-05  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of ../HEAD
2011-12-05  Simon Peyton... Allow full constraint solving under a for-all (Trac...
2011-12-05  Simon Peyton... Comments only: EqVar vs Covar
2011-12-05  Simon Peyton... Make TypeMap an instance of Outputable
2011-12-04  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-12-04  Ian LynaghClean includes/GHCConstants.h includes/DerivedConstants.h
2011-12-04  Simon Peyton... Remove unused import
2011-12-04  David TereiRemove dead function.
2011-12-04  David TereiRemove old mangler comment
2011-12-04  David TereiAdd SCC for LLVM code output
2011-12-04  David TereiFix ugly complexity issue in LLVM backend (#5652)