2018-11-02  Richard EisenbergDon't lint erroneous programs. ghc-8.6.2-release
2018-11-02  Richard EisenbergFix #15787 by squashing a coercion hole.
2018-10-31  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fix version number
2018-10-30  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Note existence of #14251
2018-10-30  Ryan ScottFix #15815 by parenthesizing the arguments to infix ~
2018-10-30  Ben GamariRevert "Multiple fixes / improvements for LLVM backend"
2018-10-30  Ben GamariRevert "Fix for T14251 on ARM"
2018-10-30  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fix typo
2018-10-30  Simon Peyton... Report a Wanted error even if there are Given ones
2018-10-28  Ningning XieFix TcType.anyRewritableTyVar
2018-10-28  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Add release notes for 8.6.2
2018-10-28  sheafplugins: search for .a files if necessary
2018-10-28  Christiaan... Comment out CONSTANT_FOLDED in GHC.Natural
2018-10-28  Fangyi ZhouFix integer overflow when encoding doubles (Trac #15271)
2018-10-28  Ningning XieFix `:k` command: add validity checking
2018-10-28  Ben Gamariincludes: Allow headers to be built with C++11 compilers
2018-10-28  Zejun WuFix rare undefined asm temp end label error in x86
2018-10-28  Kavon FarvardinFix for T14251 on ARM
2018-10-24  Ben GamariBump hsc2hs submodule
2018-10-17  Ben GamariBump version to 8.6.2
2018-10-17  Ben Gamaricircleci: Build with in-tree GMP on Darwin
2018-10-17  Richard EisenbergFix #15761 by adding parens
2018-10-17  Ben GamariBump haddock submodule
2018-10-17  Simon Peyton... Fail fast on pattern synonyms
2018-10-16  Ben Gamaribase: Fill in TBAs in changelog
2018-10-13  Ömer Sinan... Fix dataToTag# argument evaluation
2018-10-13  Simon Peyton... Do not mark CoVars as dead in the occur-anal
2018-10-13  Simon MarlowFix for recover with -fexternal-interpreter (#15418)
2018-10-13  Alec TheriaultGHCi should not filter instances involving cTuples
2018-10-13  Vladislav ZavialovAdd -Wstar-is-type to the User's Guide
2018-10-13  Ömer Sinan... Fix slop zeroing for AP_STACK eager blackholes in debug...
2018-10-13  rolandCompiler panic on invalid syntax (unterminated pragma)
2018-10-13  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for #15053
2018-10-13  Alec TheriaultDon't show constraint tuples in errors (#14907)
2018-10-07  Ben Gamariusers guide: Drop old release notes
2018-10-05  Ryan ScottBe mindful of GADT tyvar order when desugaring record...
2018-10-05  Tamar ChristinaDrop accidental write-attributes request
2018-10-05  Ben GamariBump array submodule
2018-10-05  Kavon FarvardinMultiple fixes / improvements for LLVM backend
2018-10-05  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Don't force run of llvm ways in T14251
2018-10-05  Ben GamariAdd testcase for #14251
2018-09-21  Ben Gamaricircleci: Run cabal update with -v
2018-09-21  Ben GamariSet RELEASE=YES ghc-8.6.1-release
2018-09-20  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Allow build with sphinx < 1.8
2018-09-20  Zejun Wuusers_guide: fix sphinx error caused by non-explicit...
2018-09-20  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fix build with sphinx 1.8
2018-09-19  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fill out release highlights
2018-09-19  Ben GamariBump stm submodule
2018-09-19  Takenobu Taniusers-guide: Fix code-block layout for QuantifiedConstr...
2018-09-18  Simon MarlowDon't shortcut SRTs for static functions (#15544)
2018-09-18  Ben GamariRevert "Revert "Disable the SRT offset optimisation...
2018-09-18  Ben GamariRevert "Revert "Fix a bug in SRT generation""
2018-09-18  Ben GamariRevert "Revert "Fix retainer profiling after SRT overhaul""
2018-09-18  Ben GamariRevert "Revert "Comments and refactoring only""
2018-09-18  Ben GamariRevert "Revert "Merge FUN_STATIC closure with its SRT""
2018-09-18  Ben GamariRevert "Revert "Save a word in the info table on x86_64""
2018-09-18  Ben GamariRevert "Revert "An overhaul of the SRT representation""
2018-09-18  Krzysztof GogolewskiFix T15502 on 32-bit
2018-09-16  Ben GamariBump deepseq submodule
2018-09-16  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule
2018-09-16  Ben GamariBump text submodule
2018-09-16  Ben GamariBump stm submodule
2018-09-16  Chaitanya KoparkarUpdate hsc2hs submodule
2018-09-16  Ben Gamaribase: showEFloat: Handle negative precisions the same...
2018-09-16  Chaitanya KoparkarFix #10859 by using foldr1 while deriving Eq instances
2018-09-16  Ryan ScottFix #15572 by checking for promoted names in ConT
2018-09-16  Ryan ScottFix #15550 by quoting RULE names during TH conversion
2018-09-16  Simon Peyton... canCFunEqCan: use isTcReflexiveCo (not isTcReflCo)
2018-09-16  Ryan ScottFix #15502 by not casting to Int during TH conversion
2018-09-13  Ben GamariRevert "An overhaul of the SRT representation"
2018-09-13  Ben GamariRevert "Save a word in the info table on x86_64"
2018-09-13  Ben GamariRevert "Merge FUN_STATIC closure with its SRT"
2018-09-13  Ben GamariRevert "Comments and refactoring only"
2018-09-13  Ben GamariRevert "Fix retainer profiling after SRT overhaul"
2018-09-13  Ben GamariRevert "Fix a bug in SRT generation"
2018-09-13  Simon MarlowRevert "Disable the SRT offset optimisation on MachO...
2018-09-13  Ömer Sinan... Revert incorrect STM wakeup optimisation
2018-09-12  Simon MarlowFix gcCAFs()
2018-09-12  Ben Gamaritemplate-haskell: Fix typo in changelog
2018-09-07  Ben Gamarirts: Handle SMALL_MUT_ARR_PTRS in retainer profilter
2018-09-07  chris-baconFixed typo in exponent example
2018-09-07  Andrey MokhovFix a constant folding rule
2018-09-07  Krzysztof GogolewskiFix typo in 8.6.1 notes
2018-09-07  Ömer Sinan... Skip eventlog tests in GHCi way
2018-09-07  Ömer Sinan... Fix a race between GC threads in concurrent scavenging
2018-09-07  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule to
2018-09-07  Ben GamariDo a final pass over the changelogs
2018-08-23  David FeuerExpose the StableName constructor
2018-08-23  Ryan ScottProperly designate LambdaCase alts as CaseAlt in TH
2018-08-23  Ryan ScottSuppress redundant givens during error reporting
2018-08-23  Simon Jakobi--show-iface: Qualify all non-local names
2018-08-23  Simon Peyton... Accommodate API change in transSuperClasses
2018-08-23  Simon Peyton... Fix a typo in TcValidity.checkFamInstRhs
2018-08-23  Simon Peyton... Turn infinite loop into a panic
2018-08-23  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add (broken) test for #15473
2018-08-23  Alec TheriaultExplicitly tell 'getNameToInstances' mods to load
2018-08-23  DavidEichamnnCorrect limb length and assertion for gcdExtInteger
2018-08-23  BodigrimFix gcdExtInteger (trac#15350)
2018-08-21  Ben Gamarirts: Align the_gc_thread to 64 bytes
2018-08-21  Simon Peyton... Set strictness correctly for JoinIds