2019-06-12  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Test using slowtest in deb9-debug job
2019-06-12  Ben GamariBump terminfo to
2019-06-12  Ben GamariBump time submodule to 1.9.3
2019-06-12  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule
2019-06-12  Ben GamariBump binary to
2019-06-12  Krzysztof GogolewskiUse DeriveFunctor throughout the codebase (#15654)
2019-06-12  Ben Gamarirts/linker: Only mprotect GOT after it is filled
2019-06-12  Ben Gamarirts/linker: Make elf_got.c a bit more legible
2019-06-12  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add haddock perf test output to gitignore
2019-06-12  Ben Gamarillvm-targets: Add armv7l-unknown-linux-gnueabi
2019-06-11  Alp Mestanogullaritestsuite/mk/ rename 'ghc-config-mk...
2019-06-11  Ömer Sinan... Fix an error message in CheckUnload.c:searchHeapBlocks
2019-06-11  Ben Gamarirts/linker: Use mmapForLinker to map PLT
2019-06-11  Ben Gamarirts/linker: Mmap into low memory on AArch64
2019-06-11  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: teach the RTS that PROFILING implies TRACING
2019-06-11  Alp Mestanogullarirts/RtsFlags.c: mention that -prof too enables support...
2019-06-11  Alec TheriaultMake `haddock_testsuite` respect `--test-accept`
2019-06-11  Alp MestanogullariRefine the GHCI macro into HAVE[_{INTERNAL, EXTERNAL...
2019-06-11  Yuras ShumovichWarn about unused packages
2019-06-11  Ben Gamarighc-heap: Add closure_size_noopt test
2019-06-11  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix and extend closure_size test
2019-06-11  David EichmannRefactor the rules for .hi and .o into a single rule...
2019-06-11  Richard EisenbergComments only: document newtypes' DataConWrapId
2019-06-10  Vladislav ZavialovPrint role annotations in TemplateHaskell brackets...
2019-06-10  Ben Gamaribase: Mark CPUTime001 as fragile
2019-06-09  Daniel Gröberrts: Fix RetainerProfile early return with TREC_CHUNK
2019-06-09  John EricsonRemove CPP ensuring word size is 32 or 64 bits around...
2019-06-09  Richard EisenbergComments only: document tcdDataCusk better.
2019-06-09  David EichmannHadrian: need CPP preprocessor dependencies #16660
2019-06-09  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for #16509
2019-06-09  nineonineDo not report error if Name in pragma is unbound
2019-06-09  Ben Gamarirts: Separate population of eventTypes from initial...
2019-06-09  Roland SennAdd disable/enable commands to ghci debugger #2215
2019-06-09  Richard EisenbergFix #16517 by bumping the TcLevel for method sigs
2019-06-09  Kevin BuhrHandle trailing path separator in package DB names...
2019-06-09  Simon JakobiSmall refactorings in ExtractDocs
2019-06-09  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for #16514
2019-06-09  chessaiIntroduce log1p and expm1 primops
2019-06-09  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Suppress ticks in T4918 output
2019-06-09  Matthew Pickeringhadrian: Properly partition options in sourceArgs
2019-06-09  Alexandre BaldéExplain that 'mappend' and '(<>)' should be the same...
2019-06-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Ensure that all commits on a branch are...
2019-06-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix submodule linting of commits
2019-06-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Disable shallow clones
2019-06-08  Matthew PickeringRemove trailing whitespace
2019-06-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: A few clarifying comments
2019-06-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix submodule linter
2019-06-08  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Use --unshallow when fetching for linters
2019-06-08  Matthew PickeringFix two lint failures in rts/linker/MachO.c
2019-06-08  Matthew Pickeringgitlab-ci: Don't run two submodule checking jobs on...
2019-06-08  Matthew Pickeringgitlab-ci: Linters, don't allow to fail
2019-06-07  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Create index.html in documentation deployment
2019-06-07  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: use deb9 Docker images instead of deb8 for...
2019-06-07  Ben Gamaribase: Export Finalizers
2019-06-07  Zejun WuPass preprocessor options to C compiler when building...
2019-06-07  code5hotremove backticks from markup - it doesn't mean what...
2019-06-07  code5hotUsed terminology from a paper. Added it as a reference.
2019-06-07  code5hotUpdate Traversable.hs with a note about an intuitive law
2019-06-07  Moritz Angermannllvm-targets: Add x86_64 android layout
2019-06-07  Simon JakobiFix isValidNatural: The BigNat in NatJ# must have at...
2019-06-07  Ben GamariHadrian: Delete target symlink in createFileLinkUntracked
2019-06-07  Simon Peyton... Preserve ShadowInfo when rewriting evidence
2019-06-07  John EricsonFactor out 'getLibDir' / 'getBaseDir' into a new GHC...
2019-06-07  Roland SennFix #16700: Tiny errors in output of GHCi commands...
2019-06-07  Matthew PickeringAdd HEAP_PROF_SAMPLE_END event to mark end of samples
2019-06-07  Sebastian GrafTmOracle: Replace negative term equalities by refutable...
2019-06-07  Andrew Martin[skip ci] Improve the documentation of the CNF primops...
2019-06-07  Matthew Pickeringgitlab-ci: Disable darwin hadrian job
2019-06-04  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: profiling and debug enabled ways support ...
2019-06-04  Ben Gamarimake: Fix bindist installation
2019-06-04  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Run bindisttest during CI
2019-06-04  Xavier DenisAdd GHCi :instances command
2019-06-04  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: fix OSX build failure and add an OSX/Hadrian...
2019-06-04  Andrew MartinUse a better strategy for determining the offset applie...
2019-06-04  David EichmannTestRunner: Added --chart to display a chart of perform...
2019-06-03  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Use GHC 8.6.5 for Windows CI builds
2019-06-03  Takenobu TaniAdd `-haddock` to and .gitlab-ci.yml
2019-06-03  Takenobu TaniAdd `-haddock` to rather than
2019-06-03  Takenobu TaniAdd `-haddock` option under ci condition to fix #16415
2019-06-01  Ömer Sinan... rts: Remove unused decls from CNF.h
2019-06-01  Ömer Sinan... Fix rewriting invalid shifts to errors
2019-06-01  Ryan ScottFix space leaks in dynLoadObjs (#16708)
2019-06-01  Ryan ScottReject nested foralls in foreign imports (#16702)
2019-06-01  Nathan CollinsImprove ThreadId Show instance
2019-05-31  Zubin DuggalFix and enforce validation of header for .hie files
2019-05-31  Simon JakobiImplement (Functor.<$) for Data.Functor.{Compose,Produc...
2019-05-31  Simon JakobiImplement (Functor.<$) for Array
2019-05-31  Ryan ScottPut COMPLETE sigs into ModDetails with -fno-code (...
2019-05-31  Ömer Sinan... Fix arity type of coerced types in CoreArity
2019-05-31  Ömer Sinan... Remove unused RTS function 'unmark'
2019-05-31  Neil MitchellExpose doCpp
2019-05-31  David Hewsonsupport small arrays and CONSTR_NOCAF in ghc-heap
2019-05-31  Matthew PickeringUse types already in AST when making .hie file
2019-05-31  Sergei Trofimovichpowerpc32: fix stack allocation code generation
2019-05-31  Sergei Trofimovichpowerpc32: fix 64-bit comparison (#16465)
2019-05-31  Takenobu TaniUpdate `$(TOP)/*.md` documents
2019-05-31  Matthew PickeringEventlog: Document the fact timestamps are nanoseconds
2019-05-30  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Compile T9630 with +RTS -G1
2019-05-30  Daniel GröberImprove targetContents code docs
2019-05-30  Daniel GröberAdd depanalPartial to make getting a partial modgraph...