2013-08-10  Herbert Valerio... GHCi: Implement `%l` prompt substitution for line-number
2013-08-09  Herbert Valerio... Fix typo
2013-08-09  Austin SeippWhitespace change to test Trac/Gitolite.
2013-08-09  Herbert Valerio... sync-all: remove trailing '/' from root-urls in help...
2013-08-09  Herbert Valerio... Make `sync-all remote set-url` use normalized `/package...
2013-08-09  Herbert Valerio... Normalize urls for Git submodules
2013-08-06  Geoffrey MainlandOnly use real XMM registers when assigning arguments.
2013-08-06  Geoffrey MainlandRename SSE -> XMM for consistency.
2013-08-06  Erik de Castro... sync-all : Replace '~~' operator with something support...
2013-08-05  Richard EisenbergAdded support for writing and checking closed type...
2013-08-05  Erik de Castro... .gitignore : Add libffi-tarballs.
2013-08-05  Erik de Castro... mk/ : Add powerpc-unknown-linux to NoShared...
2013-08-05  Erik de Castro... sync-all : Warn on 'pull' operation if not on master...
2013-08-04  Richard EisenbergRefactor checking for GADT-like datacons' return types
2013-08-02  Richard EisenbergImplement "roles" into GHC.
2013-08-02  Richard EisenbergUpdate to Cabal to allow RoleAnnotations
2013-08-02  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #8020.
2013-08-01  Ian LynaghAdd a warning for empty enumerations; fixes #7881
2013-08-01  Ian LynaghAdd -XNegativeLiterals to the flag list
2013-07-31  Ian LynaghDocument the Negative Literals extension
2013-07-31  Ian LynaghAdd NegativeLiterals extension
2013-07-31  Ian LynaghAdd a warning for overflowing literals; fixes #7895
2013-07-31  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in deSugar/MatchLit.lhs
2013-07-31  Jan StolarekMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-07-31  Gabor GreifFix typos
2013-07-31  Jan StolarekAdd strength reduction rules (Fixes #7116)
2013-07-31  Richard EisenbergAdded operational semantics to docs/core-spec.
2013-07-30  Ian LynaghChange which files --make mode thinks are 'Haskellish'
2013-07-30  Ian LynaghMake sdist make a separate tarball for the Windows...
2013-07-30  Ian LynaghRename doDynamicToo to dynamicTooMkDynamicDynFlags
2013-07-30  Ian LynaghMove libffi's tarball into its own repo
2013-07-28  Ian LynaghRemove an out-of-date comment (see #8101)
2013-07-28  Ian Lynaghdesugar code even when -fno-code is used; fixes #8101
2013-07-28  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in deSugar/Match.lhs
2013-07-28  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in basicTypes/RdrName.lhs
2013-07-27  Ian LynaghBeautify a few Binary instances
2013-07-27  Ian LynaghDe-orphan a load of Binary instances
2013-07-27  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in basicTypes/BasicTypes.lhs
2013-07-27  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in basicTypes/Avail.hs
2013-07-27  Ian LynaghRemove redundant parentheses
2013-07-27  Ian LynaghUse OrdLists when parsing export lists
2013-07-26  Austin SeippSome release note additions.
2013-07-25  Ian LynaghRemove an unnecessary-looking import
2013-07-25  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in deSugar/Desugar.lhs
2013-07-24  Simon MarlowFix a bug in stack layout with safe foreign calls ...
2013-07-23  Ian LynaghTemporarily disable common block elimination; fixes...
2013-07-22  Geoffrey MainlandAdd final remaining bits to fix #7978.
2013-07-21  Herbert Valerio... use prompt2 in `:set +m` mode
2013-07-21  Herbert Valerio... Add `:show imports` to completion table
2013-07-21  Herbert Valerio... Add `:show linker` command to `:help` output
2013-07-21  Ian LynaghDocument -fwarn-pointless-pragmas; fixes #8049
2013-07-21  Ian LynaghOn second thoughts, don't document -fwarn-alternative...
2013-07-21  Ian LynaghSync the list of default warnings with reality; fixes...
2013-07-17  Edward Z. YangFix bug in readMVar implementation: keep clean MVars...
2013-07-17  Austin SeippAdd support for byte endian swapping for Word 16/32/64.
2013-07-17  Edward Z. YangUpdate docs for readMVar/tryReadMVar.
2013-07-16  Nicolas Frisbyadding FastString.string_table to the sharedCAF/Globals...
2013-07-16  Nicolas FrisbyThis reverts commit 163de25813d12764aa5ded1666af7c06fee...
2013-07-13  Edward Z. YangRename atomicReadMVar and friends to readMVar.
2013-07-11  Gabor GreifFix typo in description
2013-07-10  Edward Z. YangRelease note for atomicReadMVar and friends.
2013-07-10  Edward Z. YangImplement tryAtomicReadMVar#.
2013-07-10  Edward Z. YangDon't call dirty_MVAR on atomicReadMVar unless we chang...
2013-07-10  Edward Z. YangAdd LOCK_CLOSURE macro for use in C--, which inlines...
2013-07-09  Edward Z. YangImplement atomicReadMVar, fixing #4001.
2013-07-09  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2013-07-09  Edward Z. YangDisable executable stack for the linker note, fixing...
2013-07-07  Ian LynaghFix build
2013-07-07  Ian LynaghAlpha rename some functions for consistency
2013-07-07  Ian LynaghDocs for ghci completion command for ghci; part of...
2013-07-07  Ian Lynaghemacs-friendly completion command for ghci; part of...
2013-07-07  Ian LynaghFix segfault with STM; fixes #8035. Patch from errge.
2013-07-06  Patrick PalkaAvoid needlessly splitting a UniqSupply when extracting...
2013-07-05  Peter WortmannRemove spurious extra brace in LLVM metadata
2013-07-05  Peter WortmannAlways have LLVM optimize globals
2013-07-05  Peter WortmannFix llvm.prefetch instrinct for old LLVM versions
2013-07-05  Nicolas Frisbycopy the plugin's FastStringTable changes back into...
2013-07-03  Nicolas Frisbyinclude FastString.string_table in CoreMonad.reinitiali...
2013-07-03  Gabor GreifComment out a leftover pprTrace
2013-07-03  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2013-07-03  Ian LynaghChange the ranlib detection
2013-07-02  Geoffrey MainlandDo not build dynamic libraries with the perf-llvm Build...
2013-07-02  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #8028.
2013-07-02  Ian LynaghTrack haskeline Win64 fix
2013-07-02  Ian LynaghFix bumpTickyLitBy[E] on Win64; fixes #7940
2013-07-02  Ian LynaghFix build on Win64
2013-07-02  Simon MarlowFix #7970, #2161, unfix #551
2013-06-28  Richard EisenbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-06-28  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #8018.
2013-06-28  Simon Peyton... Merge TcSMonad.matchClass into TcInteract.matchClassInst
2013-06-28  Richard EisenbergMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-06-28  Richard EisenbergUpdate user's guide for kind inference for closed type...
2013-06-28  Richard EisenbergFix stale comments around closed type families.
2013-06-28  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #7939, and add kind inference to closed type...
2013-06-27  Peter WortmannLLVM refactor cleanups
2013-06-27  Peter WortmannMajor Llvm refactoring
2013-06-27  Peter WortmannUse full contents size for arrays
2013-06-27  Peter WortmannRewrite ppLlvmBlock to use standard library "break"
2013-06-27  Peter WortmannExtend globals to aliases
2013-06-27  Peter WortmannUse SDoc for all LLVM pretty-printing