2014-05-08  Simon Peyton... Refactor buildClass and mkDictSelId a bit, to avoid...
2014-05-08  Simon Peyton... Improve tracing in Simplifier
2014-05-07  Herbert Valerio... Update transformers submodule to new v0.4 rel
2014-05-06  Simon Peyton... Adding missing test files for #9071
2014-05-06  Simon Peyton... Add a bit more typechecker tracing
2014-05-06  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #9071, an egregious bug in TcDeriv.inferConstr...
2014-05-06  Simon Peyton... Second go at fixing #9061
2014-05-06  Simon Peyton... Modularise pretty-printing for foralls
2014-05-05  Simon Peyton... Improve comments and tracing in SpecConstr
2014-05-05  Simon Peyton... Changed profiling output is fine (according to Simon...
2014-05-05  Simon Peyton... Add -fno-full-laziness to get consistent profiling...
2014-05-05  Simon Peyton... Fix over-zealous unused-import warning
2014-05-04  Simon MarlowRevert "Per-thread allocation counters and limits"
2014-05-04  Johan TibellImprove docs for array indexing primops
2014-05-04  Edward Z. YangUpdate comment now that we have per-gen weak pointer...
2014-05-03  Sergei Trofimovichfix rts exported symbols base_GHCziIOziException_alloca...
2014-05-03  Austin SeippRemove external core
2014-05-03  Mateusz KowalczykUpdate Haddock submodule ref. Fixes `cabal test'.
2014-05-02  Simon MarlowPer-thread allocation counters and limits
2014-04-30  Joachim BreitnerReplace all #!/usr/bin/perl with #!/usr/bin/env perl
2014-04-29  Simon MarlowDon't inline non-register GlobalRegs
2014-04-29  Arash RouhaniRts: Reuse scavenge_small_bitmap (#8742)
2014-04-29  Arash RouhaniRts: Consistently use StgWord for sizes of bitmaps
2014-04-29  Austin Seipprts: Fix memory leak when loading ELF objects
2014-04-29  Austin Seipprts: Fix leak of file archive handle
2014-04-29  Austin Seipprts: Add an initial Coverity model
2014-04-29  Richard EisenbergAdd Note [Role twiddling functions] to Coercion.
2014-04-29  Austin SeippRevert "rts: Add an initial Coverity model"
2014-04-29  Austin Seipprts: Add an initial Coverity model
2014-04-29  Gabor GreifTypo in comment
2014-04-29  Gabor GreifTypo in comments
2014-04-29  Simon MarlowFix scavenge_stack crash (#9045)
2014-04-28  Richard EisenbergImprove implementation of unSubCo_maybe.
2014-04-28  Joachim Breitnerannth_make, annth_compunits: Only run these tests if...
2014-04-28  Simon Peyton... Print for-alls more often (Trac #9018)
2014-04-28  Simon Peyton... tcrun045 should fail (implicit parameter as superclass)
2014-04-28  Gergely RiskoAdd a comprehensive test for using Annotations from TH
2014-04-28  Gergely RiskoFix annotation reification for home package modules
2014-04-28  Austin SeippStart on 7.10.1 release notes
2014-04-28  Simon Peyton... Update 32-bit perf numbers
2014-04-28  Simon Peyton... Remove the definition of die, which is now provided...
2014-04-28  Simon Peyton... Do type-class defaulting even if there are insoluble...
2014-04-28  Austin Seipprm -rf ./docs/comm
2014-04-28  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9036
2014-04-27  Herbert Valerio... Don't require mk/ for all cleanup targets
2014-04-27  Nicolas TrangezFix memleak in hp2ps
2014-04-27  Nicolas TrangezCheck correct variable for NULL
2014-04-27  Nicolas TrangezFix potential out-of-bound memory access
2014-04-27  Nicolas TrangezCheck return value of sigaction
2014-04-27  Austin Seippcoverity: Suppress some time-of-check-time-of-use reports
2014-04-27  Austin Seipprts: Fix possible int overflow in resize_nursery
2014-04-27  Austin Seipprts: Fix potential memory leak in ProfHeap.c
2014-04-25  Herbert Valerio... Drop `template-haskell`'s build-dep on `containers`
2014-04-24  Gabor GreifSome typos in comments
2014-04-24  Simon Peyton... Don't eta-expand PAPs (fixes Trac #9020)
2014-04-24  Simon Peyton... Be less verbose when printing Names when we don't know...
2014-04-24  Simon Peyton... Make absolutely sure that 'done' and 'safeIndex' are...
2014-04-24  Simon Peyton... Be sure to UNPACK the size of an array
2014-04-24  Simon Peyton... Add comments to explain the change to EF_ (Trac #8965)
2014-04-22  Herbert Valerio... Be more aggressive in `make clean`
2014-04-22  Herbert Valerio... Handle base et al. specially in
2014-04-22  Herbert Valerio... Update integer-gmp's .gitignore file
2014-04-22  Herbert Valerio... Adapt .gitignore (re #8545)
2014-04-22  Kyle J. Van... Fix `make help`
2014-04-22  Erlend HambergSeparate thousands when printing allocated bytes
2014-04-22  Colin WatsonAdd the powerpc64le architecture
2014-04-22  Colin WatsonBe less untruthful about the prototypes of external...
2014-04-22  Colin Watsonghc: initial AArch64 patches
2014-04-22  Austin Seippghc & docs: kill unused flags
2014-04-21  Herbert Valerio... Generalise type of recently added System.Exit.die
2014-04-21  Herbert Valerio... Kill whitespace after cpp's `-I` flag
2014-04-21  Simon HengelAdd System.Exit.die (re #9016)
2014-04-21  Herbert Valerio... Use import list to hide new System.Exit.die
2014-04-21  Austin Seippghc: Do not add a space in '-U __PIC__'
2014-04-20  Austin Seipptestsuite/spec001: untabify, kill trailing whitespace
2014-04-20  Austin SeippDeprecate the AMP warnings.
2014-04-20  Herbert Valerio... Update submodule to final Cabal- release
2014-04-20  Austin SeippRemove -fno-warn-amp sledgehammers for validate
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal source-repository entries (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Joachim BreitnerDo not use basename()
2014-04-19  Joachim BreitnerMore github url variants
2014-04-19  Joachim BreitnerRemove some redundancy in sync-all
2014-04-19  Joachim Breitnersync-all: Apply submodule url rewriting also to stuff...
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Normalize GHC Trac URLs
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Kill trailing whitespace in recently touched files
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Weaken constraints on Data.Complex functions
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fix sync-all error message introduced in 41f5b7e3e
2014-04-19  Alexander BerntsenAdd Data.List.sortOn function (re #9004 and #2659)
2014-04-19  Alexander BerntsenAdd reverse application operator Data.Function.(&)
2014-04-19  Jan StolarekValidate inferred theta. Fixes #8883
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Update `sync-all` and `packages` wrt to fold-in
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold template-haskell.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold integer-gmp.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold integer-simple.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold base.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold ghc-prim.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-18  Simon Peyton... Take account of the AvailTC invariant when importing
2014-04-18  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to fix Solaris build
2014-04-17  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to latest tip of 1.20 branch
2014-04-17  Simon Peyton... Make qReport force its error message before printing it