2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergComments only (#11513)
2016-02-17  Mark Christiaensusers-guide: Fix typos
2016-02-17  RyanGlScottRemove superfluous code when deriving Foldable/Traversable
2016-02-17  Gabriel GonzalezDerive Eq and Ord instance for SrcLoc and RealSrcLoc
2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergFix #11313.
2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergFix #11246.
2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergFix #11241.
2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergUse CoercionN and friends in TyCoRep
2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergRemove extraneous fundeps on (~)
2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergAdd missing kind cast to pure unifier.
2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergExistentials should be specified.
2016-02-17  Richard EisenbergMake exactTyCoVarsOfTypes closed over kinds.
2016-02-17  Simon Peyton... Small refactor and comments
2016-02-17  Simon Peyton... Simplify the defn of coreViewOneStarKind
2016-02-17  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-02-17  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: delete compiler_lt/le/gt/ge setup functions
2016-02-16  Ben GamariDynFlags: Don't panic on incompatible Safe Haskell...
2016-02-16  Ben GamariRemove documentation for -Wlazy-unlifted-bindings
2016-02-16  Yuras ShumovichSuggest candidate instances in error message
2016-02-16  Rik SteenkampFix typos
2016-02-16  Peter TrommlerPowerPC: Improve float register assignment.
2016-02-16  Rik SteenkampFix two wrong uses of "data constructor" in error msgs
2016-02-16  Ulya TrofimovichImproved error message about exported type operators.
2016-02-16  Herbert Valerio... Make bootstrapping more robust
2016-02-16  Ben GamariBump haddock submodule
2016-02-16  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: delete only_compiler_types, assume ghc
2016-02-16  Thomas MiedemaAdd missing newlines at end of file [skip ci]
2016-02-15  Matthew PickeringRename missing-pat-syn-sigs to missing-pat-syn-signatures
2016-02-15  Bartosz NitkaMake T11361 actually run with reversed uniques
2016-02-15  Bartosz NitkaAdd a testcase for #11362
2016-02-15  Simon Peyton... A tiny, outright bug in tcDataFamInstDecl
2016-02-15  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space
2016-02-15  Simon Peyton... Tiny refactor; use guards instead of 'if'
2016-02-15  Simon MarlowDocument -dynamic-too (#11488)
2016-02-15  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-02-15  Simon Peyton... Improve error message suppression
2016-02-14  Herbert Valerio... Update directory submodule to v1.2.5.1 release
2016-02-14  Alan Zimmermanrenamer discards name location for HsRecField
2016-02-12  Sergei Trofimovichtestsuite: tweak error messages for new Show instance
2016-02-12  Simon Peyton... User manual improvments
2016-02-12  Simon Peyton... Minor refactoring to tauifyMultipleMatches
2016-02-12  Simon Peyton... Improve pretty-printing of HsWrappers
2016-02-12  Simon Peyton... Beef up tc124
2016-02-12  Simon Peyton... Simplify AbsBinds wrapping
2016-02-12  Bartosz NitkaRevert "Build the substitution correctly in piResultTy"
2016-02-12  RyanGlScottAdd IsList instance for CallStack, restore Show instanc...
2016-02-12  Simon MarlowRevert "sizeExpr: fix a bug in the size calculation"
2016-02-12  Reid BartonAdd test for #11319
2016-02-11  Bartosz NitkaBuild the substitution correctly in piResultTy
2016-02-11  Gabor GreifAnother batch of typo fixes in non-code
2016-02-11  Nikita Kartashovcompiler: Do not suggest nor complete deprecated flags...
2016-02-11  Simon MarlowsizeExpr: fix a bug in the size calculation
2016-02-11  Simon MarlowIgnore untracked in nofib
2016-02-11  Simon Peyton... Comments about ru_auto
2016-02-11  Simon Peyton... Always do eta-reduction
2016-02-10  Bartosz NitkaReplace mkTvSubstPrs (a `zip` b) with zipTvSubst a b
2016-02-10  Simon Peyton... Wrap solveEqualities in checkNoErrs
2016-02-10  Sergei TrofimovichmkUserGuide: fix option wrapping in a table
2016-02-10  Sergei Trofimovichdocs: add newline after '.. ghc-flag::'
2016-02-10  Edward Z. YangError early when you register with too old a version...
2016-02-10  Owen StephensExpand users' guide TH declaration groups section ...
2016-02-10  Dominik Bollmannadd Template Haskell regression test for #9022.
2016-02-09  Sergei TrofimovichDynFlags: drop tracking of '-#include' flags
2016-02-09  Ben GamariTcPatSyn: Fix spelling of "pattern" in error message
2016-02-09  Ben GamariTcErrors: Fix plural form of "instance" error
2016-02-09  RyanGlScottRestore derived Eq instance for SrcLoc
2016-02-09  Ben GamariUnset GREP_OPTIONS in build system
2016-02-09  Thomas MiedemaEarly error when crosscompiling + haddock/docs
2016-02-09  Jonas SchollFix the removal of unnecessary stack checks
2016-02-09  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Un-break T5642
2016-02-09  Ben GamariPrint * has Unicode star with -fprint-unicode-syntax
2016-02-08  Ömer Sinan... Remove unused LiveVars and SRT fields of StgCase
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Define tyConRolesRepresentational and use it
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #11552
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Define mkTvSubst, and use it
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Some tiding up in TcGenDeriv
2016-02-08  Ben Gamarirelease notes: Note new two-step allocator
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Fix a nasty superclass expansion bug
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... A small, local refactoring of TcSimplify.usefulToFloat
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Use runTcSDeriveds for simplifyDefault
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Improve error messages for recursive superclasses
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Improve tracing in TcInteract
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Comment out some traceFlat calls
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Document and improve superclass expansion
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... White space and comments only
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Add comments to TcCoercibleFail
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Comments only, on the invariants of GlobalRdrEnv
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Add Edward Kmett's example as a test case
2016-02-08  Ben Gamariuser-guide: Add cross-reference for -XUnicodeSyntax
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Fix SimpleFail12 error output
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Allow foralls in instance decls
2016-02-08  Simon Peyton... Remove unused export from TcUnify
2016-02-07  Ben GamariBump haddock submodule
2016-02-07  Ben GamariFix haddocks for TypeError
2016-02-07  Sergei Trofimovichrts: mark 'shutdownCapability' as static
2016-02-07  Sergei Trofimovichrts: drop unused 'traceEventThreadRunnable'
2016-02-07  Sergei Trofimovichrts: mark 'ccs_mutex' and 'prof_arena' as static
2016-02-07  Sergei Trofimovichrts: mark 'blockedThrowTo' as static
2016-02-07  Sergei Trofimovichrts: drop unused 'traverseAllRetainerSet'
2016-02-07  Sergei Trofimovichrts: mark 'setProgName' as static