81 min ago  Ben GamariUpdate .gitlab-ci.yml master wip/disable-windows-hadrian
81 min ago  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow Windows Hadrian build to fail
85 min ago  Ryan ScottFix #16666 by parenthesizing contexts in Convert
89 min ago  Alp Mestanogullaridistrib/ remove mention to 'settings...
92 min ago  Shayne FletcherUpdate resolver for for happy 1.19.10
96 min ago  Javran ChengFix doc for Data.Function.fix.
99 min ago  Kirill Elaginusers-guide: Fix -rtsopts default
103 min ago  David EichmannRefactor Libffi and RTS rules
107 min ago  David EichmannInclude CPP preprocessor dependencies in -M output
110 min ago  Takenobu Taniusers-guide: Fix directive errors on 8.10
27 hours ago  David EichmannRecalculate Performance Test Baseline T9630 #16680
32 hours ago  David EichmannImprove test runner logging when calculating performanc...
5 days ago  Ben Gamarirts: Explicit state that CONSTR tag field is zero-based
7 days ago  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: 'need' source files for various docs in Rules...
7 days ago  Vladislav ZavialovRestore the --coerce option in 'happy' configuration
7 days ago  Vladislav ZavialovGuard CUSKs behind a language pragma
7 days ago  Vladislav ZavialovAdd a minimized regression test for #12928
7 days ago  Oleg GrenrusUpdate terminal title while running test-suite
7 days ago  John EricsonRemove all target-specific portions of Config.hs
7 days ago  John EricsonDont refer to `cLeadingUnderscore` in test
7 days ago  John Ericsonhadrian: Make settings stage specific
7 days ago  Kevin BuhrAdd regression test for old parser issue #504
7 days ago  Giles AndersonChange GHC.hs to Packages.hs in Hadrian
11 days ago  Kevin BuhrAdd regression test case for old issue #493
11 days ago  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Disable cleanup job on Windows wip/cleanup-windows
11 days ago  David EichmannHadrian: programs need registered ghc-pkg libraries
11 days ago  Roland SennFix bugs and documentation for #13456
11 days ago  Oleg GrenrusAdd Generic tuple instances up to 15-tuple
13 days ago  Vladislav ZavialovAdd a regression test for #14548 wip/14548
13 days ago  Kevin BuhrAdd regression test for old issue #507
13 days ago  John EricsonPurge TargetPlatform_NAME and cTargetPlatformString
13 days ago  Richard EisenbergRegression test for #16627.
13 days ago  Ömer Sinan... Print PAP object address in stg_PAP_info entry code
13 days ago  Kevin Buhrstg_floatToWord32zh: zero-extend the Word32 (#16617)
13 days ago  Shayne FletcherImplement ImportQualifiedPost
13 days ago  Ryan ScottFix #16632 by using the correct SrcSpan in checkTyClHdr
13 days ago  Ryan ScottFix #16603 by documenting some important changes in...
2019-05-07  Kevin BuhrAdd regression test for old typechecking issue #505
2019-05-07  Ryan ScottCheck for duplicate variables in associated default...
2019-05-07  Ryan ScottAdd /includes/dist to .gitignore
2019-05-06  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: override $(ghc-config-mk), to prevent redundan...
2019-05-06  Alp MestanogullariEnable external interpreter when TH is requested but...
2019-05-06  Takenobu TaniRemove `$(TOP)/ANNOUNCE` file
2019-05-06  John EricsonRemove cGhcEnableTablesNextToCode
2019-05-05  Vladislav Zavialov'warnSpaceAfterBang' only in patterns (#16619)
2019-05-05  Chaitanya KoparkarFix #16593 by having only one definition of -fprint...
2019-05-04  gallais[ typo ] 'castFloatToWord32' -> 'castFloatToWord64'
2019-05-04  iustinFix typo in 8.8.1 notes related to traceBinaryEvent
2019-05-04  Ömer Sinan... PrimOps.cmm: remove unused stuff
2019-05-04  Ömer Sinan... StgCmmMonad: remove emitProc_, don't export emitProc
2019-05-04  Ömer Sinan... rts: Properly free the RTSSummaryStats structure
2019-05-03  Ryan ScottMake equality constraints in kinds invisible
2019-05-03  Ömer Sinan... Fix interface version number printing in --show-iface
2019-05-03  Ningning XieOnly skip decls with CUSKs with PolyKinds on (fix ...
2019-05-03  Vladislav ZavialovPattern/expression ambiguity resolution
2019-05-03  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: generate JUnit testsuite report in Linux CI job
2019-05-03  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark concprog001 as fragile
2019-05-03  Shayne FletcherMake Extension derive Bounded
2019-05-03  Sven TennieTypeset Big-O complexities with Tex-style notation...
2019-05-01  Ben GamariEmit GHC timing events to eventlog wip/gc/progress-to-eventlog
2019-05-01  Ben GamariErrUtils: Emit progress messages to eventlog
2019-05-01  Alp MestanogullariBuild Hadrian with -Werror in the 'ghc-in-ghci' CI job
2019-05-01  John EricsonMove cGHC_UNLIT_PGM to be "unlit command" in settings
2019-05-01  John EricsonRemove
2019-05-01  John EricsonGenerate settings by make/hadrian instead of configure
2019-05-01  Sebastian GrafCompute demand signatures assuming idArity wip/dmd-arity
2019-04-30  Ben Gamarighci: Ensure that system libffi include path is searched wip/system-libffi
2019-04-30  Wojciech BaranowskiUse pp_item
2019-04-30  Wojciech BaranowskiSuggest only local candidates from global env
2019-04-30  Wojciech BaranowskiComment on 'candidates' function
2019-04-30  Wojciech Baranowskiosa1's patch: consistent suggestion message
2019-04-30  Wojciech BaranowskiPrint suggestions in a single message
2019-04-30  Wojciech Baranowskirename: hadle type signatures with typos
2019-04-25  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Reintroduce DWARF-enabled bindists
2019-04-25  Ben GamariUpdate autoconf scripts
2019-04-25  Ben Gamariupdate-autoconf: Initial commit
2019-04-25  Ömer Sinan... Minor RTS refactoring: wip/doc-tarball-error
2019-04-25  Vladislav ZavialovcheckPattern error hint is PV context wip/parser-validator
2019-04-25  Vladislav ZavialovIntroduce MonadP, make PV a newtype
2019-04-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: source-tarball job should have no dependencies
2019-04-23  Alexandre BaldéFix error message for './configure' regarding '--with...
2019-04-23  Fraser TweedaleosReserveHeapMemory: handle signed rlim_t
2019-04-22  Vladislav ZavialovStop misusing EWildPat in pattern match coverage checking wip/pm-no-ewildpat
2019-04-22  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: use the testsuite driver's config.haddock...
2019-04-22  Matthew PickeringCorrect off by one error in ghci +c wip/ghci-check-span
2019-04-21  Artem Pyanykhtestsuite: fix ifdef lint errors under tests/rts/linker wip/centos7
2019-04-21  Artem Pyanykhtestsuite: move tests related to linker under tests...
2019-04-21  Andrew Martin[skip ci] correct the docs for casArray a little more...
2019-04-21  Andrew Martin[skip ci] correct formatting of casArray# in docs for...
2019-04-21  Andrew Martin[skip ci] say "machine words" instead of "Int units...
2019-04-21  Andrew Martinimprove docs for casArray and casSmallArray
2019-04-21  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Add libraries section to 8.10.1 release... wip/T16544
2019-04-21  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Add pretty to package list
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Do not build profiled libraries on 32-bit... wip/test
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add centos7 release job
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Only run release notes lint on release tags
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow doc-tarball job to fail
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Improve error message on failure of doc...
2019-04-20  Andrey MokhovHadrian: Drop old/unused CI scripts wip/andrey/drop-old-ci-scripts
2019-04-20  Alec TheriaultHaddock: support strict GADT args with docs