ghc-cabal: Use fromFlagOrDefault instead of fromFlag
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12 hours ago  Roland SennFix #8487: Debugger confuses variables
12 hours ago  Andreas KlebingerExpose the GhcPrelude module.
33 hours ago  Alfredo Di NapoliLine wrap when pp long expressions (fixes #16874)
47 hours ago  Richard EisenbergAdd module doc for Plugins.
47 hours ago  Richard EisenbergFix #16870 by improving documentation (only)
47 hours ago  Vladislav ZavialovDrop the orphan roles check (#16941)
47 hours ago  Artem PelenitsynHide "Loading package environment" message with -v0...
2 days ago  Ben GamariFix formatting of --info's "Debug on" field
2 days ago  Ben GamariAdd HasDebugCallStack to unionLists
4 days ago  John EricsonCreate {Int,Word}32Rep
5 days ago  Ben GamariRevert "Add support for SIMD operations in the NCG"
5 days ago  Vladislav ZavialovPV is not P (#16611)
5 days ago  Vladislav ZavialovDecouple AddAnn from P
6 days ago  Arnaud SpiwackAdd a note in the simplifier about in-scope set as...
7 days ago  Niklas Hambüchenprimops: haddock: Fix typo in referenced function.
7 days ago  John EricsonExpunge #ifdef and #ifndef from the codebase
7 days ago  John EricsonRemove LLVM_TARGET platform macros
7 days ago  John EricsonRemove purely external primops
8 days ago  Ömer Sinan AğacanMinor refactoring in CmmBuildInfoTables
8 days ago  Andreas KlebingerAdd two CmmSwitch optimizations.
8 days ago  Alp Mestanogullaricompiler: trace SysTools commands to emit start/stop...
9 days ago  Simon Peyton JonesFix kind-checking for data/newtypes
9 days ago  nineonineAllow reusing temporary object files generated by GHCi...
9 days ago  Ryan ScottDon't typecheck too much (or too little) in DerivingVia...
9 days ago  Andreas KlebingerSpecial case a few common patterns in unionLists.
11 days ago  Simon Peyton JonesFix erroneous float in CoreOpt
11 days ago  Ömer Sinan AğacanMinor refactoring in CoreSimpl
11 days ago  John EricsonDeduplicate "unique subdir" code between GHC and Cabal
11 days ago  John EricsonRemove most uses of TARGET platform macros
11 days ago  John EricsonFix two more `#ifndef` for the linter
11 days ago  Phuong TrinhFix #16511: changes in interface dependencies should...
12 days ago  Ryan ScottUse an empty data type in TTG extension constructors...
2019-07-05  nineonineFix #16895 by checking whether infix expression operato...
2019-07-05  Ryan ScottMore sensible SrcSpans for recursive pattern synonym...
2019-07-05  Andreas KlebingerDont gather ticks when only striping them in STG.
2019-07-05  Simon Peyton JonesFix over-eager implication constraint discard
2019-07-05  Simon Peyton JonesAdd a missing zonk (fixes #16902)
2019-07-05  Vladislav ZavialovProduce all DerivInfo in tcTyAndClassDecls
2019-07-03  Ryan ScottBump template-haskell version to
2019-07-03  Abhiroop SarkarAdd support for SIMD operations in the NCG
2019-07-02  Ömer Sinan AğacanFix stage 1 warnings
2019-07-02  nineonineFix #15843 by extending Template Haskell AST for tuples...
2019-06-28  Travis WhitakerCorrect closure observation, construction, and mutation...
2019-06-28  Artem Pelenitsyntypo in the docs for DynFlags.hs
2019-06-27  nineonineFix #16805 by formatting warning message
2019-06-26  Oleg GrenrusAdd -Wmissing-safe-haskell-mode warning
2019-06-26  Oleg GrenrusAdd -Winferred-safe-imports warning
2019-06-26  Ömer Sinan AğacanRemove unused UniqSupply functions
2019-06-26  Ben GamariDon't eta-expand unsaturated primops
2019-06-26  Ben GamariCoreToStg: Enable CAFfyness checking with -dstg-lint
2019-06-25  Siddharth Bhat[skip ci] Typo fix: b*ar*nches -> b*ra*nches
2019-06-25  Ömer Sinan AğacanSimplify link_caf and mkForeignLabel functions
2019-06-24  Erik de Castro LopoFixes for LLVM 7
2019-06-23  Ryan ScottRefactor UnliftedNewtypes-relation kind signature valid...
2019-06-23  Ben Gamarighci: Load static objects in batches
2019-06-22  Ben Gamarighci: Don't rely on resolution of System.IO to base...
2019-06-21  Ben Gamarilinker: Disable code unloading
2019-06-21  Matthías Páll Giss... Add HoleFitPlugins and RawHoleFits wip/D5373
2019-06-20  John Ericsonghc-pkg needs settings file to un-hardcode target platform
2019-06-20  John EricsonMove 'Platform' to ghc-boot
2019-06-20  Simon Peyton JonesComments and tiny refactor
2019-06-20  Simon Peyton JonesFix typechecking of partial type signatures
2019-06-20  Simon Peyton JonesFix two places that failed the substitution invariant
2019-06-20  Ömer Sinan AğacanProperly trim IdInfos of DFunIds and PatSyns in TidyPgm
2019-06-19  Ömer Sinan AğacanFix a Note name in CmmNode
2019-06-18  Andreas KlebingerMake sure mkSplitUniqSupply stores the precomputed...
2019-06-18  Ben GamariSafeHaskell: Don't throw -Wsafe warning if module is...
2019-06-16  Ömer Sinan AğacanUse TupleSections in CmmParse.y, simplify a few exprs
2019-06-16  Krzysztof GogolewskiRemove dead code
2019-06-16  Ryan ScottSynchronize ClsInst.doTyConApp with TcTypeable validity...
2019-06-16  Aiken CairncrossFix typo in error message
2019-06-15  Alp MestanogullariRemove duplicates from 'ghc --info' output
2019-06-14  Ben GamariPrelRules: Don't break let/app invariant in shiftRule
2019-06-14  Andrew MartinImplement the -XUnliftedNewtypes extension.
2019-06-14  Andreas KlebingerAdd Outputable instances for Float, Double.
2019-06-14  Ömer Sinan AğacanRemove unused Unique field from StgFCallOp
2019-06-14  Ben GamariMaintain separate flags for C++ compiler invocations
2019-06-13  Ben GamariPrelRules: Ensure that string unpack/append rule fires...
2019-06-12  Krzysztof GogolewskiUse DeriveFunctor throughout the codebase (#15654)
2019-06-11  Alp MestanogullariRefine the GHCI macro into HAVE[_{INTERNAL, EXTERNAL...
2019-06-11  Yuras ShumovichWarn about unused packages
2019-06-11  Richard EisenbergComments only: document newtypes' DataConWrapId
2019-06-10  Vladislav ZavialovPrint role annotations in TemplateHaskell brackets...
2019-06-09  John EricsonRemove CPP ensuring word size is 32 or 64 bits around...
2019-06-09  Richard EisenbergComments only: document tcdDataCusk better.
2019-06-09  nineonineDo not report error if Name in pragma is unbound
2019-06-09  Richard EisenbergFix #16517 by bumping the TcLevel for method sigs
2019-06-09  Kevin BuhrHandle trailing path separator in package DB names...
2019-06-09  Simon JakobiSmall refactorings in ExtractDocs
2019-06-09  chessaiIntroduce log1p and expm1 primops
2019-06-08  Matthew PickeringRemove trailing whitespace
2019-06-07  Zejun WuPass preprocessor options to C compiler when building...
2019-06-07  Simon Peyton JonesPreserve ShadowInfo when rewriting evidence
2019-06-07  John EricsonFactor out 'getLibDir' / 'getBaseDir' into a new GHC...
2019-06-07  Roland SennFix #16700: Tiny errors in output of GHCi commands...
2019-06-07  Sebastian GrafTmOracle: Replace negative term equalities by refutable...
2019-06-07  Andrew Martin[skip ci] Improve the documentation of the CNF primops...
2019-06-04  Xavier DenisAdd GHCi :instances command
2019-06-04  Andrew MartinUse a better strategy for determining the offset applie...
2019-06-01  Ömer Sinan AğacanFix rewriting invalid shifts to errors