Pretty: delete really old changelog
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2016-08-25  Thomas MiedemaPretty: delete really old changelog
2016-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesFix pretty-printer for IfaceCo
2016-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesDeal correctly with unused imports for 'coerce'
2016-08-24  Richard EisenbergFix #11974 by adding a more smarts to TcDefaults.
2016-08-24  Simon MarlowSecond attempt to fix sizeExpr
2016-08-24  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Fix and refactor TOC handling.
2016-08-24  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Fix float parameter passing on 64-bit.
2016-08-24  Ryan ScottRefactor derived Generic instances to reduce allocations
2016-08-24  Edward Z. YangFix #12064 by making IfaceClass typechecking more lazy.
2016-08-24  Bartosz NitkaKill varEnvElts in tcPragExpr
2016-08-24  Edward Z. YangImprove failed knot-tying error message.
2016-08-24  Simon Peyton JonesMore fixes for unboxed tuples
2016-08-24  Simon Peyton JonesReduce special-casing for nullary unboxed tuple
2016-08-23  Ömer Sinan AğacanFunDep printer: Fix unicode arrow
2016-08-23  Simon Peyton JonesImprove pretty-printing of equalities
2016-08-23  RyanGlScottFix deriveTyData's kind unification when two kind varia...
2016-08-23  Matthew PickeringFix pretty printing of IEThingWith
2016-08-23  RyanGlScottMake validDerivPred ignore non-visible arguments to...
2016-08-23  Richard EisenbergRemove the incredibly hairy splitTelescopeTvs.
2016-08-22  Simon Peyton JonesAdd missing solveEqualities
2016-08-22  Simon Peyton JonesDo not use defaulting in ambiguity check
2016-08-22  Tamar ChristinaAdd Windows import library support to the Runtime Linker
2016-08-22  Matthew PickeringImprove accuracy of suggestion to use TypeApplications
2016-08-10  Ben GamariWiden deepseq lower bound
2016-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesCheck generic-default method for ambiguity
2016-08-07  Edward Z. YangFix #12076 by inlining trivial expressions in CorePrep.
2016-08-07  Simon MarlowSquash space leaks in the result of byteCodeGen
2016-08-07  Simon MarlowAdd deepseq dependency and a few NFData instances
2016-07-25  Andrew FarmerFix deriving Ord when RebindableSyntax is enabled
2016-07-25  Simon MarlowApplicativeDo: allow "return $ e"
2016-07-25  Seraphime KirkovskiFix trac #10647: Notice about lack of SIMD support
2016-07-25  Tamar ChristinaFix Ticky histogram on Windows
2016-07-25  Mateusz LenikFix histograms for ticky code
2016-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesDon't omit any evidence bindings
2016-07-25  Adam GundryAvoid find_tycon panic if datacon is not in scope
2016-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesFix renamer panic
2016-07-25  Alexander ViethTrac #11554 fix loopy GADTs
2016-07-25  Matthew PickeringAllow unlifted types in pattern synonym result type
2016-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesFix bytecode gen to deal with rep-polymorphism
2016-07-25  Ömer Sinan AğacanAbort the build when a Core plugin pass is specified...
2016-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesDon't quantify over Refl in a RULE
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaRefactor match to not use Unique order
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake the Ord Module independent of Unique order (2nd...
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake checkFamInstConsistency less expensive
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaUse UniqFM for SigOf
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake vectInfoParallelVars a DVarSet
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaUse DVarSet in Vectorise.Exp
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake UnitIdMap a deterministic map
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaDesugar ApplicativeDo and RecDo deterministically
2016-07-25  Simon MarlowAdd -foptimal-applicative-do
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaImplement deterministic CallInfoSet
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaAdd nameSetElemsStable and fix the build
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaSerialize vParallelTyCons in a stable order
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake Arrow desugaring deterministic
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill varSetElems in tidyFreeTyCoVars
2016-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor validity checking for type/data instances
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake inert_model and inert_eqs deterministic sets
2016-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor free tyvars on LHS of rules
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill varSetElems in tcInferPatSynDecl
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill varEnvElts in specImports
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake absentError not depend on uniques
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaRemove some varSetElems in dsCmdStmt
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake simplifyInstanceContexts deterministic
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill non-deterministic foldUFM in TrieMap and TcAppMap
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill varSetElems in injImproveEqns
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill varSetElems in markNominal
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill varSetElems try_tyvar_defaulting
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill varSetElems in TcErrors
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill varSetElemsWellScoped in quantifyTyVars
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaMake benign non-determinism in pretty-printing more...
2016-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesFix two buglets in 17eb241 noticed by Richard
2016-07-25  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor computing dependent type vars
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaGet rid of varSetElemsWellScoped in abstractFloats
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaRemove mysterious varSetElemsWellScoped in tidyFreeTyCoVars
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaRename FV related functions
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill unnecessary varSetElemsWellScoped in deriveTyData
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaRemove some gratitious varSetElemsWellScoped
2016-07-25  Bartosz NitkaKill some unnecessary varSetElems
2016-07-01  Ben GamarinativeGen: Allow -fregs-graph to be used
2016-06-04  Ben GamariPrelInfo: Ensure that tuple promoted datacon names...
2016-05-21  Simon Peyton JonesAvoid double error on out-of-scope identifier
2016-05-21  Ben GamariGive lifted primitive types a representation
2016-05-16  Ben GamariMove Extension type to ghc-boot-th
2016-05-16  Peter TrommlerPPC NCG: Fix pretty printing of st[wd]ux instr.
2016-05-10  Ben GamariRdrHsSyn: Only suggest `type` qualification when approp...
2016-05-10  Matthew PickeringForbid variables to be parents in import lists.
2016-04-21  Simon Peyton JonesAdjust error check for class method types ghc-8.0.1-rc4
2016-04-20  Simon Peyton JonesMove DFunUnfolding generation to TcInstDcls
2016-04-20  Ben GamariEnsure Typeable declarations end up in boot interface...
2016-04-18  Tamar ChristinaResolve symlinks when attempting to find GHC's lib...
2016-04-17  Iavor S. DiatchkiAdd TemplateHaskell support for Overlapping pragmas
2016-04-16  Richard EisenbergIncrease an InScopeSet for a substitution
2016-04-16  Richard EisenbergTeach lookupLocalRdrEnv about Exacts. (#11813)
2016-04-15  Richard EisenbergFix #11814 by throwing more stuff into InScopeSets
2016-04-15  Richard EisenbergFix #11797.
2016-04-15  Richard EisenbergFix #11811.
2016-04-11  RyanGlScottDeriving Functor-like classes should unify kind variables ghc-8.0.1-rc3
2016-04-11  RyanGlScottFilter out invisible kind arguments during TH reification
2016-04-11  Rik SteenkampFix a closed type family error message
2016-04-10  Tamar ChristinaChange runtime linker to perform lazy loading of symbol...