add --no-<tag>, so e.g. we can omit DPH with --no-dph
[ghc.git] / compiler /
2011-04-15  Edward Z. YangRevert "Generalized assignment rewriting pass."
2011-04-15  Edward Z. YangGeneralized assignment rewriting pass.
2011-04-15  Edward Z. YangDisable check word address lint check, due to inlined...
2011-04-15  Edward Z. YangAdd GenCmmGraph, which is a generic version of CmmGraph.
2011-04-14  Simon MarlowAdd a final newline to the link-time C file that we...
2011-04-13  Edward Z. YangFor BC labels, emit empty data section instead of empty...
2011-04-13  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-13  Edward Z. YangAdd adjustUFM, adjustUFM_Directly and joinUFM to UniqFM.
2011-04-13  Edward Z. YangAlways support optimization fuel.
2011-04-13  Edward Z. YangUpdate CmmRegOff shorthand for CmmMachOp.
2011-04-12  Simon MarlowChange the way module initialisation is done (#3252...
2011-04-12  Simon MarlowCleanup sweep and fix a bug in RTS flag processing.
2011-04-11  Edward Z. YangRemove debugging CmmComment from old code generator.
2011-04-11  Edward Z. YangFlag for defaulting the codegen GhcStageXDefaultNewCodegen.
2011-04-11  Edward Z. YangImplement mapUFM_Directly.
2011-04-11  Edward Z. YangUnsafe foreign calls (fat machine instructions) do...
2011-04-11  Simon Marlowtweak to cleanTempFilesExcept
2011-04-11  Simon Marlowadd casMutVar#
2011-04-09  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in main/Finder.lhs
2011-04-08  Simon MarlowForce re-linking if the options have changed (#4451)
2011-04-08  Simon Marlowbugfix for stub generation: create the directory for...
2011-04-07  Ian LynaghMerge remote branch 'origin/patch-4404'
2011-04-06  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-06  Edward Z. YangFix bug in X86 codegen: use GMOV instead of MOV for...
2011-04-06  Simon MarlowMerge remote branch 'origin'
2011-04-06  Simon MarlowMerge branch 'trac_5025' of
2011-04-06  Edward Z. YangRevert "Suppress dumpTcRn when -dno-debug-output is...
2011-04-06  Simon MarlowMerge branch 'master' of /home/simonmar/ghc-git/.
2011-04-06  Simon MarlowFix -split-objs: there was a bad interaction with the...
2011-04-05  Edward Z. YangCmmOpt cannot assume single assignment for hand-written...
2011-04-05  Edward Z. YangSuppress dumpTcRn when -dno-debug-output is enabled.
2011-04-05  Simon MarlowMerge branch 'master' of /home/simonmar/ghc-git
2011-04-05  Simon MarlowallocateRegsAndSpill: disable a panic for the time...
2011-04-05  Simon Marlowfix warning
2011-04-05  Simon MarlowMerge _stub.o files into the main .o file (Fixes #3687...
2011-04-05  Simon Marlowremove ^Ms; comment updates
2011-04-05  Edward Z. YangGive infinite fuel to required C-- transformations...
2011-04-05  Edward Z. YangFix linear register allocator bug involving read/write...
2011-04-04  Ian LynaghRemove dead code, now that -fvia-c is a no-op
2011-04-04  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-04  Edward Z. YangFix typos and add Outputable constraints to aid debugging.
2011-04-04  Edward Z. YangMinor documentation improvement about pointer tagging.
2011-04-04  Austin SeippTeach GHC to compile objective-c files; trac #5025
2011-04-03  Ian LynaghFix build
2011-04-03  Max BolingbrokeMake compilation of hscRnImportDecls conditional: fixes...
2011-04-03  Max BolingbrokeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-04-03  Max BolingbrokeUse tcRnImports rather than rnImports with GHCi "import...
2011-04-03  Ian LynaghFix parsing constructors containing dots; fixes trac...
2011-04-02  Max BolingbrokeIgnore names introduced "implicitly" in unused-variable...
2011-04-02  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-01  Max BolingbrokePop OS X stack padding even if the foreign call is...
2011-04-01  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-01  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'ticket-5028'
2011-04-01  Ian LynaghReally zap case-binder occurrence info: solves #5028
2011-03-31  dimitris@microsoft.comIntroducing a datatype for WorkLists that properly... ghc-darcs-git-switchover
2011-03-31  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #5048: location on AbsBinds
2011-03-31  simonpj@microsoft.comComments and variable naming only
2011-03-31  simonpj@microsoft.comRe-enable assertion now the new type checker is in
2011-03-31  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a new static flag -fno-opt-coercion
2011-03-31  simonpj@microsoft.comNew statistics flags -ddump-core-stats
2011-03-30  Simon Marlowimplement double-to-float narrowing in the x86 NCG...
2011-03-29  Ian LynaghTurn -vfia-C into a no-op
2011-03-29  Ian LynaghRenumber TH uniques
2011-03-28  Ian LynaghWhitespace only
2011-03-25  Simon MarlowFix #4914 (I hope)
2011-03-25  Edward Z. YangIgnore comments when inlining.
2011-03-22  Edward Z. YangSplit out "Raw Cmm" dump to its own flag -ddump-raw-cmm
2011-03-22  Edward Z. YangRednCounts can contain CAFs, so support them in cvtToCl...
2011-03-23  Edward Z. YangImmediately tag initialization code to prevent untagged...
2011-03-21  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #5028: zap occ info when doing the binder...
2011-03-09  William KnopDon't use read_only_relocs on darwin x86-64; fixes...
2011-03-20  Max BolingbrokeFunctionalDependencies should imply MultiParamTypeClasses
2011-03-17  Ian LynaghAdd unboxedTupleTName to templateHaskellNames
2011-02-19  Max BolingbrokeDrop dead core that was kept alive by RULES in CorePrep...
2010-10-27  Michal TerepetaOptimise comparisons against min/maxBound (ticket ...
2011-03-09  David TereiLLVM: Fix #4995, llvm mangler broken for large compiles
2011-03-06  simonpj@microsoft.comDocument -fwarn-missing-import-lists
2011-03-05  Manuel M T ChakravartyCompleted the implementation of VECTORISE SCALAR
2011-03-02  simonpj@microsoft.comMake -fno-enable-rewrite-rules work properly
2011-03-02  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2011-02-22  simonpj@microsoft.comRestore SPECIALISE INSTANCE pragmas
2011-03-01  Simon MarlowGHC.Prim.threadStatus# now returns the cap number,...
2011-02-26  Vivian McPhail:script file scripts in GHCi #1363
2011-02-22  Ian LynaghUse -h rather than -soname; fixes dynlibs on Solaris...
2011-02-21  simonpj@microsoft.comFix another fundep error (fixes Trac #4969)
2011-02-18  Edward Z. YangNew codegen: GC calling convention must use registers.
2011-02-20  Manuel M T ChakravartyAdded a VECTORISE pragma
2011-02-19  Ian LynaghClarify the "object splitting" variable names
2011-02-17  simonpj@microsoft.comChange typechecker-trace output slightly
2011-02-17  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2011-02-17  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #4966
2011-02-17  simonpj@microsoft.comUse "on the spot" solving for fundeps
2011-02-15  simonpj@microsoft.comIncrease exprIsDupable threshold a bit
2011-02-15  simonpj@microsoft.comEnsure exprIsCheap/exprIsExpandable deal with Cast...
2011-02-15  simonpj@microsoft.comDo not treat absentError specially
2011-02-14  simonpj@microsoft.comFix exprIsDupable
2011-02-14  simonpj@microsoft.comBetter case-of-case transformation
2011-02-15  keller@.cse.unsw... Cleaned up Expr and Vectorise
2011-02-14  keller@.cse.unsw... Fixed two syntax errors
2011-02-14  keller@cse.unsw... Handling of recursive scalar functions in isScalarLam