Use Darwin-compatible x86 assembly syntax in SMP.h (lock/cmpxchg with a slash)
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2006-03-06  wolfgang.thaller... Use Darwin-compatible x86 assembly syntax in SMP.h...
2006-03-06  wolfgang.thaller... Darwin/x86: Implement object splitting
2006-03-06  wolfgang.thaller... Mach-O Linker: handle multiple import sections
2006-03-06  LemmihImport symbols needed by the interpreter.
2006-03-05  LemmihThe parser needs a set of parentheses when we don't...
2006-03-04  Lemmih'have_object' isn't needed in a typed environment.
2006-03-04  LemmihFIXME's.
2006-03-04  LemmihWhy name a function 'getGhciMode' when it returns GhcMode?
2006-03-04  LemmihEnumerate imports and remove dead code.
2006-03-04  LemmihUse hscCodeGenNothing instead of hscCodeGenSimple.
2006-03-04  LemmihComments and esthetical changes.
2006-03-04  LemmihRemove the old HscMain code.
2006-03-04  LemmihUse the new HscMain API in DriverPipeline.
2006-03-04  LemmihExport the new HscMain API.
2006-03-04  LemmihAllow hscCompileMake to target HscNothing.
2006-03-04  LemmihDescription of the new HscMain.
2006-03-04  LemmihInitial hack on the new low-level compiler API.
2006-03-03  Simon MarlowcallerSaveVolatileRegs: fix the Nothing case
2006-02-09  wolfgang.thaller... Darwin/x86: Support __IMPORT segments in the Linker
2006-02-05  wolfgang.thaller... Darwin/x86 Mangler: Make sure each imported symbol...
2006-02-05  wolfgang.thaller... Darwin/x86: Print 64-bit literals in a way Apple unders...
2006-02-03  wolfgang.thaller... Darwin/x86: Handle IMPORT sections in mangler
2006-03-02  simonpj@microsoft.comFix free-variable finder
2006-03-02  Simon MarlowMake -split-objs work with --make
2006-03-02  Simon Marlowfix for compiling the base package with --make
2006-03-02  Simon Marlowreplace several 'fromJust's with 'expectJust's
2006-03-02  Simon Marlowminor cleanup; remove one use of fromJust
2006-03-02  simonpj@microsoft.comSigh: one more fix to undoing the erroneous patch
2006-03-01  LemmihRemember the free vars in HsRule.
2006-03-01  simonpj@microsoft.comComplete undo of Simplify-the-IdInfo-before-any-RHSs
2006-03-01  simonpj@microsoft.comUndo patch Simplify-the-IdInfo-before-any-RHSs
2006-03-01  Simon Marlowfix parse error
2006-03-01  Simon Marlowfix compilation with older GHCs
2006-03-01  Simon Marlowupdate docs w.r.t. dllMain() definition (EXTFUN is...
2006-03-01  Simon Marlowadd comments
2006-03-01  Simon Marlowadd ':set prompt' command
2006-03-01  Simon MarlowAdd support for Data.Char.generalCategory to libcompat
2006-02-28  Simon MarlowtakeMVar/putMVar were missing some write barriers when...
2006-02-28  Simon MarlowA better x86_64 register mapping, with more argument...
2006-02-28  Simon Marlowfilter the messages generated by gcc
2006-02-28  Simon MarlowAllow C argument regs to be used as global regs (R1...
2006-02-28  Simon Marlowpass arguments to unknown function calls in registers
2006-02-28  Simon Marlowfix live register annotations on foreign calls
2006-02-28 Simplify the IdInfo before any RHSs
2006-02-28  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd floating-point symbols to the list
2006-02-27  Simon Marlowslightly better dependencies for GenApply.hs
2006-02-27  Simon Marlowx86_64: include .type and .size directives in the outpu...
2006-02-22  kr.angelov@gmail.comThe initStablePtrTable should be called before ACQUIRE_...
2006-02-22  kr.angelov@gmail.comsupport LOCK_DEBUG for Windows
2006-02-27  Simon Marlowmmap() errors on Darwin: use errorBelch/exit instead...
2006-02-25  claus.reinke@talk2... these tables have four columns, not three
2006-02-26  LemmihRemove comment about imports and exports not being...
2006-02-25  wolfgang.thaller... NCG: fix mkRegRegMoveInstr for x86-64
2006-02-25  wolfgang.thaller... NCG: Fix Typo in Register Allocator Loop Patch
2006-02-25  wolfgang.thaller... NCG: Handle loops in register allocator
2006-02-24  LemmihOops, I got a little trigger happy while trimming packa...
2006-02-24  LemmihPrettify parts of RnNames. No change of functionality.
2006-02-24  LemmihRemove duplicate code from RnNames.
2006-02-24  LemmihRemove non-existing modules from
2006-02-24  LemmihRemove some unused bindings frm RnNames.
2006-02-24  LemmihRather large refactoring of RnNames.
2006-02-24  Simon Marlowadd file to go with "extract some of the generic.....
2006-02-24  Simon Marlowturn off a trace
2006-02-24  Simon Marlowadd instance Outputable CLabel
2006-02-24  Simon Marlow-O2 implies -optc-O2 now
2006-02-24  Simon Marlowextract some of the generic C-- optimisations from...
2006-02-23  Simon Marlowlag/drag/void: add an extra assertion, and some commentary
2006-02-23  Simon Marlowlag/drag/void profiling fix
2006-02-23  Simon Marlowadd (trivial) support for STM objects in lag/drag/void...
2006-02-23  Simon Marlowbugfix for LDV profiling on 64-bit platforms
2006-02-23  Simon Marlowwarning fix
2006-02-23  Simon Marlowfurther fix for floating point primitives
2006-02-23  simonpj@microsoft.comComment wibbles
2006-02-23  simonpj@microsoft.comWibbles to instance validity checking
2006-02-23  simonpj@microsoft.comFix comment
2006-02-23  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove error reporting for type-improvement errors
2006-02-23  simonpj@microsoft.comReject polytypes in instance declarations (for now...
2006-02-10  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove duplicate comment
2006-02-22  LemmihAdd renamed fixities to HsGroup.
2006-02-22  Simon Marlowoops, initialize atomic_modify_mutvar_mutex
2006-02-22  Simon Marlowcheck black holes before doing GC in scheduleDoHeapProf...
2006-02-22  Simon Marlowfix for ASSIGN_BaseReg() in the unregisterised way
2006-02-22  Simon Marlowfloating-point fix for x86_64
2006-02-21  Simon Marlowfix a deadlock in atomicModifyMutVar#
2006-02-21  Simon Marlowwarning fix
2006-02-21  LemmihMention the 'Encoding' module in
2006-02-13  Ross PatersonLoosen the rules for instance declarations (Part 3)
2006-02-12  kr.angelov@gmail.comIf we don't have libreadline then we need some dummy...
2006-02-12  wolfgang.thaller... SMP bugfix: reload capability from task->cap after...
2006-02-12  wolfgang.thaller... SMP support (xchg(), cas() and mb()) for PowerPC
2006-02-10  LemmihBugfix in completion code for :set and :unset.
2006-02-10  LemmihCompletion for :set, :unset and :undef.
2006-02-10  Simon Marlowoops, forgot some more SMP->THREADED_RTS conversions
2006-02-10  Simon Marlowfix test for REG_BaseReg (it's spelled REG_Base)
2006-02-10  Simon Marlowfix for dirty_MUT_VAR: don't try to recordMutableCap...
2006-02-10  Simon MarlowSTM fix from Tim Harris
2006-02-09  Simon Marlowimprovement to the deadlock detection
2006-02-10  LemmihSimplify the -B handling. The interface to the ghc...
2006-02-09  simonpj@microsoft.comFix desugaring of unboxed tuples
2006-02-09  Simon Marlowx86_64: fix case of out-of-range operands to leaq