A tiny, outright bug in tcDataFamInstDecl
[ghc.git] / .arclint
2015-12-05  Herbert Valerio... Temporarily disable external-json linters
2015-12-04  Ben Gamarilint: Add linter to catch uses of ASSERT macro that...
2015-12-04  Ben GamariAdd linter to check for binaries accidentally added...
2015-10-23  Bartosz NitkaFix broken .arclint
2015-10-23  Ben Gamariarclint: ReST doesn't need ArcanistMergeConflictLinter
2014-11-27  Edward Z. YangCabal submodule update: hole support and tests.
2014-10-02  Edward Z. Yangarclint: Don't complain about tabs unless it's inside...
2014-08-10  Edward Z. YangTweak linting rules.
2014-07-21  Austin Seipparclint: update linting configuration
2014-06-26  Austin Seipparclint: update rules for xml files
2014-06-23  Austin Seipparclint: disable Bad Charset lint rule
2014-06-09  Austin SeippAdd .arclint file