Add fake entries into the global kind environment for pattern synonyms.
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2014-07-03  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd fake entries into the global kind environment for...
2014-07-03  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #9023
2014-07-03  Simon Peyton JonesPrint for-alls more often (Trac #9018)
2014-07-03  Dr. ERDI GergoExpected output of as-pattern test
2014-07-03  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd source file for new test that checks that as-patter...
2014-07-03  Dr. ERDI GergoSplit off pattern synonym definition checking from...
2014-07-02  Simon Peyton JonesAdd missing test file T7269
2014-07-02  Simon Peyton JonesFix yet another bug in 'deriving' for polykinded classe...
2014-07-02  Simon Peyton JonesComment the expect_broken for Trac #9208
2014-07-02  Joachim BreitnerMark T9208 as broken when debugging is on
2014-07-02  Richard EisenbergTest #9085.
2014-07-02  Reid BartonCheck for integer overflow in allocate() (#9172)
2014-07-02  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #9222
2014-07-02  Simon Peyton JonesFix demand analyser for unboxed types
2014-07-02  Austin SeippFix T9160 under ./validate
2014-06-30  Simon Peyton JonesFix elemLocalRdrEnv (Trac #9160)
2014-06-30  Simon Peyton JonesAdding missing test files for #9071
2014-06-30  Simon Peyton JonesFix Trac #9071, an egregious bug in TcDeriv.inferConstr...
2014-06-30  Simon Peyton JonesLine up kind and type variables correctly when desugari...
2014-06-30  Simon Peyton JonesMake splitStrProdDmd (and similarly Use) more robust
2014-06-23  Austin SeippRevert "Test Trac #9023"
2014-06-23  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #9023
2014-06-23  Simon Peyton JonesMake the unifier a fixpoint even for the free kind...
2014-06-23  Simon Peyton JonesIn splitHsFunType, take account of prefix (->)
2014-06-23  Simon Peyton JonesFix a serious, but rare, strictness analyser bug (Trac...
2014-06-23  Simon Peyton JonesFix over-zealous unused-import warning
2014-06-09  Yuras ShumovichEmit error in case of duplicate GRE; fixes #7241
2014-06-09  Yuras ShumovichFix compilation of cmm files with -outputdir (Trac...
2014-06-09  Simon MarlowFix discarding of unreachable code in the register...
2014-06-03  Joachim Breitnerannth_make, annth_compunits: Only run these tests if...
2014-06-03  Simon MarlowFix missing unlockClosure() call in tryReadMVar (#9148)
2014-06-03  Edward Z. Yangrts: remove stable-names from hashtable upon free
2014-06-03  Simon MarlowAdd missing stack checks to stg_ap_* functions (#9001)
2014-04-29  Gergely RiskoAdd a comprehensive test for using Annotations from TH
2014-04-29  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #8963
2014-04-29  Simon MarlowFix scavenge_stack crash (#9045)
2014-04-22  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #8985
2014-04-22  Simon Peyton JonesSimplify and tidy up the handling of tuple names
2014-04-22  Simon Peyton JonesZonk the existential type variables in tcPatSynDecl
2014-04-22  Simon Peyton JonesSmall issue with signatures in a TH splice (fixes Trac...
2014-04-22  Edward Z. YangFix #8641, creating directories when we have stubs.
2014-04-10  Simon Peyton JonesFix egregious blunder in the type flattener
2014-04-07  Austin SeippT8958: fix stderr
2014-04-07  Dr. ERDI GergoRequire PatternSynonyms language flag when encountering...
2014-04-07  Simon Peyton JonesFix desguaring of bang patterns (Trac #8952)
2014-04-07  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #8931
2014-04-07  Richard EisenbergFix #8958.
2014-04-01  Herbert Valerio... Bump haddock.base test-case resource limits due to...
2014-03-24  Simon Peyton JonesFlattener preserves synonyms, rewriteEvidence can drop...
2014-03-24  Simon Peyton JonesImplicit parameters should not be allowed in class...
2014-03-24  Johan TibellEnable popcnt test now when segfault is fixed
2014-03-24  Austin SeippRevert "Fix #8745 - GND is now -XSafe compatible."
2014-03-23  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #8893
2014-03-23  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #8889
2014-03-23  Simon Peyton JonesTest Trac #8856
2014-03-23  Simon Peyton JonesFix the treatment of lexically scoped kind variables...
2014-03-23  Simon Peyton JonesTrac #8831 is fixed
2014-03-23  Richard EisenbergAdd test case for #8917
2014-03-22  Joachim BreitnerMark test for #8831 as known-broken
2014-03-22  Austin Seipptestsuite: add test for #8831
2014-03-22  Dr. ERDI GergoUpdate expected test outputs to match new format of...
2014-03-22  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd test case for #8776
2014-03-22  Joachim BreitnerFlush after TH in #8884 test case
2014-03-17  Simon Peyton JonesTest for Trac #8841 now works
2014-03-17  Richard EisenbergRecharacterize test according to discussion in #8851.
2014-03-17  Richard EisenbergTest #8851.
2014-03-17  Simon Peyton JonesUnify, rather than match, in GND processing (fixes...
2014-03-17  Richard EisenbergFix #8884.
2014-03-17  Richard EisenbergRemove "Safe mode" check for Coercible instances
2014-03-17  Simon Peyton JonesMake SetLevels do substitution properly (fixes Trac...
2014-03-17  Joachim BreitnerRun testcase for 8124 only with threaded ways
2014-03-17  Simon Marlowfix copy/pasto
2014-03-17  Simon Marlowadd missing files (#8124)
2014-03-14  Herbert Valerio... Update to containers-
2014-03-13  Herbert Valerio... Update to containers-
2014-02-28  Simon MarlowAdd hs_thread_done() (#8124)
2014-02-25  Herbert Valerio... Use U+2018 instead of U+201B quote mark in compiler...
2014-02-24  Austin SeippFix #8696 - don't generate static intra-package references.
2014-02-20  Austin SeippAdd a test for d3af980 (#5682)
2014-02-20  Austin SeippReally fix #5682 (parsing of promoted datacons)
2014-02-19  Simon Peyton JonesUse NoGen plan for unboxed-tuple bindings
2014-02-19  Simon Peyton JonesAllow ($) to return an unlifted type (Trac #8739)
2014-02-19  Simon Peyton JonesKeep kind-inconsistent Given type equalities (fixes...
2014-02-17  Austin SeippFix #8745 - GND is now -XSafe compatible.
2014-02-17  Richard EisenbergFix #8773.
2014-02-17  Richard EisenbergFix #5682. Now, '(:) parses.
2014-02-17  Richard EisenbergFix #8759 by not panicking with TH and patsyns.
2014-02-17  Richard EisenbergTest #7481, which had already been fixed.
2014-02-17  Richard EisenbergTest #6147, which was fixed with the roles commit.
2014-02-17  Richard EisenbergFix #8758 by assuming RankNTypes when checking GND...
2014-02-17  Richard EisenbergMove test case for #8631 to the correct directory.
2014-02-17  Dr. ERDI GergoAdd test suite for #8757
2014-02-17  Dr. ERDI GergoIssue an error for pattern synonyms defined in a local...
2014-02-17  Richard EisenbergFix #8631.
2014-02-17  Joachim BreitnerIn deepSplitCprType_maybe, be more forgiving
2014-02-17  Joachim BreitnerAdd test case for #8743
2014-02-17  Herbert Valerio... Add test-case for #8726
2014-01-28  Austin SeippUpdate some mingw32 perf numbers.
2014-01-23  Gabor GreifSome typos in comments
2014-01-23  Joachim BreitnerMore demand analyser test cases