Introduce new file format for the package database binary cache
[ghc.git] / compiler /
2014-08-29  Duncan CouttsIntroduce new file format for the package database...
2014-08-29  Duncan CouttsDrop support for single-file style package databases
2014-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesImprove "specImport discarding" message
2014-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesDefine mapUnionVarSet, and use it
2014-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesImprove trimming of auto-rules
2014-08-28  Sergei TrofimovichPprC: cleanup: don't emit 'FB_' / 'FE_' in via-C
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesTemporary fix to the crash
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesWhite space only
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesRemove dead lookup_dfun_id (merge-o)
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesSimple refactor of the case-of-case transform
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesRun float-inwards immediately before the strictness...
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesMake tidyProgram discard speculative specialisation...
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesFix an egregious bug in the NonRec case of bindFreeVars
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesAdd -fspecialise-aggressively
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesDon't float out (classop dict e1 e2)
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesMake worker/wrapper work on INLINEABLE things
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesMake maybeUnfoldingTemplate respond to DFunUnfoldings
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesKill unused setUnfoldingTemplate
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor unfoldings
2014-08-28  Simon Peyton JonesLess voluminous output when printing continuations
2014-08-27  Sergei Trofimovichdriver: pass '-fPIC' option to assembler as well
2014-08-26  Sergei TrofimovichUNREG: fix emission of large Integer literals in C...
2014-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesTwo buglets in record wild-cards (Trac #9436 and #9437)
2014-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesCheck for un-saturated type family applications
2014-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesMake Core Lint check for un-saturated type applications
2014-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesMore refactoring in SpecConstr
2014-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesDo not duplicate call information in SpecConstr (Trac...
2014-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesIntroduce the Call data types
2014-08-25  Simon Peyton JonesUse DumpStyle rather than UserStyle for pprTrace output
2014-08-23  Reid BartonAdd MO_AddIntC, MO_SubIntC MachOps and implement in...
2014-08-22  Edward Z. YangDo not zero out version number when processing wired...
2014-08-20  Austin SeippbasicTypes: detabify/dewhitespace IdInfo
2014-08-20  Austin SeippbasicTypes: detabify/dewhitespace NameEnv
2014-08-20  Austin SeippbasicTypes: detabify/dewhitespace NameSet
2014-08-20  Austin SeippbasicTypes: detabify/dewhitespace Var
2014-08-20  Austin SeipphsSyn: detabify/dewhitespace HsLit
2014-08-20  Austin Seippstranal: detabify/dewhitespace DmdAnal
2014-08-20  Austin SeippdeSugar: detabify/dewhitespace DsCCall
2014-08-20  Austin SeippcoreSyn: detabify/dewhitespace CoreSubst
2014-08-20  Austin SeippcoreSyn: detabify/dewhitespace CoreTidy
2014-08-20  Austin Seippprelude: detabify/dewhitespace TysPrim
2014-08-20  Austin SeippsimplCore: detabify/dewhitespace LiberateCase
2014-08-20  Austin SeippsimplCore: detabify/dewhitespace SetLevels
2014-08-20  Austin Seipputils: detabify/dewhitespace GraphPpr
2014-08-20  Austin Seipputils: detabify/dewhitespace GraphBase
2014-08-20  Austin Seipputils: detabify/dewhitespace BufWrite
2014-08-20  Austin SeippsimplCore: detabify/dewhitespace SAT
2014-08-20  Austin Seippstranal: detabify/dewhitespace WorkWrap
2014-08-20  Austin SeippcoreSyn: detabify/dewhitespace TrieMap
2014-08-20  Simon Peyton JonesComments fix to Trac #9140
2014-08-19  archblobCorrect checkStrictBinds for generalised type
2014-08-19  Austin Seippbuild: require GHC 7.6 for bootstrapping
2014-08-19  Gabor GreifThis note's name has been fixed
2014-08-19  Facundo DomínguezImplement -rdynamic in Linux and Windows/MinGW32.
2014-08-19  Sergei TrofimovichUNREG: fix PackageKey emission into .hc files
2014-08-19  Andrew FarmerFix three problems with occurrence analysis on case...
2014-08-17  Herbert Valerio... Remove obsolete `digitsTyConKey :: Unique`
2014-08-16  Herbert Valerio... Implement {resize,shrink}MutableByteArray# primops
2014-08-15  Ben GamariLlvmMangler: Be more selective when mangling object...
2014-08-14  Herbert Valerio... Implement new CLZ and CTZ primops (re #9340)
2014-08-12  Johan TibellStgCmmPrim: add note to stop using fixed size signed...
2014-08-12  Johan TibellAdd some Haddocks to SMRep
2014-08-12  Johan TibellshouldInlinePrimOp: Fix Int overflow
2014-08-12  Richard EisenbergRemove NonParametricKinds (#9200)
2014-08-12  Richard EisenbergChange treatment of CUSKs for synonyms and families...
2014-08-12  Richard EisenbergChange definition of CUSK for data and class definition...
2014-08-12  Richard EisenbergFix #9415.
2014-08-12  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #9371.
2014-08-12  Reid Bartonx86: zero extend the result of 16-bit popcnt instructio...
2014-08-12  Herbert Valerio... Add CMOVcc insns to x86 NCG
2014-08-12  Herbert Valerio... Add bit scan {forward,reverse} insns to x86 NCG
2014-08-11  Reid Bartonx86: Always generate add instruction in MO_Add2 (#9013)
2014-08-10  Reid BartonMake IntAddCOp, IntSubCOp into GenericOps
2014-08-10  Reid BartonEliminate some code duplication in x86 backend (genCCal...
2014-08-10  Bob Ippolitofix darwin threaded static linking by removing -lpthrea...
2014-08-10  Sergei Trofimovichsystools info: fix warning about C compiler (message...
2014-08-10  Reid BartonClarify documentation of addIntC#, subIntC#
2014-08-08  Simon Peyton JonesImplement the final change to INCOHERENT from Trac...
2014-08-07  Edward Z. YangGive the Unique generated by strings a tag '$', fixes...
2014-08-07  Gabor GreifFix some typos in recent comments/notes
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesAdd has_side_effets to the raise# primop
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor the handling of case-elimination
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesExtensive Notes on can_fail and has_side_effects
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesDocument the maintenance of the let/app invariant in...
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesMake buildToArrPReprs obey the let/app invariant
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesWhen desugaring Use the smart mkCoreConApps and friends
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesDon't float into unlifted function arguments
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesMake Core Lint check the let/app invariant
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesAdd Output instance for OrdList
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesTiny refactoring, plus comments; no change in behaviour
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesMove Outputable instance for FloatBind to the data...
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesComments and white space
2014-08-05  Edward Z. YangThinning and renaming modules from packages on the...
2014-08-05  Edward Z. YangRefactor PackageFlags so that ExposePackage is a single...
2014-08-05  Edward Z. YangRefactor package state, also fixing a module reexport...
2014-08-05  Edward Z. YangMake PackageState an abstract type.
2014-08-05  Edward Z. YangPackage keys (for linking/type equality) separated...
2014-08-04  Edward Z. YangDisable package auto-hiding if -hide-all-packages is...
2014-08-04  Sergei Trofimovichghc --make: add nicer names to RTS threads (threaded...