[ghc.git] / compiler / vectorise / VectType.hs
2007-07-31  Roman LeshchinskiyRefactoring
2007-07-26  Roman LeshchinskiyOptimise parallel arrays of products
2007-07-26  Roman LeshchinskiyMark PA dictionaries as __inline_me
2007-07-26  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd missing coercion
2007-07-26  Roman LeshchinskiyMake sure DEFAULT always comes first in generated PA...
2007-07-26  Roman LeshchinskiyFix generation of lengthPA
2007-07-26  Roman LeshchinskiyModify generation of PA dictionaries to match GHC's...
2007-07-26  Roman LeshchinskiyAutomatically derive PA for vectorised tycons
2007-07-26  Roman LeshchinskiyPA instance generation code (not used yet)
2007-07-25  Roman LeshchinskiyPA dictionary generation
2007-07-25  Roman LeshchinskiyGenerate replicatePA
2007-07-25  Roman LeshchinskiyGenerate lengthPA method
2007-07-18  Roman LeshchinskiyRefactoring
2007-07-18  Roman LeshchinskiyBetter names for PArray instance coercions
2007-07-18  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd generated PArray instances to instance environments
2007-07-18  Roman LeshchinskiyNicer names for generated PArray instances
2007-07-18  Roman LeshchinskiyGenerate PArray instances of vectorised tycons
2007-07-18  Roman LeshchinskiyGeneration of DataCons for implicit PArray instances
2007-07-18  Roman LeshchinskiyFix two typos
2007-07-17  Roman LeshchinskiyHandle unlifted tycons and tuples correctly during...
2007-07-17  Roman LeshchinskiyVectorise type declarations
2007-07-17  Roman LeshchinskiyVectorisation of data declarations (incomplete)
2007-07-17  Roman LeshchinskiyClassification of tycons for vectorisation
2007-07-17  Roman LeshchinskiyClean up
2007-07-17  Roman LeshchinskiyMove type vectorisation code to a separate module