Fix copy+paste-o, spotted by Simon Marlow
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2007-09-14  Clemens FruhwirthAdd documentation about -shared, shared library name...
2007-09-11  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove documentation for Template Haskell
2007-09-12  Pepe IborraGHCi debugger: Added a -fprint-evld-with-show flag
2007-09-07  judah.jacobson@gma... Fix repeated section name in documentation.
2007-09-11  Pepe IborraDocumentation for -fbreak-on-error
2007-09-07  Pepe IborraRemove obsolete -fdebugging flag
2007-09-11  sven.panne@aedion.deSynched documentation links with current directory...
2007-09-09  sven.panne@aedion.deYet another attempt to get the paths for the installed...
2007-09-05  simonpj@microsoft.comRefactor, improve, and document the deriving mechanism
2007-08-29  simonpj@microsoft.comFurther documentation about mdo, suggested by Benjamin...
2007-09-04  Ian LynaghAdd a -Warn flag
2007-09-04  Simon MarlowOPTIONS_GHC overrides the command-line, not the other...
2007-09-04  Simon Marlowfix cut-and-pasto
2007-08-31  Ian LynaghAdd a --print-docdir flag
2007-08-31  Ian LynaghMake the doc index page obey DESTDIR
2007-08-31  Ian LynaghMake the manpage obey DESTDIR
2007-08-30  Simon Marlowtypo in DLL code
2007-08-30  Ian LynaghFix where all the documentation gets installed
2007-08-30  Simon Marlowremove "special Ids" section, replace with a link to...
2007-08-29  Simon MarlowRemove text about ghcprof. It almost certainly doesn...
2007-08-28  Simon Marlowfix up some old text, remove things that aren't true...
2007-08-27  Pepe Iborra:stepover ---> :steplocal, :stepmodule
2007-08-22  Pepe IborraBetter document :stepover and its limitations
2007-08-24  simonpj@microsoft.comImprove docs for mdo
2007-08-24  simonpj@microsoft.comCorrect link
2007-08-22  Pepe IborraBetter document :stepover and its limitations
2007-08-22  Simon MarlowDoc for new manifest-related flags
2007-08-20  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a paragraph break
2007-08-20  Pepe Iborra(short) Documentation for :stepover in the Users Guide
2007-08-19  Ian LynaghDocument the compiler --info flag
2007-08-19  Ian LynaghAdd some runghc docs to the users guide
2007-08-18  Ian LynaghUpdate user guide bug list
2007-08-16  Ian LynaghDocument +RTS --info, and make it a Read'able Haskell...
2007-08-12  Bertram Felgenhauerfix typo in ghci.xml
2007-08-09  simonpj@microsoft.comImprovd documentation for overlapping instances
2007-08-04  simonpj@microsoft.comIn GHCi, filter instances by what is in scope, not...
2007-08-07  Ian LynaghAdd blurb in the user guide re stdout buffering differi...
2007-08-05  Ian LynaghAdd a --supported-languages flag
2007-08-04  Ian LynaghCanonicalise the flag format in the user guide
2007-08-01  simonpj@microsoft.comSpelling error
2007-07-26  Simon MarlowDocumentation updates for #1177
2007-07-22  Ian LynaghDocument the new -X flags in the flag reference
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghTypo
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghCorrections for warnings in the user guide
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghSync the UG entries for -Wall, -w etc with reality
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghDoc tweaks
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghRemove note that -E behaviour has changed (6.0 has...
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghDoc tweaks
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghUser guide tweaks
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghDoc tweak
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghDoc tweak
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghCorrect user guide on when .ghci is read
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghTweak punctuation in the user guide
2007-07-16  Ian Lynaghghci command docs tweaks
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghFix alphabetical ordering in user guide
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghTypo
2007-07-15  Ian LynaghRemove another instance of the banner from the user...
2007-07-15  Ian LynaghIn user guide, don't claim that ghci never generates...
2007-07-15  Ian Lynaghghci debugger documentation tweaks
2007-07-15  Ian LynaghFix typo
2007-07-15  Ian Lynaghghci doc tweaks
2007-07-14  Ian LynaghUpdate the ghci "loading" section of the user guide
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghDon't show the ghci :? output in the user guide
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghUser guide tweaks
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghUser guide tweaks
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghTweak Windows installation instructions in the user...
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghUpdate the contents of the library directy in the user...
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghUser guide tweaks
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghDon't talk about nfib from the user guide now that...
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghRemove "What bundles there are" now we only have the...
2007-07-13  Ian LynaghUpdate bundle installation instructions
2007-07-12  Ian LynaghIn the users guide, talk about configure flags
2007-07-12  Ian LynaghRemove "install in-place" blurb from the docs as it...
2007-07-12  Ian Lynaghdoc tweak
2007-07-12  Ian LynaghRemove outdated bundle-contents description
2007-07-11  Ian LynaghTweak the start of the bin-dist docs in teh users guide
2007-07-11  Ian LynaghRemove reference to the now-dead fptools
2007-07-10  Ian LynaghRemove references to non-existent mailing lists
2007-07-10  Ian LynaghRemove the -bugs mailing list from the UG
2007-07-10  Ian LynaghUsers guide: Update FAQ URL
2007-07-10  Ian LynaghUsers guide: GHC no longer comes with so many libraries
2007-07-10  Ian LynaghUpdate copyright date in teh users guide
2007-07-08  Simon MarlowFix the +RTS -V0 option introduced recently; it didn...
2007-07-03  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd ndp docs
2007-07-02  Ian LynaghHave the users guide just refer to the wiki page on...
2007-07-02  Ian LynaghRemove the large ghci banner, and the flags to choose...
2007-06-30  Ian LynaghTidy up -keep* flags
2007-06-23  Ian LynaghUpdate version numbering policy in the users guide
2007-06-21  LemmihAdd several new record features
2007-06-21  Ian LynaghRemove an incorrect claim that [t| ... |] isn't impleme...
2007-06-20  simonpj@microsoft.comImplement -X=GADTs and -X=RelaxedPolyRec
2007-06-20  simonpj@microsoft.comUse -X for language extensions
2007-06-19  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove erroneous requirement to import Control.Monad...
2007-06-19  andy@galois.comFirst cut at documentation for HPC option in GHC
2007-06-18  Simon Marlowtypo
2007-06-12  Ian LynaghTweak banner printing 2007-06-12
2007-06-01  cdsmith@twu.netFIX #1378 Add option for a shorter banner on GHCi startup
2007-05-29  Ian LynaghUpdate Windows installation docs
2007-05-21  simonpj@microsoft.comDocument -fomit-interface-pragmas, -fignore-interface...
2007-05-21  Simon Marlowdoc: 'import M' is the same as ':module +M'