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[ghc.git] / distrib / MacOS /
2010-11-23  Ian LynaghRemove references to Haskell 98
2010-10-23  Ian LynaghOS X uninstaller: Pass create-links its argument
2010-10-23  Ian LynaghTweak the OS X installer uninstaller script
2010-10-22  Ian LynaghImprove the OS X installer
2010-10-17  Ian LynaghChange how the OS X installer's create-links finds...
2010-10-17  Ian LynaghAdd more quoting to distrib/MacOS/installer-scripts...
2010-09-29  Evan Laforgechange os x installer to allow multiple installed versions
2010-07-28  Ian LynaghExplicitly give the right path to perl when making...
2010-05-28  Ian LynaghOS X 64 installer fixes from Barney Stratford
2010-05-16  Ian LynaghUpdate various 'sh boot's to 'perl boot'
2010-03-31  Ian LynaghPass "-i org.haskell.GHC" to packagemaker when building...
2009-10-24  Ian LynaghRemove readline license info from OS X package
2009-09-27  Ian LynaghDon't use absolute paths unnecessarily when making...
2009-09-25  Ian LynaghUpdate the OS X package build scripts
2009-05-08  Ian LynaghPartially fix "make framework-pkg"
2009-03-19  Ian LynaghSome wording wibbles from Thorkil
2008-10-05  Ian LynaghFix generating OS X installers: Set COMMAND_MODE=unix2003
2008-09-27  Ian LynaghFix making OS X installers from source tarballs
2008-06-04  Manuel M T ChakravartyMacOS installer: don't quote XCODE_EXTRA_CONFIGURE_ARGS
2008-06-04  Manuel M T ChakravartyMacOS installer: terminate build on intermediate failure
2008-06-02  Manuel M T ChakravartyMacOS installer: clean up Xcode project spec
2008-05-29  Manuel M T ChakravartyPackageMaker target depends on deployment target
2008-05-27  Manuel M T Chakravartymake framework-pkg needs to cope with missing DSTROOT
2008-02-28  Manuel M T ChakravartyMacOS installer: Uninstaller must be able to deal with...
2008-02-25  Manuel M T ChakravartyMac installer: cross-compile for 10.4
2008-02-11  Manuel M T ChakravartyMac installer: Added XCODE_EXTRA_CONFIGURE_ARGS
2008-02-11  Manuel M T ChakravartyMac installer: make Uninstaller a bit more robust
2008-02-11  Manuel M T ChakravartyMac installer: add comprehensive licencing information
2008-02-11  Manuel M T ChakravartyForce -s on ar in xcode builds
2008-02-09  Manuel M T ChakravartyMac installer: added support for full docs
2008-02-07  Manuel M T ChakravartyFixed permissions and other cleanup in Mac installer...
2008-02-06  Manuel M T ChakravartyAdded Uninstaller
2008-02-05  Manuel M T ChakravartyMost of installer for framework on system volume
2008-02-05  Manuel M T ChakravartySplit into two types of Mac installer specs
2008-02-05  Manuel M T ChakravartyLambda logo for packages
2008-02-05  Manuel M T Chakravartyxcode build target for fixed /Library/Frameworks inst
2008-02-02  Manuel M T ChakravartyFirst stab at an installer package for the Mac