Refactor overloaded literals back to Inst
[ghc.git] / compiler / typecheck / TcExpr.hs
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergRefactor overloaded literals back to Inst
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergWorkin' the testsuite
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergMore info with Shouldn'tHappenOrigin
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergMove visible type app stuff from TcUnify to TcExpr
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergMore error improving
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergCleverly use a *landmark* context when it might be...
2015-08-05  Richard EisenbergImprove error messages
2015-08-04  Richard EisenbergPropagate CtOrigins for better errors
2015-07-29  Richard EisenbergStart toward tracking origins better
2015-07-29  Richard EisenbergUse a Flexi, not a ReturnTv, when checking seq.
2015-07-29  Richard EisenbergInstantiate scrutinees.
2015-07-15  Richard EisenbergFix bug in TcLambdaCase
2015-07-10  Richard EisenbergPropagate polytypes into if and case.
2015-07-10  Richard EisenbergSupport wildcards in type applications
2015-07-10  Richard EisenbergImported ids without signatures are still inferred.
2015-07-09  Richard EisenbergRemove SkolemiseMode -- always go deep.
2015-07-09  Richard EisenbergStage 2 succeeds
2015-07-08  Richard EisenbergCheckpoint in bugfixing
2015-07-08  Richard EisenbergMassive simplification: always deeply skolemise
2015-07-08  Richard EisenbergYet another checkpoint
2015-07-08  Richard EisenbergCheckpoint in more undoing.
2015-07-08  Richard EisenbergCheckpoint on undoing a lot of sigma-type stuff.
2015-07-08  Richard EisenbergSome bugfixing
2015-07-01  Richard EisenbergCheckpoint in bugfixing
2015-07-01  Richard EisenbergSome bugfixing
2015-07-01  Richard EisenbergIn the process of eager skolemisation
2015-06-30  Richard EisenbergIt compiles.
2015-06-30  Richard EisenbergStarting to compile.
2015-06-30  Richard EisenbergMidway through redesign of the type inference alg.
2015-06-28  Richard EisenbergRetain System naems until the end of typechecking
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton JonesTreat out-of-scope variables as holes
2015-06-26  Simon Peyton JonesUse a Representaional coercion for data families
2015-06-18  Simon Peyton JonesRename getCtLoc, setCtLoc
2015-05-18  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor tuple constraints
2015-05-14  Austin SeippRevert multiple commits
2015-05-13  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor tuple constraints
2015-05-11  Edward Z. YangSupport stage 1 Template Haskell (non-quasi) quotes...
2015-05-09  Edward Z. YangRevert stage 1 template-haskell. This is a combination...
2015-05-09  Edward Z. YangAlways do polymorphic typed quote check, c.f. #10384
2015-05-06  Austin SeippRevert "API Annotations : add Locations in hsSyn were...
2015-05-06  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations : add Locations in hsSyn were layout...
2015-05-06  Vikraman ChoudhuryFix typo: identifer -> identifier
2015-05-05  Edward Z. YangDoc: checkCrossStageLifting, RnSplice/TcExpr is untyped...
2015-03-23  Richard EisenbergDo proper depth checking in the flattener to avoid...
2015-02-10  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor the handling of quasi-quotes
2015-02-10  Yuri de WitReplace .lhs with .hs in compiler comments
2015-01-19  Eric SeidelExpose source locations via Implicit Parameters of...
2015-01-16  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations tweaks.
2015-01-08  Simon Peyton JonesImprove HsBang
2014-12-15  Simon Peyton JonesFix dll-split problem with patch 'Make Core Lint check...
2014-12-10  Facundo DomínguezImplement -XStaticValues
2014-12-08  Simon Peyton JonesComments and variable names only, in type checking...
2014-12-03  Austin Seippcompiler: de-lhs typecheck/